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Teaching Speaking skill (การสอนพูดภาษาอังกฤษ)

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  • 1. Speaking Skill

2. Unit: Entertainment Topic: Festival Matthayomsuksa 3 3. VDO 4. Vocabulary 5. mask (n.)The man wore a mask of a tiger. 6. costume (n.)This style of costume originated in Paris. 7. decoration (n.)The vase has a fancy decoration on one side. 8. firework (n.)The sky was ablaze with fireworks. 9. celebration (n)We gave a party in celebration of his 70th birthday. 10. champagne (n.)I'll take a glass of champagne 11. festival (n.)The festival will be held next week. 12. congratulation (n.)I offer you my hearty congratulations. 13. parade (n.)Let's go and watch the Easter parade. 14. present (n.)I'm glad you like my present. 15. Structure 16. Will for decisions at the moment of speaking We use will to express a decision made at the moment of speaking: A: Its Johns birthday today. B: Is it? OK, Ill make a cake. Affirmative - Ill help you put up some decorations. - OK. Ill get it. 17. Negative A: Mikes going to come to the party tomorrow. B: Really? Then I wont go.Question A: Will you help me? B: Yes, I will. 18. * We use I think Ill and Ill probably when we are not 100% certain: I think Ill play tennis tomorrow. Ill probably see my friends, too. 19. Conversation 20. Jenny: Hi, Chet. Whats up? What are you doing? Chet: Im making a ghost mask. Tomorrow is Phi Ta Khon. Its our ghost festival. Jenny: Oh, OK. So, are you going to wear that? Chet: Sure. Here, Ill try it on What do you think? Jenny: Argh! Its, er, very scary. Chet: Good! Im going to wear it all day during the festival. What time are you going to be there? Jenny: Well, um, Im not sure. Ill probably go shopping instead. 21. Chet: Thats too bad. Theres going to be a lot of music and a dance competition everyones going to be there. Jenny: Sounds like fun OK, Ill come! Do you want me to help with anything? Chet: Yes, please. Could you help me paint my mask? Jenny: No problem. And then Ill pick up all this garbage. This place is a mess. Chet: Hey, thats not garbage. Thats my costume for tomorrow. 22. While-speaking Activity 23. Doll Game 24. Direction 1. Make a circle of ten people. 2. One of the members of each circle take a doll. 3. Teacher open the picture of the festivals on Power Point. 4. Then teacher turn on the music. 5. While the music is playing, members of the circles pass the doll to friends on your right hands. 6. When the music stops, The person who got the doll choose the picture and ask the question to your friend. 25. This is Tomatina festival. Where does it take place?Spain 26. This festival is from Thailand. What is this festival?Songkran 27. This festival takes place on December 25.What is this festival?Christmas 28. This festival is called Holi Festival.Where does it take place?India 29. This festival is about ghosts.What is this festival?Halloween 30. This festival is called Carnival.Where does it take place?Brazil 31. Back to Back 32. Direction 1. Get in pairs. 2. Get worksheets from teacher. 3. Everyone stands up and turns your back on your partner. 4. You have five minutes to interview your partner about the favorite festival and write down on your worksheet. 5. Two minutes to prepare you work. 6. Come to report in front of the class. 7. Send me your worksheets. 33. Direction: 1. Make a group of three. 2. Everyone choose the role in your group; - Host1, 2 run talk show program on TV and interview a celebrity. - Celebrity play role as a celebrity, answering and presenting opinion on his/her favorite festival. 3. Prepare your show for 5 minutes. 4. Come to play your show in front of the class. 34. For example:Host1: Welcome to Tonight Show. Host2: We have a special guest to come to talk with us tonight. Host1: Please welcome Tukky! Celebrity: 35. Good Job!!!