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its great experience

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AProject Study ReportOnTraining Undertaken at


TitledRecruitment System at Saras Dairy (Jaipur)

Submitted in partial fulfillment for theAward of degree ofBachelor of Business Administration




PREFACEThe main objective of summer training is to develop skill in student by supplement to the theoretical study of business management in general. Industrial training helps to gain real life knowledge about the industrial environment and business practices. The BBA Programmers provides student with a fundamental knowledge of business and organizational functions and activities, as well as an exposure to strategic thinking of management.Human Resource Management is one of the most important functions in business. It is the discipline required to understand customers needs and the benefits they seek.In every professional course, training is an important factor. Professors give us theoretical knowledge of various subjects in the college but we are practically exposed of such subjects when we get the training in the organization. It is only the training through which I come to know that various departmental operations being performed in the industry, which would, in return help me in the future when I will enter the practical field. During this whole training I got a lot of experience and came to know about the management practices in the real that how it differs from those of theoretical knowledge and the practically in the real life. In todays globalize world, where cutthroat competition is prevailing in the market, theoretical knowledge is not sufficient. Beside this one need to have practical knowledge, which would help an individual in his/her carrier activities and it is true that Experience Is Best Teacher.Saras Dairy, JAIPUR is in fact a very ideal location to gain practical experience. I am sure the experience gained in short duration, will go a way in all my future endeavors.


I express my sincere thanks to my project guide, Mr. Rahul Saxena, Designation HR Dept. for guiding me right from the inception till the successful completion of the project. I sincerely acknowledge them for extending their valuable guidance, support for literature, critical reviews of project and the report and above all the moral support he/she/they had provided to me with all stages of this project. I would also like to thank the supporting staff Department, for their help and cooperation throughout our project


SUMMARYRecruitment is essential to effective human resources management. It is the heart of the whole hr systems in the organization. The effectiveness of many other hr activities, such as selection and training depends largely on the quality of new employees attracted through the recruitment process.Policies should always be reviewed as these are affected the changing environment. Management should get specific training on the process of recruitment to increase their awareness on the dangers of wrong placements.HR practitioners should be on the guard against all the malpractices and advocate for professional approach through out the system. The HR should indicate disagreement in the event that biasing toward certain candidates is creeping in and point out the repercussions that may follow in terms of performance and motivation.It is the authors conviction that, the recruitment process should be seen in the context of on going staff planning of the organization.

CONTENT1. INTRODUCTION TO THE INDUSTRY2.INTRODUCTION TO THE ORGANIZATION 3. Research Methodology3.1 Title of The Study3.2 Duration of The Project3.3 Objective of The Study3.4 Type of Research3.5 Sample Size and Method of Seleting Sample3.6 Scope of Study3.7 Limitation of Study4.Facts and Findings5.Analysis and Interpretation6.Swot7.Conclusion8.Recommendation and Suggestion9.Appendix10.Bibliography

ABBREVIATIONS1.AZDUSSJaipur Zila Dugdh Utpadak Sahakari Sangh Ltd.,2.DCS.District Cooperative Societies3.FGS.Finished Goods Supply4.FMP...Fresh Milk Products5.HACCP..Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points6.ISO..International Standard Organization7.OJT.....On Job Training8.SIP...Summer Internship Program9.SKM...Skimmed Milk Powder10.WMP..Whole Milk Powder



Dairy development was initiated by the state government in the early seventies under the auspices of Rajasthan State Dairy Development Corporation (RSDDC) registered in 1975. Two years later RCDF assumed responsibility for many of the functions of RSDDC. It became the nodal agency for implementation of operation flood in the state.Rajasthan cooperative dairy federation (RCDF) set up in 1977 as the implementing agency for dairy development programmer in rajasthan is registered as a society under the rajasthan cooperative societies act 1965.

STATE PROFILERajasthan with a geographical area of 3,42,239 sq. kms is indias larest state with population of 56 million and a density of 165 persons per sq. kms. The state is characterized by diverse terrain ranging from desert and semi-arid regions of western rajasthan to the greener belts east of the aravalis and the hilly tribal tracts in the south-east.More than 60 percent of the states area is desert with sparsely distributed population.Agriculture is dependent on rainfall and failure of monsoon causes severe drought and scarcity conditions. It is deficient in water (the state has only 1% of total surface water). Ground water at many places is unfit for human and livestock consumption.After agriculture,cattle and other livestock in the state, especially for the poor. In the western regions of the state, with limited farming potential, livestock provides livelihood security. Animal husbandary is a more stable source of livelihood than farming since it is less affected by failure of rains than is agriculture. Agriculture and dairying have always been inter-dependent in the state. The cultivator depends largely on bullock power for tillage, irrigation and carting. Milk and milk products constitute the only source of animal protein for a sizable vegetarian population. Milk is also an item of cultural importance. Milk products are a integral constituent of religious ceremonies.Animal husbandry contributes over 13% to the grass domestic product. Rajasthan with the highest livestock population in india contributes nearly 40% of wool production in the country.Notable cattle breeds of the state are GIR in Ajmer and Bhilwara, tharparkar in Jaisalmer, Barmer & Jodhpur, Sikar, Jhunjhunu, Jaipur & Ganganagar, Kankrej in Barmer, Jalore, Sanchore & Jodhpur, Rathi in Bikaner & adjoining areas.Amongst buffaloes surti buffalo is a distinguished breed found in Udaipur and adjoining areas.

\INTRODUCTION TO ORGANIZATIONORGANIZATIONThe federation is a state level apex co-operative organization owned by its member unions each of which,in turn, is owned the dairy co-operative societies in its area of operation which are themselves owned by farmer members.The federation has a board of directors which has overall responsibility for the planning policies, financial resource mobilisation and management, member and public relations as well as liason with agencies of the state and central government, financing institutions etc. the federation has a chief executive designated as Managing Director.

BOARD OF DIRECTORSShri Om Prakash Punia,Chairman,Rajasthan Co-operative Dairy Federation ltd.,JAIPUR.ChairmanShri O.P. Saini,Managing DirectorRajasthan co-operative dairy Federation Ltd.,JAIPUR.MemberSecretary to Government,Animal Husbandry Department,Government of Rajasthan, JAIPUR.MemberRegistrar,Co-Operative Societies of Rajasthan, JAIPUR.MemberDy. Secretary To Government,Finance (Gr. IV & PI),Govertment of Rajasthan, JAIPUR.MemberShri mahipal singh,Chairman,Sikar-jhunjhunu distt. Milk products co-operative union Ltd.,SIKAR.MemberShri Pratap Singh Bithiya,Chairman,Pali distt. Milk products co-operative union Ltd., PALI.MemberShri Raghvendra Singh DeoraChairman,Jalore-Sirohi Distt. Milk Producers Co-Operative Union Ltd.,RANIWARA.MemberShri Kushpal Singh,Chairman,Distt. Milk Producers Co-Operative Union Ltd., BHARATPURMemberAdministrator (Collector)Distt. Milk Producers Co-Operative Union Ltd.,SAWAI-MADHOPUR.MemberDr. Smt. Gita Patel,Chairperson,Distt. Milk Producers Co-Operative Union Ltd., UDAIPUR.MemberShri Raja Ram Jorad,Chairman,Distt. Milk Producers Co-Operative Union Ltd.,BIKANER.Member Shri Pema Ram Saharan,Chairman,Distt. Milk Producers Co-Operative Union Ltd., HANUMANGARH.PRODUCTFresh Long Shelf LifeMilk Milk(UHT) DTM double toned milk Toned toned milk(taaza)Standard cow milkFull cream skimmed milk SkimmedCow milkCamel milk Fresh Milk Long Shelf Life Products Milk ProductsChaach GheeLassi Cow GheeDahi Table ButterPaneer SMP Shrikhand WMPIce Cream CheeseRasgulla Dairy WhitenerFlavured Milk White ButterMawaCattle FeedBalanced FeedHigh EnergyMineral MixtureTHREE TIER STRUCTUREThe dairy co-operative movem