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YEAR 2 : PHONICS READING CARD Tcher Duck Ira_2015 BUNDLE 32 pages

Y2 Phonics Reading Card

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Phonics Reading Card

Text of Y2 Phonics Reading Card

  • YEAR 2 :


    CARDTcher Duck Ira_2015


    32 pages

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    Tcher Duck Ira_2015

  • aid aim fail jail


    laid maid nail paid wait

    pail rain sail snail tail

    - ai -

  • - ee -bee eel

    free green queen

    see seed sheep sheet sleep

    sweep sweet three tree weed

  • - ur -burn burp burst turn


    churn curl fur hurt surf

  • - igh -bright high light night

    right sight thigh tight

  • - or -born for fork horn

    porch port short sport

    storm thorn torch

  • - ar -arm car cart dark

    farm harm harp jar

    star far park


  • - oi -boil coil join oil


    soil voice toilet choice noise

    noisy spoil


  • - oa -boat foam goat oats road

    coat soak soap toad load

    toast coach float goal loaf

  • - oo -book cook foot hook

    took wood look hood

    short sound

  • - ow -bow crow grow low

    sow throw tow mow


  • - oo -long sound

    boot food hoof

    room root zoo


  • - ear -clear dear ear fear

    hear near year tear

    rear gear spear

  • - air -air fair hair lair pair

    chair stairs funfair airport hairpin

    unfair repair despair

  • - ure -cure pure sure lure


    mixture manure mature manure picture

  • - er -fern herd jerk perk term

    perm perch berth

    mermaid teacher

  • - ay -bay day hay lay pay

    ray say way tray stay

    play clay

    today tray


  • - ie -die lie pie tie

    tried fried

    replied spied

  • - ou -out loud cloud couch mouth

    pouch pound proud shout sound

    south about house

  • - ea -beak bean eat meal meat

    sea read beach cream peach

  • - oy -boy coy joy toy


    destroy annoy royal oyster cowboy

  • - ir -fir sir stir bird dirt

    first girl

    shirt skirt twirl

    thirst circus circle

  • - ou-blue clue glue sue

    true due value cruel

  • - aw -claw draw fawn jaw

    lawn paw raw saw

    yawn straw dawn

  • - wh -wheat wheel whip whirl whisk

    why white whistle whale


  • - ew -dew few hew new

    pew phew mew stew

    nephew skew view


  • - oe -foe doe roe

    woe hoe toe

  • - oe-bone

    cone hope joke

    lobe poke pole rope home

    broke phone stole stove smoke

  • - ue -flute June rude rule

    prune dune use fuse

    muse mute cute

  • - ph -dolphin graph photo

    phrase physics trophy

  • - au -taut audio


    August astronaut automatic

  • bake cake cane case cave

    date gate lake late


    name rake tape


    - ae -

  • eve theme these even

    - ee -gene scene

    complete extreme

  • bite dine file fine time

    hike kite lime line slide

    mine pile side

    - ie -