The Leadership Challenge and ROI

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The Leadership Challenge and ROI. Brooks Rehabilitation. Brooks Facts. 143 bed rehab hospital 25 outpatient clinics Home health services 68 bed skilled nursing facility Post acute Its what we do, Its all we do!. Our Challenge. High growth No leadership or management development - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • The Leadership Challenge and ROI

  • Brooks Rehabilitation

  • Brooks Facts143 bed rehab hospital

    25 outpatient clinics

    Home health services

    68 bed skilled nursing facility

    Post acute Its what we do, Its all we do!

  • Our ChallengeHigh growth

    No leadership or management development

    New business lines

    Culture shift

  • Our NeedGrow leadership talent

    Find a simple and elegant solution that was sustainable and flexible

    Transcend the organization hierarchy

  • The solution would be research and evidenced based

  • Our Solution

  • Our HypothesisDemonstrating the 5 practices and associated 30 behaviors would increase our bottom line and return on investment (ROI) .

  • Our MeasurementEach participant completes the LPI 360 before participating in class and again 12 18 months after finishing the course

  • Our LPI Results

  • Chart1















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  • The Course Structure 12 week program2.5 hrs/wk of classroom time2-5 hrs/wk of homework

    LPI Before class12-18 months post


    Individual development plan Action learning assignments

  • The Course StructureConceptual learning

    Align visions and change projects

    Initially: Director Level and Above

    Now: Open to entire employee population

  • Action Learning

  • Relevant Action Learning Establish strong executive sponsorship

    Select business challenges and scope them appropriately

    Invest in participants with high leadership potential

    Challenge your action learning teams

    Communicate broadly about your program

  • Course Detail

  • Conceptual Class Review LPI data Discussimportant conceptsLearning activities

  • Homework Meet with next level leaderDialogue about assignmentPrepare to share in class

  • Lab Class Share action learning assignmentProvide and receive feedbackPractice before sharing with constituents

  • Apply Incorporate class feedbackDialogue and share with constituentsDialogue with next level leader

  • How does this translate to ROI?

    Solves real business problems

    Better, Faster, Cheaper

    Culture is shifting

  • Action Learning ExamplesOnline Scholarly Resource Center


    Reducing patient cancellation rates

    Center for Sports Therapy referrals from CIU

    New Performance Planning Tool

  • Project # 1: Easy to accessevidenced based clinical research

  • Project #2: eStubView Electronic Payroll Communication

  • Project #3: Simple idea to decrease cancellation rates

    On the floor, out the door

    Corrected process problems Q2 09 21.95%

    Q2 10 17.92%

    Q3 10 15.55%

  • Project #4: Center for Sports Therapy Referrals from CIU





    Evaluations from CIU Referrals



    Jan - Jul 0963

    Jan - Jul 10171

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    Revenue from CIU Referrals


    Revenue from CIU Referrals

    Jan - Jul 0939,690.00

    Jan - Jul 10107,730.00

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  • Project # 5: OP Performance Appraisal

  • Project #5 OP Performance Appraisal% of Clinics with SS Payout

    Increase 28%

    December 09 46%

    December 0718%

  • Other Outcomes

    Outcomes Open New Spine and Neck ClinicPromoted manager of smaller center who had completed Leadership Challenge, the Residency Program, and who had designed the Scholarly Resource Center as his Change Project during classReorganize Outpatient Division into Regions as Growth Continued3 of 4 regional managers promoted from within after taking Leadership Challenge; previously, organization looked outside for this kind of talentContinued Growth in Orlando AreaPromoted clinic manager to oversee 3 clinics; again, previously, organization looked externally for this kind of leadership talentGrow Womens Health Business LineDirector of business line has asked that all clinicians with this specialty come through as a group this Fall

  • In SummaryWe have proved our hypothesis!

    Increasing the frequency of the 30 behaviors associated with the 5 practices positively impacted the organizations bottom line and return on investment.

  • Our SuccessImproved speaking skillsImproved feedback skillsIncreased employee engagementBuilding a pool of leaders at all levelsChanged the lexicon

    Employees are asking, How can I make a difference?

    -Largest provider of home health services in north east Fl -Just recently purchased a SNU/SNF in St Augustine *Clinicians ruleHomegrown community hospitalCulture shift; shaking people out of their comfort zoneHow leadership challenge answered our challenge

    Talk about the bonusSimple = based on every day behaviorsElegance = evidenced based; doing these every day behaviors more frequently is the eleganceNot hierarchical = TLC believes everyone is a leadercontinuous learning is critical to our successeveryone is a leaderthat the 5 practices and 30 behaviors are the framework for exemplary leadershipObserver FeedbackPositive ChangesModel = 3.0 (5%)Inspire = 3.7 (6.2%)Challenge = 3.9 (6.5%)Enable = 2.4 (4%)Encourage = 3.4 (5.6%)

    Structure of program and how its uniqueNow: Open to entire employee population (manager recommendation required) *1. Establish strong executive sponsorship. Identify the CEO or another senior executive as the programs sponsor. The executive sponsor can advise participants on when they should and should not challenge the organizations conventional wisdom. Having a senior sponsor also brands the program as an important development experience. Action learning teams will present recommendations to executives who should have the authority to make decisions based on the teams proposals. 2. Select pressing business challenges and scope them appropriately. Action learning programs that fail to work on strategic projects weaken the performance pressure essential to optimize learning. Non-strategic projects are more likely to be placed on the back burner when other priorities come along. Strategic projects push your company forward into unfamiliar markets, solutions or business designs. Strategic projects also can engage high potential leaders in taking the organization to new levels. When defining your programs strategic challenges, be sure participants can make significant progress within the programs timeline. 3. Invest in participants with the most leadership potential. Participants do not merely learn by doing; they learn by doing it with other high-potential leaders from diverse functions and geographies. Building professional networks to broaden perspectives and successfully work across complex organizations is a common goal for an action learning program. Participants are surrounded by other rising stars who are also candidates for assuming more significant roles. If you do not currently identify high-performing and high-potential leaders, the time to start is now. If you already have such a process, action learning is a powerful method to accelerate the growth of targeted leaders. 4. Challenge your action learning teams with strong team coaching. High-performing leaders tend to focus so much on getting superior business results that they do not adequately address learning. This can result in a failure to make career-changing breakthroughs. To counter this tendency, coaches for action learning teams should challenge participants to examine their own strengths and development areas. The pressure of working with a group of leaders to tackle a strategic business objective provides the ideal platform for revealing hidden strengths and warts. Leaders should be challenged to live up to the highest expression of your companys leadership competencies. Team coaches work with leaders to examine and surmount obstacles that keep them from developing the leadership judgment and capability required at the most senior levels. 5. Communicate broadly about your action learning program

    Gives practice with public speakingParticipants learn balanced feedback model both giving and receiving feedback*Email here What is a class practice project Catchphrase for better, faster, cheaper towards understanding the business side, not only the clinical side

    *Online clinical journal articles are reviewed,rated, and summarized for quick referenceEasily accessed by fellows, residents, and specialistsClinicians provide treatment based on latest research

    *Saving by not mailing outAn electronic online payroll communicationsystem implementedEasy use for all employees from anywhereProjected cost savings $50K annually

    Cancelation rate- west side clinic 20+ cancel Down to 15.%Copy of the dashboard A therapist from our Center for Sports Therapy shares her vision in class and the manager of the Outpatient Central Intake Team, also in class, understands the newest clinical expertise of the Centers staff

    *A group of Regional Managers create a new performance planning tool that clearly measures and defines what is expected resulting in improved outpatient productivity and quality scoresPerformance tool that links Clinic, Team Members, and Individual Performance Results to the outcome of the bottom line

    December 07 18%Dece