The david rockefeller center for latin american studies harvard by moris beracha

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1. By Moris Beracha 2. The David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies (DRCLAS) isone of several interdisciplinary initiatives at Harvard University,organized by the Office of the Provost and administered by Harvard’sFaculty of Arts and Sciences. Started in 1994, the DRCLAS initiative doesnot directly lead to a degree, but rather it is a nexus of scholarships andfellowships that allow for academic exchanges between the faculty andstudents of Harvard and the faculty and students at colleges anduniversities in Latin America. The rationale for the DRCLAS initiative is toexpand the university’s field of research and teaching on Latin America,form bonds between Harvard and institutions of higher education inLatin American countries, and elevate the awareness and understandingof Latin America among the public in the United States and worldwide. In2002, the DRCLAS Regional Office was opened in Santiago, Chile, toadminister interuniversity research and learning programs in theSouthern Cone and Andean countries of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru,and Uruguay; in 2006, Harvard’s Brazil Office was opened in São Paulo tofacilitate research, teaching, and learning programs between Harvardand the many schools in Brazil. Since 1994, because of the DRCLASvisiting scholars and fellows program, many of the leading academicsfrom Latin American countries have spent time at Harvard. 3. As a Venezuelan native and a resident of NewYork City for over 20 years, Moris Beracha isproud of his Latin American heritage and is acontributor to the David Rockefeller Center forLatin American Studies. In addition to his serviceas an investment consultant on Wall Street, MorisBeracha donates regularly to Harvard Universityto ensure that the DRCLAS initiative continuesuninterrupted and to foster better culturalunderstanding between the people of LatinAmerica and the United States.


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