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A Project Study Report On Training Undertaken at SARAS DAIRY, ALWAR (Alwar Zillah Dugdh Utpadhak Sahkari Sangh Ltd. Alwar) Titled CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT Submitted in partial fulfillment for the Award of degree of Bachelor of Business Administration .

(SESSION 2008-11)



Final Report

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PREFACESomeone rightly said that practical knowledge is for better then classroom teaching. And successful in any project is the result of hard work, right opportunity a right time and proper and proper guidance .Every nice work beings with systematic approach towards reaching successful completion. Our work was not at all exception.

A fresh graduate would have absolutely no idea of the functioning of the industry. He would probably be unaware about that departments and their functioning. He would completely ignorant of the working condition and the environment. Before joining my summer Training at ALWAR ZILA DUGDH UTPADAK SAHKARI SANGH LTD. I thought that an eight week training is futile academic requirement .By the time I completed my training I Understood how important was for an MBA student to do vocational training.

Final Report

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AcknowledgementI express my sincere thanks to my project guide Mr. Akram Khan for guiding me right from the inception till the successful completion of the project. I sincerely acknowledgement her for extending their valuable guidance, support for literature, critical review of project and the report and above all the moral support she had provide to me with all stages of this project. I would also like to thanks the supporting staff Mr. Mahesh Sharma (company Guide, Asst. manager) marketing, Saras dairy, Alwar (AZDUSS Ltd.), Mr. Anil Kumar mathur (deputy manager, Administration) Department, for their help and cooperation throughout our project.


Final Report

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I hereby declare that this project work entitled Customer relationship management is my work, carried out under the guidance of Company Guide Mr. Mahesh Sharma . This report neither full nor in part has ever been submitted for award of any other degree. I further declare that all the information and facts furnished in this project report are based on my intensive research and finding. They are first hand and original in nature. This information is not copy it is original report.


Final Report

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Executive Summary

Each day is a new learning experience and so was the case during my Executive Training. Every day I learnt something new. During my training I learnt the following things: 1) First and foremost I learnt to practically apply the knowledge gained through theory classes and bridge the gap between academic institution and corporate world. 2) Understood the importance of job responsibility. 3) How coordination is maintained between different departments like marketing, human resource, administration. 4) Learnt the ways to increase milk procurement. 5) Understood the distribution network adopted by Saras. 6) Understood how the management keeps its employees satisfied and retain them. 7) The processes that the milk passes through before reaching the final consumers. 8) The processes by which various milk products like ghee, butter, dahi, paneer, chhach, lassi, shrikhand, etc. are prepared. 9) Learnt how to conduct door to door interviews. Initially I felt slightly uncomfortable conducting the interviews but with time I learnt a lot and became very comfortable conducting door to door personal interviews.

10) Learnt to organize plant visit for visitors.

Final Report

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11) Learnt to take demand of Saras products from various stations through phone or personal contact in the prescribed Performa.

12) Learnt how to build a good rapport with the staff. I was very successful in building good rapport with the staff of the marketing department and other departments of the organization as well.

I worked as an intern in Saras dairy (Tonk) which processes and markets milk products which are quickly perishable. Therefore the marketing strategy of Saras is very different from others. In this type of organization it is necessary to maintain a balance between demand and supply and I learnt very well how to maintain a balance between demand and supply.

Final Report

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CERTIFICATE FROM THEORGANIZATION ACKNOWLEDGEMENT DECLARATION PREFACE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1. INTRODUCTION ..9-26 About company (Company Profile) About Topic 2. OBJECTIVE........27 4. DATA ANALYSIS ..28-31 5. FINDINGS 32-35 Milk Product Manufacture Milk Procuremnt Chart Liquid Milk Sale Turn Over Chart 6. TASKS36 7.TARGETS38 8. STRATEGY39 9. MARKET SURVEY.40-46 10. SURVERY RESULT.47 11. DEPARTMENT OF SARAS DAIRY.50-58 12. LEARNING IN THE EXECUTIVE TRAINING..59-61 13. SWOT ANALYSIS62 14. CONCLUSION.63-64 15. LIMITITION 65-66Final Report Page 7 of 77


Final Report

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Alwar Dairy is a dairy registered under Rajasthan cooperative act and is owned by thousands of its milk producers members. It works on world famous Amul pattern. As all other cooperative dairies, Alwar Dairy is a part of three tier structure i.e. Dairy cooperative society at village level which form district level milk producer unions which are further federated in state level federation. All three entities are autonomous and linked to each other by provisions of their bye laws.

Alwar Zila Dugdh Utpadak Sahakari Sangh Ltd., Alwar (AZDUSS Ltd., Alwar) is a cooperative organization registered under Cooperative Act with Registrar of Cooperative,

Government of Rajasthan. It was established in the year 1972 to implement dairy development activities in the Alwar district, under Operation Flood Program.

Final Report

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Mr. Ram Phal Gurjar Mr. R.K Trishal

ESTABLISHMENT YEAR 1972 IN ALWAR EMPLOYEES Permanent employees 197 Contract labor CERTIFICATION ISO 9001-2000 IS 15000 (HACCP Food Safety Management System) NO OF REGISTERED 795 150

COOPERATIVE SOCIETIES PRODUCTS Full cream milk, toned milk, double toned milk, skim milk, dahi, paneer, ghee, chhach, lassi, shrikhand NEW PRODUCTS ADDRESS TELEPHONE Ice-cream and softy to be launched soon Jaipur Road, Alwar 301001 [Rajasthan] (0144)-2702644(Customer care), 2701010, 2333926 FAX E-MAIL TURN OVER (2007-08) (0144)-2342925 99.15 Crore

Final Report

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IntroductionAdoption of ISO-9000 and HACCP standards for an organization are order of the day and need of the time to be on competitive edge in the Food Industry. It demonstrates the ability of dairies of Rajasthan Co-operative Dairy Federation to satisfy the needs of its customers and interested parties. Today, almost all the major unions of R.C.D.F. are certified under ISO 90012000 and HACCP, integrated quality and food safety management systems. Nevertheless, understanding of the concepts of ISO 9001-2000 and HACCP is confined to small section of top/middle management employees. Therefore, an effort is being made through this article in a precise and simplified manner to explain the basic concepts of ISO 9001-2000 and HACCP standards, which will surely help in better understanding of these standards among the rank and file of the organization.

HACCPHACCP is a food safety management system and has its origin in U.S. manned space programme to ensure food safety to the astronauts in late 1960s. The standard designed to keep food safe in outer space has now become a standard on the earth.

What is HACCP:Final Report Page 11 of 77

A system, which identifies, evaluates and controls hazards, which are significant for food safety. H- Hazard A- Analysis C- Critical C- Control P- Points

Milk products of Saras dairy, Alwar Types of milkProduct Full cream milk Toned milk Double toned milk Skim milk Name Gold Taaza Smart Lite Packing Price FAT Color content Red Rs.23/litre 6.0% Blue Yellow Purple Rs.19/litre 3.0% Rs.17/litre 1.5% Rs.15/litre 0.5% SNF Packing content 9.0% and 1 litre 8.5% 9.0% 8.5% and 1 litre and 1 litre and 1 litre

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ProductChhach plain Chhach namkeen Lassi

Packing500 ml 250 ml 250 ml

PriceRs.8 Rs.6 Rs.7

Paneer Ghee Dahi Shrikhand plain

200 gm and 1 kg litre and 1 litre 200 gm cup 100 gm cup

Rs.25 and Rs.130 Rs.92 and Rs.180 Rs.8 Rs.9

Shrikhand Kesar Pista

100 gm cup


Final Report

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Alwar Zila Dugdh Utpadak Sahakari Sangh Ltd., Alwar (AZDUSS Ltd., Alwar) is a cooperative organization registered under Cooperative Act with Registrar of Cooperative, Government of Rajasthan. AZDUSS Ltd., Alwar was established in the year 1972 keeping in mind the interests of the cattle rearers to implement dairy development activities in the Alwar district, under Operation Flood Program. The task of milk collection started from 22nd August 1973. The main objective of the organization is to eliminate the role of intermediaries and give cattle rearers good value for the milk and prevent them from exploitation. The other objectives of the organization are: To help in financial development of the villages and cattle rearers. To help in the social and financial development of the rural milk producers. To i