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  • 8/18/2019 Reading Phonics


    Pat Cat and Tat Rat

    Pat Cat. Tat Rat

    Pat Cat had a can.

    A can of jam.  

    Pat cat sat on a mat.

    Tat Rat ran to the can.

    Tat Rat! My can of jam.

    Pat Cat got Tat Rat under a hat.

    Pam’s Cap

    My cap! My cap!

    Pam ran and ran.

    Pam’s cap landed on Sam.

    “Pam’s cap!. Pam’s cap!”

    Sam ran and ran.

    Sam ran and Pam ran.

    Pam’s cap landed on a ram.

    Pam ran to the ram.

    Pam got her cap.

  • 8/18/2019 Reading Phonics


    Zag’s Pet

    ag has a pet.

    ag "s ag’s pet.

    ag has a tag.

    ag "s "n a net.

    ag gets a #et.

    “My pet "s "n a net”.

    The #et gets the net.

    ag gets h"s pet.

    The #et "s $et.

    ag "s $et.

    Ten Hens

    Ted and %ed got up.

    Ten &ens!

    Ten hens $"th hats!

    Ted got a red 'ag.

    A 'ag of food for the hens.

    %ed got a 'ag of food too.

    The ten hens led Ted and %ed to a den. Ted and %ed fed the hens.

    Ten men! %ot ten hens!

    The ten men fed Ted and %ed "n the den.

  • 8/18/2019 Reading Phonics


    Rin Gets Meg’s Pin

    (eg has a t"n.

    (eg’s pet) %"n) "s "n the t"n.

    %"n has red f"ns.

    Meg’s pet) R"n) "s on a '"n.

    R"n 'egs for the t"n on (eg’s lap.

    “%o) no! My pet %"n) "s "n the t"n.” R"n 'egs for the p"n on Meg’s lap.

    “%o) no! My p"n "s not for R"n.”

    R"n gets Meg’s p"n!

    “*h) no!”

    Bad Dog!

    My dog jogs "n the fog.

    My dog jogs to a log.

    My dog jogs to a cop.

    The cop has a top. 

    My dog has the cop’s top.

    + get my top. The cop gets h"s top.

    “,ad dog!”

  • 8/18/2019 Reading Phonics


    Dot the Cub

    -ot "s a fat cu'.

    -ot hops "nto a cot.

    A red pot "s "n the cot. 

    -ot s"ts "n the pot.

    +t "s hot "n the pot.

    -ot hops "nto a tu'.

    +t "s not hot "n the tu'.


    Kim’s Pup

    /"m has a pup.

    /"m hugs her pup.

    /"m has a jug and her mum’s cup. 

    The pup runs a$ay $"th the jug.

    The pup runs a$ay $"th the cup.

    The pup runs to the rug.

    /"m tugs at the cup.

    The pup tugs at the cup.

    “*h) no! Mum’s cup!

    *h) my cup! “Sorry Mum.”

  • 8/18/2019 Reading Phonics


    Greg and Fran

    &ere "s (reg.

    (reg has a pot.

    &ere "s 0ran.

    0ran has some clams.

    0ran drops the clams "nto the pot. Plop! Plop! Plop!

    (reg has some cra's.

    (reg drops the cra's "nto the pot. Plop! Plop! Plop!

    0ran has some plums.

    She drops the plums "nto the pot. Plop! Plop! Plop!

    Clams) cra's and plums. 1um! 1um! 1um!

    Plums! Plums!

    Th"s "s 0red’s flat.

    0red "s "n h"s cot.

    A frog "s "n h"s cot.

    0red claps. Clap! Clap!

    The frog hops. &op! &op! The frog hops onto a flag.

    The flag "s on a rug.

    The frog hops onto a 'o2.

    A 'o2 of plums!

    0red has a drum "n h"s cot.

    0red drags the drum. Raptaptap! Raptaptap! “Plums! Plums!

    &ere comes 0red’s Mum!

    She g"#es 0red some plums.

  • 8/18/2019 Reading Phonics


    tan the tag

    Stan the stag trots up the h"ll.

    Cl"p) Clop! Cl"p) Clop!

    Stan stops at a $ell. &e stops for a rest.

    3"ll "s on the h"ll.

    She has a pram. +n the pram) there "s a doll.

    There goes 3"ll’s pram.

    3"ll yells) “My pram! My pram!”

    Stan runs for the pram.

    Stan stops the pram.

    3"ll g"#es Stan a 4"ss.

  • 8/18/2019 Reading Phonics


    ell’s Bell

    %ell "s sad.

    She has lost her 'ell.

    The 'ell $as a g"ft from her mum.

    The 'ell $as a g"ft)

    0or %ell d"d $ell "n her test.

    here "s %ell’s 'ell5

    %ell’s 'ell "s not "n her 'ag.

    %ell’s 'ell "s not on her 'ed.

    “My 'ell!” yells %ell.

    Russ the Cat has %ell’s 'ell.

    ,ad Russ!

    Russ g"#es %ell her 'ell.

    %ell "s not sad anymore.

  • 8/18/2019 Reading Phonics


    Can "ou read this #ords$

    can Pat Cat

    ran Tat Rat

    had jam

    cap Pam

    hat ram mat Sam


  • 8/18/2019 Reading Phonics


    Can "ou read this #ords$

    ,ag pet red

    Tag $et Ted

    ag #et ten

    ag fed hens

    &as led den

    (ets %ed men


  • 8/18/2019 Reading Phonics


    Can "ou read this #ords$

    (eg %"n top

    Meg p"n dog

    ,egs R"n fog

    ,"n t"n log

    0"ns cop jogs

    0rog logs fogs

  • 8/18/2019 Reading Phonics


    Can "ou read this #ords$

    Clams drags

    Cra's drum

    -rops flag

    Plums flat

    0ran 0red

    (reg frog


  • 8/18/2019 Reading Phonics


    Nena’s Birthday

    It is Nena’s Birthday.

    She is six years old.

    Father gave her a dress.

    Mother gave her a doll.

    Sister gave her a bag.

    Nena was very happy.


    1. hat day was it! a. Nena’s Birthday b. Mother’s "ay #. Mother’s Birthday

    $. %ow old is Nena! a. 1& years old b. ' years old #. ( years old

    ). ho gave her a dress! a. Mother b. Sister #. Father  

    *. hat did Father give Nena! a. Ball b. doll #. blouse

    +. hat did sister give Nena! a. Bag b. doll #. dress

  • 8/18/2019 Reading Phonics


    Father’s Birthday

    It was Father’s Birthday last

    Sunday. Mother #oo,ed Father’s

    -avorite -ood broiled -ish. Nini

    #oo,ed bee- stew with vegetables. /ony bought -ruits. 0i bought

    Father a new polo shirt. /he -aily

    en2oyed their eal. %ow happy

    Father was3

    Questions: 1. hat is the story about! a. 4 pi#ni# b. Father’s Birthday #. Father’s "ay $. ho #oo,ed broiled -ish! a. Nini b. 0i #. Mother   ). ho gave Father a new polo! a. 0i b. /ony #. Mother   *. hen was Father’s Birthday!

    a. 5esterday b. last Sunday #. last Saturday +. %ow did Father -eel! a. %appy b. sad d. hungry

    Busy Children

    It was Saturday.

  • 8/18/2019 Reading Phonics


    67et us #lean the house8 said Maria.

    6I will sweep the yard8 said Mario.

    6I will burn the dry leaves8 said Nilo.

    6I will dust the table and the #hairs8 said



    1. hat day was it! a. ednesday b. Saturday #.

    Sunday $. ho will sweep the yard!

    a. Nilo b. 7ino #. Mario ). hat will 7ino do!

    a. %e will dust the table and #hairs. b. %e will burn the dry leaves. #. %e will sweep the yard.

    *. ho will burn the dry leaves! a. Mario b. Nilo #. Maria

    My Doll

    /his is 9enny.

    She #an sit.

    She #an wal,.

  • 8/18/2019 Reading Phonics


    She #an stand.

     4nd she #an sleep.

    But she #an’t eat.


    1. hat #an 9enny do!

    $. hat #an’t she do!

    Zid the Seaman

    id is a seaan. %e sails in a big

    ship. /he big ship sails on the sea.

    id sails along the six others. 4s they

  • 8/18/2019 Reading Phonics


    sail they sing ad eat. id and his six

    -riends eat sandwi#hes salad and

    sausages. id is a happy seaan.


    1. hat is the nae o- the

    seaan! $. %ow any -riends does he

    have! ). here are they! *. hat does id eat!

    Dina and Dino

    "ina and "ino are twins. /hey

    love to play in the yard. "ina has

    dolls and dishes and a dish pan to

    play with. "ina’s dolls have ni#e


  • 8/18/2019 Reading Phonics


    "ino plays with his dog. %is dog

    lives in a doghouse. "ino has a dru

    too. ;verytie he beats it his dog bar,s.


    1. hat is the nae o- the girl! $. hat is the nae o- the boy! ). hat does "ina have! *. hat does "ino have!

    +. In what ways they are the sae! '. In what ways they are di--erent! (. 4re twins exa#tly the sae!

    Sunny Side Up

    I love eggs -or brea,-ast. I

    want it -ried sunny side up. It

    loo,s li,e the sun loo,ing up.

    /he yellow yol, is in the #enter.

    /he white splash around it loo,sli,e the rays o- the sun. "o you

    li,e Sunny Side

  • 8/18/2019 Reading Phonics


    I am Nestling

    I wait -or o. She will bringe a wor. /he nest is y

    hoe. I will -ly soon. Mo will

    tea#h e how to -ly. I #an -eed

    ysel- when I #an -ly.


    =arabaos are strong anials.

    /hey halp -arers plow the


    /hey pull heavy -ar #arts.

    =arabaos also give us il,.