";;,,r5*"trfii"-,.i sFn/E armianatilsm F '- .t*. .". - '."*.:Si$K ;Sti+- *; Paper 1 One hour and forttr-five rninutes This qtrestictn poper con.slsls of tu,to ser:tions: Section A an.cl Section B. Ansu;r:t' both sections. Section A: Directed Writing [35 m.arks] fTime suggested: 45 minutesl You have been asked by your teacher to give a talk on a reference book that, is useful for secondar5'students. You have decidedto talk about a science book. Use the follorn'ing notes about the book to write your talk. f' u Details of the book Title Author Publisher Science Made Simple Sharifah Shazana Bunsa Publications attractive presentation clear explanations helpful diagrams variety of exercises sample answers practice question papers useful tips Writing futu.rl followi,ng topir:s. When n,riting the talk, you should remember: to use an appropriate greeting and closing - bo state the purpose of the taik to use all the notes given * to give two other reasons of your own - that the talk is for school students Section B: Continuous [50 marks] [Tim<: suggested: On,e Write tr composition of about 350 words on oRe of the I Describe an embarrasing experience in your life. 2 'Teenagers today are only interested in entertainment.' Do you agree? Support your opinion. 3 My early years 4 Write a story beginning with: Ki,rn was neruous uth,en the d,oorope.ned ".. 5 Tomorrow BAHASA INGGERIS

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i t ;

h.t.;,^ " Ltlfri"v<

q \


sFn/Earmianatilsm F

' - . t * . .". - '."*.:Si$K ;Sti+- *;

Paper 1 One hour and forttr-f ive rninutes

This qtrestictn poper con.slsls of tu,to ser:tions: Section A an.cl Section B. Ansu;r:t' both sections.

Section A: Directed Writ ing

[35 m.arks]

fTime suggested: 45 minutesl

You have been asked by your teacher to give a talk on a reference book that, is useful forsecondar5'students. You have decided to talk about a science book.

Use the follorn'ing notes about the book to write your talk.


Details of the book


Science Made SimpleSharifah ShazanaBunsa Publications

attractive presentation

clear explanationshelpful diagramsvariety of exercisessample answerspractice question papers

useful tips



followi,ng topir:s.

When n,riting the talk, you should remember:to use an appropriate greeting and closing

- bo state the purpose of the taikto use all the notes given

* to give two other reasons of your own- that the talk is for school students

Section B: Continuous[50 marks]

[Tim<: suggested: On,e

Write tr composition of about 350 words on oRe of the

I Describe an embarrasing experience in your life.2 'Teenagers today are only interested in entertainment.'

Do you agree? Support your opinion.3 My early years4 Write a story beginning with:

Ki,rn was neruous uth,en the d,oor ope.ned "..5 Tomorrow



Page 2: SPM 2007 BI K1 K2

Paper 2 Two hours and fifteen minutes

'fhis question paper consists of four sections: Section A, Section B, Section C ond SectionD. Answer aLl sections in this qu,estion popel. Questions in Section A may haue either three orfour options. You, are aduised to spend 25 mintt,tes on Section A, 25 minutes on Section B, 50minutes on Sect ion C and 35 'mint t tes on Sect ion D.

Section A[15 marhsj


Cultural Zone

Rural Zone

Historical Zone



Scale:1 c m : 1 k m

Legend:mt-j:-lt - - - - _ - Il - - - - - l

ffiffil - l

study the habitat of animals would beTeluk DemangTeluk Puteri

(Adapted ftom The Stor, January 2006)

know that NGOs can help to

Based on the map above, the best piaceA Teluk BendaharaB Teluk Dayang


From the newspaper report above, weA bring down the crime rateB hold meetings with residentsC give talks on fighting crimeD patrol housing estates for safety



Take part in scheme to control crime

The police are invit ing Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) to take part in theNeighbourhood Police Scheme in order to reduce crime. The police would also respond tothe NGOs request for meetings and talks on fighting crime.

nFF*':iri :.' 9 -:l;&.' t\6i+;€.a35:r!trt58

Page 3: SPM 2007 BI K1 K2

Thoughts of trer childhood brought backvillage was surrounded by vast paddy

"Once I went back to see it and Iover my childhood. Since then, I never

rnemories of the viilage r,r,here she grew up. Herfieids - sadly now covered with terrace houses.

f'elt that someone had put his dirtv hands allreturned," she said" l

3 From thewhere sheA AfraidB Upset

extract above,grerv up?

w h a t d o c s t h e w l i t e r f e e l a b o u t w h a t l r a s h a p p e n e d t o t h e p l a c e

C GuiltyD Confused

[]nPlease tick the appropriate box below:

Yes, I would l ike to subcribe to Youth World.

I would l ike to stop my subscription.

Name: Afynan ULyv lynafu

Address: 21, Jal,aw Arwaana', Ta'vna,nEndalu, OTOOO La'rqk'a.tu-!

Contact Number: 9I J291 999Customer Reference Number: A 6L7

Complete and return this form. Pleace include your customer reference number.



4 According bo the form above, AzmanA request for free giftsB stop his subscription

'fhe slogan above tells us to be moreA efficientB healthy

give his new addresschange his reference number






The Kota Lama Town Council is organising a health talk on heart disease at Silk Hotel, Kota Lama,on 22 November. A rvell-known specialist, Ramesh Kumar, will talk about early detection of hearldisease and simple preventive measures.

Those interested can call F'itness Pharmacy at 04-7788 1900 fbr details.


Page 4: SPM 2007 BI K1 K2

If you wish to attend the talk, youA the Kota Larrrz Tow-n CouncilB Fitness llharmacy

should get in touch withC Itamesh KutnarD Silk Hotel

Rules and Regulations:1 The contest is open to all secondary school Nature Club members.2 There is no limit to the number of entries from each student. However, a student

is entitled to win one prize only.3 Entries must be based on the theme Malaysian Beaches.4 The closing date for all entries is 8 November 2007. Late entries rn'ill not be


The notice above tells us that the participants canA draw on any Malaysian themeB register as Nature Ciub membersC send as many entries as they wantD submit entries after 8 November 2007

From the comic strip above, the phrase I'mA loves his familyB is not really sickC does not need a wifeD can take care of himself

(Adapted from T'he. l/S7, March 2006)

a grown man srggests that the character


Page 5: SPM 2007 BI K1 K2

Questions 9 -15 are based on the following passage.

Khai was silent. There was nothing physically wrong

with the eleven-year-old Taiping boy - he was what

doctois cali 9 'elective mute': a person who will

not speak in certain circumstances. Although he talked10 at home, he refused to speak at school.

Unable to explain Khai 's problem, his teachers

recommended music 11 a tool to help him" 12 the

schooll counsellor Diane met Khai, she presented him

with a range of instruments. Khai liked the drum 13

he followed Diane's drum beat. Later Khai strummed

a guitar and he started whispering and tapping to the

music. After a year of counselling sessions, Khai was

speaking at school. He even L4 in a school play.

Now at seventeen, h" 15 like a normal teenager.

"The music therapy encouraged Khai to speak at school,"

Diane commented.

13 A soBo rC butD either

L4 A attendedB organisedC performedD entertained

15 A talkB lalksC talkedD talking

9AaBanC the

10 A freelyB loudlyC politelyD carefully

11 A withB forCo fDas

LZ A UntilB EvenC BeforeD When


Page 6: SPM 2007 BI K1 K2

St:cfiiiir | |

I l ( ] r r ,n ' / , ' r ; l

Quest io t rs 16 - 25

Read, th,r: following info'rmation on the different types of ,mushroom, uni onswer thr' questtonsthai folbw.

Ling Zhi

The Chinese have used it in treating liver disorders and arthritis for 4000 years. Itstrengthens the heart, prevents blood clotting and fights life-long fatigue syndrome.

Woodear Mushroom

In Chinese herbal medicine, this mushroom increases the fluidity of the blood,improves circulation and is given to patients suffering from problems of the arteries.

Ovster Mushroom

It is a medicinal mushroom with rich nutritional values such as proteins, carbohydrates,vitamins and minerals. This mushroom can also be used to treat pains in the waist andback. and numbness in the feet and hands.

Dancing Mushroom

This is the most powerful immuno-stimulant of all mushrooms. This type of mushroomhas the ability to activate immune function and control tumour growth. It also helpscontrol blood glucose ievels and reduces high blood pressure.


It is an edible mushroom which contains Vitarnins BL,B.2,86, 812 and D2 with highamounts of riboflavin and niacin. It has been used to help improve the immune systemof cancer patients besides lowering cholesterol levels.


Page 7: SPM 2007 BI K1 K2

Ques t ions l 6 - 20

(lsing the inforntatiort' gitten,

below.write tlte name of thr: most appropriate mushroom in the boxes

Descript ion' Name of mushroom.

16 Manu has diabetes and needs to lou'er his blood


t7 Puan Gan, a 65-year-old grandmother has pains in

her back and cannot feel anything in her hands.

18 Mior is suffering from poor blood flow and u'ishes

to find a cure for it.

19 Revathi has a weak heart and is always very


20 Encik Zainthas high cholesterol and the doctor has

advised him to watch his diet.

[5 marles]

Questions 2l - 25

Complete the sentences

2l Mushrooms with a

belout using the

lot of riboflavin

information giuen.

and niacin help

fl mark]

22 Ling Zhi can be used to treat

[1 mark]

23 Oyster Mushroom is rich in

[7 markl

24 Eating Dancing Mushroom controls

25 Besi{es improving blood circulation, Woodear"Mushroom helps peopie with

11 marlt)

[7 markl

[5 marks]


Page 8: SPM 2007 BI K1 K2

Section C[25 marks]

Questions 26 - 3L a,re base,d on tlte t'oLloruing possage.. :

1 lt was a delightful scene for many visitors, young and old; at Kampur-rg f)ekPermai, Selangor, on 18 August 2003. Armed with 20 000 young trees, these Malaysianvolunteers were united by a t,ask r.vhich rvas to plant trees on six hectares of land.

2 Kampung Dek Permai was chosen as its environment had been damaged as aresult of indiscriminate logging. The aim of this activity was to protect the ecosystemand, at the same time, allow future generations to live in a healthy environment. Asthis activity involved teamwork, it became a symbol of friendship and helped to createawareness of the importance of protecting the environment. The organisers hoped thatwhat the volunteers were going to do would set an example for others.

3 The happy participants, made up of 900 residents of Kampung Dek Permai and600 schoolchildren and teachers. cheerfuily rolled up their sleeves and worked together.Those who attended included the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and the headman ofKampung Dek Permai, who spoke briefly at the opening ceremony.

4 Before planting the trees, the partici.pants were briefecl by Ayub Musa from theDepartment of Agriculture, who had the crowd in stitches with his step-by-step guideto tree-planting. The talk was informative as Ayub related in detaii how a tree isplanted.

5 If you want to plant a tree, according to Ayub, you will need to gather all the thingsyou require: a young tree in a plastic bag, a large water container, a trowel, gardenscissors and some mulch, which is a mass of dead leaves and bark, spread arounda plant for protection or to enrich the soil. Ayub mentioned that the next step is tohandle the young tree with tender, loving care so that it can grow healthily. "Alwayshold the plant at the bottom, and never hold it by the stem. You would never dreamof carrying a baby that way! Feel free to stroke the plant gently as you handle it - itis a living bhing that needs affection too!" he added jokingly.

6 "Next, while holding the young tree in the plastic bag, soak the entire plastic bagin a large container of water. Keep it under water and check that all the air bubblesare gone. Then use a trowel to dig a hole where you want the young tree to grow.Ensure that the hole is at the right depth to match the height of the plastic bag. Itmust not be too deep or too shallow. This is very important. Carry the soaked youngtree over to the hole. You are now at a very important stage of the process. Now cutthrough the plastic bag, making sure that the roots are not damaged. This may causethe plant to die."

7 The next step, according to Ayub, is to place the young tree into the hole that hasbeen prepared. "Remove the plastic bag completely. lf the soil surrounding the rootsbreaks off while you are removing the plastic bag, do not panic! Just collect it andplace it in the hole as neatly as possible," he said" "Do not forget to cover the holewith the soil that you have removed earlier, using the trowel or your hands. Press thesoil down firmly, but not too hard or too lightly, as that may cause the plant to haveproblems in growing." Ayub added that the last step is to place wet mulch around theyoung tree" The mulch wil,l provide protection as well as nutrients for the roots. "It









Page 9: SPM 2007 BI K1 K2

must be wet and hold ennugh rvater for the plant to grorv heaithily over the next fewmonths," Ayub emphasised.

B When the talk was over, the participanLs got down to work. A{'ter a tiring twohours, the whoie area was covered with young plants. By the end of the tree'planting 45

" activity, it was clear from the smiles ail around that something lasting had been sownin their hearts. It was the seed of a speciai friendship, very much like the young treesin the fertile ground of Kampung Dek Permai.

(Adapted from PEARI, November 2004)

26 (o) From paragraph 1, what activity was carried out on that day?

l1 markl

(b) From paragraph 2, why was Kampung Dek Permai selected for the project?

II morkl

27 Which phrase from paragraph 4 suggests that the briefing was amusing?

[1 mark]

28 (a) From paragraph 5, what did Ayub Musa mean when he said. "You would never dreamof carrying a baby that way!"?

fl mark]

(b) From paragraph 6, why is it important not to damage the roots?

29 From paragraph 7,(o) what must be done just before removing the plastic trag completely from the p

(b) how can we provide nutrients for the young tree?

[7 marh]


[7 mark]

[1 mark]

(c) what does the word It in line 41 refer to?

17 markl

30 In your opinion, why were the participants pleased with the tree-planting activity? Answerin your own wor:ds.

[2 marks]


Page 10: SPM 2007 BI K1 K2

31 Rased on the passage fiven, write a sumrnary orl:. the steps th:rt should be taken to plant a young 1,ree

Credit will be given fbr use of orn'n rvords but care must be taken not to change the origilalmeaning.

Your summary must:

" be in continuous writing form (not in note form). Lrse materiais from lines 18 to 4g' not be longer: than 130 words, including the 10 words given below

Regin your summary as follows:If you want to plant a tree, you need to ...

[15 marles]


Page 11: SPM 2007 BI K1 K2

Section D

[25 rnarks]

32 Reclr| the following stonzus .and onswer th,e qu,estions that follow.

si tenggang's homecorning

i i

it's true i have growied at my mother and grandmother

but only after having told of my predicament

that they have never brought to reasonthe wife that I began to love in my loneliness,in the country that ah.enated me,they took bo their predecisions.i have not entirely returned, i know,having been changed by time and place,

coarsened by problemsestranged by absence.

i i i

but look, i houe brought mYself home,seasoned by confidencebroadened by land and languages,i am no longer afraid of the oceansor the differences between PeoPle,not easily fooledby words or ideas.the journey was a loyal teacherwho was never tardyin explaining cultures or variousness.look, i am just iike you,still malay,sensitive to whati believe is good,and more ready Lo underslandthan my brothers.the contents of these boats are yours tort

because i have returned.

muhammad haji salleh

(cr) In stanza ii line 3, to whom does bhe word "they" refer?

II marlt]

(b) In stanza iii line 2, what does si tenggang mean when he says, "i hante brrtught myself



[1 mark]

Page 12: SPM 2007 BI K1 K2

(c) Which line in stanZa iii shows that si tenggang has not completely Changed?

[1 mark]

(d) "the contents of these boats are you,rs too"In your orvn words, rvhat do you think si tenggang means by the statement above?

- [2 marksl

33 Read the extract from the sh,ort slory The Lotus Eater below and answer the questions thatfollow.

"What does he do?" I asked.

"He walks in bhe hills on his own. I've tried to speak to him. But it's no good. He runsaway whenever I go near him. Assunta comes down here sometimes to see me. I give hersome money so that she can buy some tobacco for him. But I don't know if he gets thetobacco. Perhaps her husband takes the money and keeps it."

"What a terrible wav to iive." I said.

"It was Wilson's decision," said my friend. "He lived happily for twenty-five years. Hedidn't do any work. Why didn't he kill himself when he said he would?"

(o) What does Wilson do every time someone tries to speak to him?

(b) What is Assunta supposed to do with the money gi.ven to her?[1 nmrltl

[1 mark]

(c) What is the writer's opinion of Wilson's life?


[1 mark]

your ownIf you were Wilson's friend,words, suggest one way.

how would you help hirn solve his problem? In

[2 marks]


Page 13: SPM 2007 BI K1 K2

; i I l i t l l . l t tu i r t .g ute { f iVn,ot t t '1 , : " ! t r l , ' , / r r r l l r r ' l r l t ' t ' t t ! t r t ' i t :ornf )onent in , En$l ish 'Lar tguage.

Jungle of, Hope - Keris lVlas

- John Steinbeck

K. S. Maniam

The Pearl

The Return

Choose any or^e of the nouels aboue and unswe,r the question beLow.'It is important to have a person you iook up to in your life.'

From bhe novel that you have read, write about one character that you look up to"

Give reasons why you choose hirn/her.

[15 marlesl