Aneta šťastná, Barbora Čapková

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  1. 1. MY SCHOOL
  2. 2. SCHOOL Elementary school and kindergarten Jicin, 17 November 109, the school is complete withnine successive years, nursery school has 8 classes. At the first stage we usually have twoor three classes in the form, At the second stage we have three or four parallel classes.School capacity is 700 students. Average number of students in classes is approximately24 students. School Facilities: The school has two small gyms and multi-purpose sports hall. We havespecialized classrooms chemistry, biology, physics, three language classrooms, art room,two classrooms for music lessons. For teaching practical activities there is s schoolworkshop with storage of materials and tools and training kitchen. For pupils at bothstages there are two computer labs with access to the Internet in 2012 was a computer labfor the second stage completely newly equipped - financial coverage of EU subsidy. Werun after-school club and afternoon leisure activities, in which you can do ceramic orworkshop. Students are also provided with a reading room.
  3. 3. MY CLASSROOM We go to 9.B. My class is on the second floor of the second stage. Located in the corner on the right side of the hallway. Our class is not equipped.