The Philmont Cub Scout Roundtable Supplements February Opening Prayer (GSLC Pow Wow Book, 1994) We praise

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  • The Philmont Cub Scout Roundtable Supplements February 2020

    Theme: Vaudeville Night

    ***Introducing the New Leader Breakout! This breakout is for brand new leaders that are attending Roundtable for the first time. This Breakout will be run by the Assistant Roundtable Commissioner - New Member Coordinator. ***

    What is Vaudeville? Vaudeville was a popular early 20th century form of entertainment. Think of it as a variety show on a stage. Have the Dens perform songs, skits, run ons, magic acts, jokes, or some funny talent. Your Cubmaster should be the Master of Ceremonies (MC) and have fun showing off all of the amazing talent that the youth in the Pack has!

    ◆ Gathering Have a stroll around the midway. Give all Scouters an opportunity to get information and sign up for events and training.

    ◆ Midway Award of the Month: Service Stars All youth or adult leaders who have reached one year of tenure with Scouts BSA are eligible to begin wearing service stars. The stars are an underused outward symbol of how long an adult leader has been involved in Scouting and a quick way for new Scouts, parents and leaders to see who has Scouting experience. The pins and color background are available at the Scout Shop. ( Find out your registration date with your unit. At the anniversary of that date, you are eligible to wear a 1-year service star. Adults can combine their time spent as a youth in Scouting or represent them separately. The plastic backing comes in colors: gold for Cub Scouting; green for Scouts BSA; red for Venturing; blue for adult leader service. Pocket certificates are available. The pins are worn ⅜ inch above the left pocket (Bryan on Scouting April 2, 2014) If a medal or embroidered knot is worn, service stars are worn ⅜ inch above the medal or knot. (

  • ◆ Opening Ceremony The flag ceremony is led by preassigned Scouters. They will present the colors and lead the pack in the Pledge of Allegiance. Preassigned Scouters perform the opening skit.

    Opening Ceremony - FAMILIES (

    F: Folks, we are here to welcome you. A: Advantages, we have so many. M: Mom and Dad, we’re glad you are here. I: Imagine how much fun we’re going to have L: Laughing and playing together as a family. I: I think it’s great to be a Cub Scout. E: Everyone, let’s all please stand, S: Saluting together as we Pledge Allegiance to our flag so dear.

    ◆ Opening Prayer (GSLC Pow Wow Book, 1994) We praise You, Heavenly Father, For making the people of the world so different and yet so alike. We thank you that each of us is a special person, wonderfully made and loved by You. Thank you for giving us so much to share with each other. Please help us to remember that whatever language we speak, Whatever country we come from, Whatever color our skin is, We are all important to You. Please keep us from being unloving to each other. Amen.

    Opening Prayer Nipping winds that whistle low, Patterned flakes of falling snow, Skating on a glossy lake, Snowmen, so much fun to make. Snowy hills for sleds and sleighs, We thank You, G-d, for winter days. Amen.

    ◆ Welcome and Introductions The Roundtable Commissioner or Assistant Roundtable Commissioner - New Member Coordinator welcomes new Scouters, visitors, and special guests by introducing them to the district. If you aren’t sure what a New Member Coordinator is, check out:

  • ◆ Big Rock Topic See the Scout BSA Roundtable Commissioner Planning Guide for a list of Big Rock Topics that both the Cub Scout and Scout BSA Roundtable Commissioners choose to do jointly to help serve the units in your district.

    ◆ Applauses and Cheers! ( Handkerchief Throw a handkerchief or neckerchief into the air with instructions for the applause to last until you catch it or it falls to the floor. Vary the length of the applause. Long throw, short throw, or no throw at all. Italian Cheer "Bravo! Bravo Bravissimo!" (create cheers in other languages) Hat Cheer Cubmaster throws his/her hat into the air. All yell until the hat touches the ground. Then all yelling stops. VIP How do you do, How do you do, ________, We welcome you!! Great job! Group stands and cheers, "Great job! Great JOB! GREAT JOB!" Getting louder each time. Heel Click Stand with your feet apart. Jump into the air, click your heels (twice if possible). Land with your feet apart. Hello Behind You At the count of 3, everyone turns around and meets the person behind you. On “3” everyone should be turned backwards. (Surprise! Everyone is facing to the back.) Hyena Everyone throws their heads back and laughs crazily like a hyena.

    Run-Ons (

    Have the parents do a Run-on with their Scout as part of the family activity.

    Everyone Keeps Ignoring Me Cub 1. Doctor! Doctor! Everyone keeps ignoring me. Doc: Next!

    Paint The Ocean Cub Scout No. 1: What is the best way to paint the ocean? Cub Scout No. 2: With watercolors.

  • People Make You Can't See Cub No. 1: What do people make that you can't see? Cub No. 2: Noise.

    Person Wear That Is Never Out Of Style Cub 1. What can a person wear that is never out of style? Cub 2. A smile.

    Potatoes Good Detectives CUB No. 1: Why are potatoes such good detectives? CUB No. 2: I can't imagine, why? CUB No. 1: Because they keep their eyes peeled.

    Keep A Bull From Charging Cub 1. How do you keep a bull from charging? Cub 2. Take away his credit card.

    King Go To The Dentist Cub 1. Why did the king go to the dentist? Cub 2. To get his teeth crowned!

    Earth Is Round Cub No. 1: If the Earth is round, why don't we fall off? Cub No. 2: It's because of the Law of Gravity. Cub No. 1: Yeah, that's right! Cub No. 2: But what happened before the law of gravity was passed?

    Phone Never Rings Cub 1. What kind of phone never rings? Cub 2. A saxophone

    SONGS: Singing is fun! Leading and teaching songs (BSA- Cub Scout Songbook, 1969)

    1. Smile at your group. Relax. Radiate confidence and enthusiasm, even if you don’t feel particularly confident or enthusiastic.

    2. Tell them the name of the song. Always start with a rousing, well-known “warm up” number, so everybody, including you, can sing out with confidence.

    3. Be sure to give the pitch. Sing a few bars yourself or have a couple of bars played, if an instrument is available.

  • 4. Start the signing with a slight upward arm motion, then a decisive downward motion (a downbeat) and begin singing yourself. Don’t worry if some don’t start with the first note-- they’ll join in quickly.

    5. Beat time with a simple up-and-down motion of the arm-- but make it definite and brisk. You are in command.

    6. Control volume by raising your hands for loudness, lowering them for softness. 7. Move around a little, inject a little pep and personality. Keep smiling. 8. Spark enthusiasm by dividing the crowd for a song or two. Groups sing separately, or

    when you point to them, then all together. Vary straight singing with occasional humming, whispering, or rhythm clapping.

    9. Stop before you’re stopped. Leave them wanting more; not glad that you left.

    Teaching a Song 1. Always warm up the crowd with well-known songs before trying out a new one. 2. Provide copies of the words. 3. Sing the new song all the way through, alone or with a small group who already know it. 4. Let the crowd try a verse at a time, slowly at first. When they master it, pick up speed. 5. Musical accompaniment helps-- piano, accordion, guitar, harmonica are all good for

    providing harmony. 6. Sing the new song one or two times.

    Song: If You’re Happy and You Know It, Clap Your Hands (BSA- Cub Scout Songbook)

    If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands. (clap, clap) If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands (clap, clap) If you’re happy and you know it, Then you really ought to show it,

    If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands. (clap, clap)

    2nd verse: If you’re happy and you know it, stamp your feet. (stamp-stamp) 3rd verse: If’ you’re happy and you know it, shout “Hooray!” (“Hooray”) 4th verse: If you’re happy and you know it, do all three. (clap-clap) (stamp-stamp) (“Hooray”)

    Song: We’re Glad to See You Here (BSA-Cub Scout Songbook) Tune: Farmer in the Dell

    We’re glad to see you here, It gives us joy and cheer. Sure, it’s true, we say to you, ‘ We’re glad to see you here.

  • Song: Showbiz Ambition (GLSC Pow Wow Book, 2009) Tune: If you’re Happy and You Know It

    Oh, I wish I were an actor in a show, Oh, I wish I were a rock star of a group. Oh, I wish I were an actor in a show. Oh, I wish I were a rock star of a group. I would make you feel real tense, I would sing and I would shout, I would hold you in suspense, I would really knock you out, Oh, if I could be an actor in a show! Oh, if I could be a rock star in a group!

    Oh, I wish I were a musician in a band, Oh