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transfoREMES. Supervisor: Aneta Vulgarakis. Table Of Contents. Project Overview Project Tasks High level system structure Technologies and Tools Team Introduction Communication Meeting. Project Overview. What is REMES? RE source M odel for E mbedded S ystems. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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    Supervisor: Aneta Vulgarakis transfoREMES

  • **Table Of ContentsProject OverviewProject TasksHigh level system structureTechnologies and ToolsTeam IntroductionCommunicationMeeting

  • **Project OverviewWhat is REMES? REsource Model for Embedded Systems. Can model both functional and extra-functional behaviour

    What is UML statechart? Describes the behavior of instances of a modeling element.

  • Why do we need Transformation? Transformation helps to study additional functional behavior by transforming UML state charts into REMES.

    Goal ? Investigate the possibility of transformation between UML state charts and REMES.

    **Project Overview

  • Project OverviewWhat is Model transformation? Transformation from a model that conforms to one metamodel to a model that conforms to another metamodel.

    What is metamodel? Metamodel defines semantics of conforming models.

  • **Project tasksMake UML metamodels for statecharts.Compare UML metamodels with REMES metamodels.Design transformation from REMES metamodels to UML statecharts metamodels and vice versa.Implement the transformation and demonstrate with an instance.

  • **Technologies and ToolsATL (ATLAS Transformation Language)EclipseXMLSVN

  • **High level system architectureEclipse GUIUML Statechart MetamodelREMES MetamodelXML representation of UML MetamodelXML representation of REMES MetamodelTransformationXML TranslationXML Translation

  • **Team Introduction - SwedenMansooreh Zahedi Project Leader Project Design

    Ashwini Mayakar Documentation Tester

  • **Team Introduction - SwedenMridul Chopra Project DesignDeveloperTester

    Christoph WeskampDeveloperRequirement GatheringTester

  • **Team Introduction - CroatiaNenad LicitarTeam LeaderProject DesignTester

    Aleksandra MladenovicDeveloperDocumentationProject Design

  • **Team Introduction - CroatiaJakov KondzaSVN ManagerDocumentationTester

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