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    The Philmont Cub Scout Roundtable Supplements March 2019

    April Pack Meeting

    (Arbor Day)

    ◆ Gathering Have a stroll around the midway. Give all Scouters an opportunity to get information and sign up for events and trainings.

    ◆ Midway Award of the Month

    World Conservation Award Requirements:

    Wolf Scout

    ▪ Earn the Paws on the Path adventure. ▪ Earn the Grow Something adventure. ▪ Complete requirements 1 and 2 from the Spirit of the Water adventure. ▪ Participate in a den or pack conservation project in addition to the


    Bear Scout

    ▪ Earn the Fur, Feathers, and Ferns adventure. ▪ Earn either the Bear Goes Fishing or Critter Care adventure. ▪ Complete requirement 3 from the Baloo the Builder adventure by constructing a bird feeder or a

    bird house as one of the options. ▪ Participate in a den or pack conservation project in addition to the above.

    Webelos Scouts (Including those working on Arrow of Light)

    ▪ Earn the Building a Better World adventure. ▪ Earn the Into the Wild adventure. ▪ Earn the Into the Woods adventure. ▪ Earn the Earth Rocks adventure. ▪ Complete requirements 1, 3a, and 3b in the Adventures in Science adventure. ▪ Participate in a den or pack conservation project in addition to the above.

    ( Arbor Day information is available at

    The first Arbor Day festival was held in the Spanish village of Mondoñedo in 1594. In modern times the Spanish village of Villanueva de la Sierra held an Arbor Day in 1805 and trees were planted. The first American Arbor Day was in Nebraska City, Nebraska. On April 10, 1872 an estimated one million trees were planted in Nebraska. In 1883 it was held in Japan and then spread to Europe, Australia and Canada. President Theodore Roosevelt issued an Arbor Day Proclamation to the School Children of the United States on April 15, 1907 about the importance of trees and that forestry should be taught in schools. By the 1920s, each state in the United States had passed public laws that stipulated a certain day to be Arbor Day or Arbor and Bird Day observance. National Arbor Day is celebrated every year on the last Friday in April; it is a civic holiday in Nebraska. Other states have selected the time of year in which to celebrate their own Arbor Day. It is the custom to plant a tree(s) on Arbor Day.

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    Trees help our environment by giving us oxygen, improving air quality, climate, conserving water, preserving soil and supporting wildlife. They are important for health, hygiene, decoration, nature, food, and clean air. Trees help us conserve energy. The Arbor Day Foundation provides the public with information on how to plant a tree, care of trees, and other information in their Tree City USA Bulletins. See Community groups sponsor Arbor Day tree plantings and provide the seedlings or saplings. They welcome Scout groups to these activities. Celebrate Arbor Day where you live. Webelos Scouts focus on trees in the Into the Woods Adventure including “planting at least one tree.” ◆ Opening Ceremony The flag ceremony is led by preassigned Scouters. They will present the colors and lead the pack in the Pledge of Allegiance. Preassigned Scouters perform the opening skit. A Tree is a Good Scout (Great Salt Lake Council Pow Wow Book, 1979) “Did you ever pause to think about how helpful a tree is? It provides a nesting place for birds, shade from the sun, and protection from the rain. It discards its dead branches, providing wood for building fires and cooking food. A tree adds beauty to the countryside and to camping areas. We must admit that a tree gives a lot more than it receives. We can learn a lesson from the tree by doing our best to always be helpful to others and by putting our fellow Scouts first and ourselves second. Remember the lesson we learn from the tree: to give to others more than we receive.” Please stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. ◆ Opening Prayer

    Master of the Universe Prayer

    Master of the universe Grant me the ability to be alone; May it be my custom to go outdoors each day Among the trees and grass, among all living things. And there may I be alone, and enter into prayer, To talk with the one to whom I belong. May I express there everything in my heart, And may all the foliage of the field (All grasses, trees and plants) May they all awake at my coming, To send the powers of their life into the words of my prayer So that my prayer and speech are made whole Through the life and the spirit of all growing things, Which are made as one by their transcendent source. --Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav (1772-1811) ( )

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    ◆ Welcome and Introductions The Roundtable Commissioner or Assistant Roundtable Commissioner - New Member Coordinator welcomes new Scouters, visitors, and special guests by introducing them to the district. If you aren’t sure what a New Member Coordinator is, check out : and see the New Member Coordinator section in the November 2018 Cub Scout Roundtable Supplement. ◆ Big Rock Topic See the Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner Planning Guide for a list of Big Rock Topics that both the Cub Scout and Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioners choose to do jointly to help serve the units in your district. ◆ Applauses and Cheers! Tree Cheer While reaching arms both above your head, yell, "Tree-mendous!!", "Tree-mendous!!" "Tree- mendous!!" Tree Cheer You can pretend you are a tree and leaf (leave). Lunch Bag Cheer Pretend to blow up a paper bag and then pop it: Kaabooooom!" ( Ketchup Bottle -- Slap top of fist with other hand

    Run-Ons Tree Lost In The Woods Cub 1: Why did the tree get lost in the woods? Cub 2: It took the wrong root. (route) Tree Wear To The Pool Party Cub 1: What did the tree wear to the pool party? Cub 2: Swimming trunks! Tree Everyone Carries In Their Hand What tree does everyone carry in their hand? Palm Tree Keeps You Warm Cub 1: What tree will keep you warm? Cub 2: Fir. (

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    SONG: Trees Tune: The Farmer in the Dell The trees are growing high,

    (Raise arms overhead, fingers touching.) The trees are growing high. With soil and rain and sunny days, The trees are growing high. The trees are growing roots,

    (Bend over and touch floor.) The trees are growing roots. With soil and rain and sunny days, The trees are growing roots. The trees are growing bark,

    (Run hands up and down sides.) The trees are growing bark. With soil and rain and sunny days, The trees are growing bark. Add more verses about growing branches or growing leaves. SONG: Under the Chestnut Tree Actions: Spreading: arms outstretched over head Under the spreading chestnut tree, Chest- strike chest In the shade just you and me, Nut - tap head We were happy as could be, Tree: same as spreading Under the spreading chestnut tree. Happy- sing “ha ha” (Cub Scout Songbook, BSA, 1969 No. 3222) HUG-A-TREE and SURVIVE (Trapper Trails Council Pow Wow Book, 2001) The HUG-A-TREE and SURVIVE Program was started in San Diego, California after people searched for a nine-year-old boy who died in the mountains in 1981. Have the Scouts learn how a tree can help them?

    1. Always carry a trash bag and a whistle. The trash bag can be worn to keep you dry and a whistle noise will carry farther than your voice and uses less energy.

    2. Hug a tree once you know you are lost. This helps reduce panic. Stay put.Try to find a tree near a clearing.

    3. My parents won’t be angry with me. Your family won’t be mad, they just want you safe. 4. Make yourself big. Be visible. Make crosses or an S.O.S. with rocks, branches or dirt