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Information about expedition to Philmont Scout ranch in teh summer of 2015

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  • 1. Troop 1154/Crew 1154 Philmont 2015 Dave Mihelcic Advisor Venturing Crew 1154

2. What is Philmont? One of the four National High Adventure Bases operated by the Boy Scouts of America More than 215 square miles (137,600 Acres) of Northern New Mexico wilderness donated to the BSA by Waite Phillips Over 20,000 Venturers, Scouts, and Scouters from all over the world attend Philmont each summer 3. The Philmont Experience Backcountry camps offer various unique program opportunities A chance to meet other Scouts from around the country and the world Personal development 50-Miler award Potential for satisfying Venturing Outdoor/Ranger Award requirements 4. VALLE VIDAL NORTHCENTRAL SOUTHThe Ranch is divided into four sections: South, Central, North and Valle Vidal Each dot on this map represents a staffed camp where programs are offered 5. Troop/Crew 1154 Philmont 2015 Basics Contingent of up to 4 crews of 12 youth/adults BSA Troop 1154 & Venturing Crew 1154 will participate Each crew requires minimum of 2 adult advisors Co-ed or all female crews require at least 1 female advisor Itinerary June 26, 2015: Depart Note: Possibility of departing one day earlier on 25 June to allow for touring and altitude acclimation June 26: Arrive Philmont June 27 Trip prep at Basecamp June 28-July 8: Philmont trek (on the trail) July 8: Return to Basecamp, clean up, closing campfire July 9: Return home 5 6. Projected Expenses Philmont fees Crew shirt Crew supplies Additional night at Philmont Airfare & bus transportation Total (biggest variable is transportation)$855 $25 $25 $25 $570 to $770 $1500 to $1700 Payments $100 due 2/15/14 $500 due 9/5/14 $500 due 1/5/15 Balance due 3/5/15We must make a non-refundable commitment to 6 Philmont in January 2008! 7. Expectations Expedition contract Sign and return with $100 deposit Participation Shakedowns Anticipate 5-7 starting this spring Advisor must approve absence in advance Must participate in at least 75% Expedition meetings (when called) Wilderness First Aid & CPR certification (two per crew) Payments In full and on schedule Conditioning Exercise: at least 3 times per week Diet: determined by need Medical Examination As required by Philmont (no later than 31 March 2015) 7 Follow your doctors advice 8. Objectives of Shakedowns Build endurance, stamina, confidence Outdoor Classrooms Learning the skills needed to survive Backpacking Primitive Camping and camp cooking skills First Aid Land Navigation and Compass Skills Learning the skills needed to have a great time Testing gear: personal and Crew Teamwork: Turning individuals into a Crew Gives the Crews an opportunity to develop & evaluate their own teamwork and leadership Gives Advisor an opportunity to judge Crew readiness 8 9. Physical Fitness MEDICAL EVALUATION Full medical evaluation within the last 12 months by Doctor Must be completed no later than 31 March 2015 Must use Philmont health & medical record form Must have Tetanus or Booster within the last 10 years Medical re-check upon arrival Records (chronic illness, medications) Blood pressure Weight Please note any medical or allergic conditionsCONDITIONING Cannot rely only on Shakedowns! Aerobic Exercise: Endurance and cardiovascular exercise Hiking, running, biking, swimming At least 3 times per weekStrength Exercise: Weight training focusing on Thighs Calves Upper bodyHiking with Backpack9 10. Philmont Weight Limits HeightRecommended WeightMax. Limit55114-16219558125-17821460140-19923963152-216260 10 11. Your Personal Gear: Boots MOST IMPORTANT PERSONAL ITEM Basic criteria Above ankle support Leather or synthetic (~$125 $250) Buy boots that fit Try-on with socks likely to be worn on trail Buy from reputable dealer Buy late in day when feet are slightly swollen Check for fit (e.g.; wiggle toes, minimal movement) If your feet are still growing, wait till early spring 2009 to buy Gortex is a MUST! Apply external waterproofing to maximize life Add insole if needed Break them (and your feet) in by hiking! 11 12. Your Personal Gear: Backpack Carries personal gear, crew gear, food, water Next most important item after boots Typical trail weight: 30-50 lb (goal ~25% body weight) Types External frame (4000 cu in recommended) (~ $100 $200) Internal frame (4500 cu in recommended) (~ $150 $300) Critical feature: padded hip belt Rain cover essential (~ $10 - $20) Decide what features you want, look at several, try out with weight Buy on sale or a from discount outfitter (Campmor, Sierra Trading Post) Get fitted at a reputable outdoor store (REI) Load for Philmont and practice with your own pack! Rentals available at Philmont if necessary 12 13. Your Personal Gear: Sleeping Sleeping bag Less than 4 lbs, min 20 degrees Type/shape: Mummy Rectangular Wide-mummy/Semi-rectangular Fill material: Down (light, tightly packable, warm when dry) (~$150 - $300) Synthetic (less expensive, heavier, dries quickly when wet) (~ $50 - $150) Waterproof stuff sack (or sack with garbage bag) Sleeping pad Foam (~$15 $25) Self-inflating (~$30 $80) Sleeping clothes T-shirt, running shorts, knit hat 13 14. Your Personal Gear: Etc... Trail clothes 2 pair synthetic/wicking T-Shirts and underwear (DuoFold, Coolmax) (~$10-20 ea) 1 pair hiking synthetic shorts(~$20) and 1 pair zip-offs (~$50) 2 pair wool/synthetic hiking socks (~$10-$15 ea) 3 pair polypro/coolmax liner socks (~$5 ea) Light fleece Wide brim hat Rain jacket Water bottles (3-4 quarts) Nalgene bottles (~$10 each) Empty Gator-Aid bottle for drink mixes Mess kit Lexan bowl and spoon Treking poles WELL worth the money ($50-$75) and the weight Personal first aid kit Personal grooming items14 15. Crew Gear Provided by Troop & Crew Stoves and fuel First Aid Kit Compass Repair kit Etc... Provided by Philmont Cook kit Bear bags Food15 16. Summary Lots to do, plenty of time if we start now Commitment is essential Preparation needed for success Maximum participation required Yes, everyone is really busy The reward is the trip of a lifetime So lets hit the trail !16