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  1. 1. I have known and worked with Erik van Lennep in various capacities for many years. ! ! I nd him to be a truly inspiring and passionate speaker with the utmost integrity and belief in the imperative of sustainable development (i.e. the umbrella for the six sectors of local and global issues that includes: culture, demography , economy, environment, governance and technology)....in other words the broad base of knowledge and expertise that he has himself cultivated over many years.! Dr Dorothy Stewart! The Futures Academy! Dublin Institute of Technology! www.thefuturesacademy.ie! !(now Scientic Ofcer, Research, Environmental Protection Agency, Clonskeagh, Dublin) Erik is a speaker with exceptional presentation skills and presence. As a co-facilitator or participant at events where he has spoken, I have observed Erik hoping to glean for myself just some of his ease and comfort in addressing an audience and in delivering his material coherently and cogently.! ! As a personal friend as well as former colleague, Erik has set an admirable example of excellence and mastery.! !Martin Giannini! Art of Living Foundation! I have worked with Erik in number of capacities - during his time as co founder and director at Cultivate and more recently as course coordinator at IT Carlow. ! ! He is both very well informed across the spectrum of sustainability and an excellent communicator to students and professionals alike.! !!!!Mike Haslam! BSc Arch, BArch (Hons)! Director, Solearth Ecological Architecture! Dublin ! I have known and worked with Erik van Lennep in various capacities over the years since 1985. ! ! Erik is one of the most uniquely creative and brilliant professionals that I have had the benet of working around. ! ! His ability to blend intuition with analysis is outstanding. His depth of social as well as scientic understanding of issues related to sustainability is superb.! !Phyllis Shulman, Legislative Assistant! City of Seattle Selected References! ! Speaking! Advising! Mentoring
  2. 2. Erik's combination of vision, passion and obvious expertise in the eld of sustainable design make him a formidable ally for any project you might be working on that needs to be thinking about long-term sustainability.! !Rory O'Connor! Partner, The Creativity Hub! I have known Erik as a respected colleague and fellow change-activist since the mid 1980's and the launch of Rainforest Action Network. ! ! Over the years we have had the opportunities to collaborate on a number of campaigns and movements involving Indigenous Peoples and on critical environmental issues. ! ! Whether participating on advisory groups, discussion panels or addressing public audiences, in my experience Erik has consistently gotten to the heart of the matter and engaged his audiences to look beneath the surface for the most effective tipping points....the places where change happens.! !John Seed! Founder and Director! Rainforest Information Centre, Australia! I have known and worked with Erik on a number of creative and urgent projects over the years (since the mid 1980's, in Vermont and in Ireland). Erik has a stunning grasp on how the natural world works and interacts. ! ! His realizations of how the behavior of man has affected our habitats has been a leap ahead of most people for a long time. His understanding of what we can do about it is also impressive. He is a most excellent teacher.! Carol Langstaff! Artistic Director! Flock Dance Troupe! www.ockdance.org Erik Van Lennep is, in my humble opinion, an authority, seer and seeker of sustainable design.! ! Over may years I have seen him give enthralling, provocative and inspiring presentations and talks on sustainability, green design, green ethics, community participation and other related topics.! ! I would highly recommend him as a conference speaker, keynote speaker, delegate or any other such role.! !Brian T O'Brien! M Arch. B Arch Sci, Bau-biologist.! Partner, Solearth Ecological Architecture! Dublin !
  3. 3. Erik is a consultant's consultant. Complementing the strengths of the left-brained analytical people who inhabit the profession he brings powerful emotional intelligence and a strong understanding of how to manage professional organisations and networks and get them to communicate clear consistent messages. In addition he is very creative. ! ! He produces more practicable output in ideation workshops per hour than most. He does it without a trace of undue ego and builds on other people's ideas.! !Tony Owens! Technical Director and Research Fellow, ICon! Trinity College Dublin If I had to describe Erik in three words they would be energetic, passionate and knowledgeable... of all things sustainable and renewable, whilst maintaining a strong social conscious for equality and collaboration for the good of all mankind. ! ! An excellent communicator and teacher, he has made it his life work to educate the less informed through words and actions and to promote awareness and attitude change to further the uptake of sustainability. ! ! Through education and project consulting, he has striven to address the world issues of ever increasing Green House Gas Emissions, Deforestation, the effective use of scarce water and productive soil resources, whilst developing pathways for increasing food security and the use of renewable energy.! ! I would heartily recommend him in a consulting role to any green, urban renewable projects and in a wider scope to addressing biodiversity, cultural and sustainability issues in biomass and biofuel energy projects in developing countries. ! !Andrew Bray! Head of Operations, Keyvista Global, Brisbane! I have known Erik for a number of years and was delighted to participate in a sustainability event he organised in Dublin. I admire the passion he brings to sustainable design as well as his technical knowledge. An important aspect of bringing people on board with this agenda is imparting enthusiasm and creativity and Erik has these qualities in abundance.! !Paul Evans! Environmental Sustainability Specialist, Homes & Communities Agency, UK Erik Van Lennep is an extraordinary person with breadth. Erik transcends the profession of Landscape Architecture and has acquired an in-depth knowledge of the biosphere and the complex world around us. Erik brings insight and sensitivity to his work.! !Tim Taylor, Design Manager! Green Concepts ! Australia / United Arab Emirates
  4. 4. ! When I rst met Erik, I was more than inspired by his passion for positive social change in society. And now - after all these years of cooperation - Erik still inspires me. I can therefore - deep from my heart - recommend Erik. Both as a professional, smart and productive person, but also as a wise and playful friend.! !Uffe Elbk! CEO of World Outgames 2009, Copenhagen! Founder and former Principal, The KaosPilot University! www.kaospilot.dk! We held the Annual European Zoo Horticulture Conference for the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria in May 2009. I asked Erik to talk to us as he had come very well recommended by colleagues within Ireland working on gardening magazines. (He was an extra 'non zoo' item on the agenda to make attendees think about how we did things and the best options for our environment). ! ! The audience was a mix of 12 different nationalities from all over Europe, using English as the ofcial language. One of our topics was sustainable use of peat and soil ameliorants.! ! Erik gave a very lucid, very interesting and stimulating talk on linking organic waste management, sustainable fuel alternatives and rebuilding soil health....all via biochar . It was a denite talking point among the delegates later.! ! I would heartily recommend Erik for clear and concise information presented in a pleasant and informative fashion.! !Stephen Butler Dip Hort Kew! Curator of Horticulture! Dublin Zoo! Erik has a unique ability to think strategically and apply his extensive wisdom and experience to many of the projects we have worked on together.He is an excellent facilitator and he animates his specialist area with passion and commitment.! !Adam de Eyto, PhD ! Design Lecturer & Researcher , Design Factors coordinator, Lead Editor ITERATIONS,! University of Limerick!
  5. 5. Erik is an excellent lecturer and facilitator, and more recently a consultant for both our school and students when they are in their nal projects. ! ! Since starting our relationship 12 years ago, Erik has worked tirelessly to develop the presence of the KaosPilots in Dublin. ! ! We are continuously working with him to build our approach to sustainability, social innovation and cultural diversity, as these form core mission for the school and the projects done at the school. ! ! More recently, he has manoeuvred his vast network together to co-create a new approach to dynamic learning within the eco/sustainable design eld, a project which the KaosPilots is very proud and excited by.! ! Simon Kavanagh! Head of Studies! KaosPilots, Aarhus! Erik has been an amazing and inspiring person since I met him in 2007. He lectured at the Kaospilots a few times and he is always asked to come back! ! ! Great deep knowledge of sustainability but also he has the capacity of mobilizing, of bringing hope and optimism when we most need it. ! ! Henrique Versteeg-Vedana! Florianpolis, Santa Catarina Brazil! Former Student, Kaospilots! I really got inspired from your lecture, it really connected a lot of my everyday-reections to concrete things. GREAT!! ! I feel that having the basis of love of nature and the natural world is a great place to start making change. ! ! I am a business and economics student (NORWEGIAN SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION) constantly searching for more "natural" and intuitive connections, but I constantly feel alienated from my core orientation when attending my lectures at my school.! ! Therefore it is great to see that people(like you) are trying to