SPM Biology 2006 k1

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  • 8/14/2019 SPM Biology 2006 k1


  • 8/14/2019 SPM Biology 2006 k1


    Distilled waterSucrosesolution

    Visking tube End ofexperimentDiagram 2

    What is the process that takes place inDiagram 2?A Osmosis"'P Active transportC Facilitated diffusionD Facilitated transportationA plant cell is immersed in distilled water.

    Which ofthe followiR and S?Enzyme R

    Secreted in thestomachThe active sitechanges at pHmore than 4R is trypsinSynthe'sizeld nthe roughendoplasmicreticulum

    Diagram 4 shows




    Beginning ofexperiment

  • 8/14/2019 SPM Biology 2006 k1


    10 Which of the following diagrams istrue about.a stage in mitosis?

    Diagram 5 shows a diploid cell. This cellundergoes cell division through meiosis.

    Diagram 6 shows hglycogen in the hum13




    High gluco

    -)0-1-\/ - - - \O0)rl \

    DiagramWhich of the followingP and Q?

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    15 Diagram 8 shows a child suffering fromdisease.

    The child suffers the disease because oflack of


    ffiiagram 816

    A carbohydrateB fibre& proteinD vitaminWhich of the.followenzyrne and its func

    Enz5rmeRennin CPepsin ETlypsin DErepsin H


    17 Table 1 showsthe nutrient content of R, s, T and u in milk and but

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    Which of the following is true about theinformation obtained from the graph?A At point W, the quantity of carbondioxide released is zeroPz tt point X, the quantity of the intake,,'' and the release of carbon dioxide areequalC At point Y; the quantity of carbondioxide released is maximumD At point Z,the quantity of the intake andthe release of carbon dioxide are equal

    19 Diagram 10 shows an experiment of, yeastrespiration.

    2't Diagram 11 shows aa human heart.

    Paraffin oil


    DiagroThe blood vesselU iA aortaB pulmonar5rveinC pulmonary arteryD posterior vena caWhich of the followin22

  • 8/14/2019 SPM Biology 2006 k1


  • 8/14/2019 SPM Biology 2006 k1


    30 A farmer wants to sell the bananas fromhis farm. To ensure that all the bananasripen at the same time, the farmer shouJdspray the bananas withA ethylene hormone ,: .B auxin hormoneC gibberellin hormoneD cytokinin hormone

    31 Which of the following is not an effect of ahormone imbalance?A Premenstrual s5mdrome (pMS)B Foetus miscarriageC Menopause. D Pregnancy

    32 Which of the following hormones repairsthe endometrium of the uterus aftermenstruation occurs?

    Which of the folloabout the informaA Body lengthof the soft exB Body length ibody mass incC Body length dbecause therebody tissueD Body length d. because bodyDiagram 17 showfruits from flowerhorrnone.


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    36 Which of the following is not true about the formation of identitwins?Identical twins Fraterrra

    Produced from a single sperm cellwhieh fertilised one ovum Produced from twofertilised two differProduce two different zygotes Produce two similaShare the same placenta Have two seperateProduce two identical individuals Produce two differe

    37 Which of the following terms defines thephysical characteristics of an organism?A GenotSryeB PhenogpeC HomozygoteD Heterozygote


    40 A manied coupleRh factors. Theirthe subsequentmiscarriage.Determine the rhes

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    43 Diagram 19 showsthe variation of a traitP in humans.Number ofindividuais

    Tlait PDiagram 19

    Which of the following is true about thevariation of trait P?


    \/ \ ,,NqryDiagram

    Name bacteria X.A Rhizobium


    45 Diagram 2tcycle.Plant protein -


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    The following information is related to aprocess occurring in an ecosystem.o The pioneer species is replaced by anew species which is more adapted tothe habitato The process occurs gradually over along period of timeo The process ends with a climaxcommunity

    The process sA colonisationB competition.C succession.D evolutionThe following information shows steps inthe reactionsduring the destructiqnof the

    Table 2 shows he to compare he quaareas,R and S.

    T[atersarnple mdeArea RArea S

    TablWhich of the followthe result of the exI Water sample polluted than aII Water sample fB.O.D value tha


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    SPM EDGMINATION PAPER 2006Paper 11C 2C 3C 4A7B 8A 9C lOD13AL4D15C16A19D 20 C 2r B 22 B25 D 26 B 27 C 28 A

    31D 32 A 338 34 A37 B 38C 39A 40 B43D 44 D 45 D 46 D49 C 508