Prion—1997 Nobel Prize

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Prion—1997 Nobel Prize. CGU MIRS99 第一組 郭哲維 黃維凱 蔡宗翰 黃幸揚 廖妍筑 陳葦紜. 導論. Stanley B. Prusiner 研究 羊搔症 發現 prion 成為 1997 年諾貝爾醫學獎得主 生平 如何發現 prion 實驗. 1.Kuru 2.CJD 古茲菲德 ‧ 雅各氏病 3.GSS(Gerstmann-Sträussler-Scheinker disease) 4.FFI(fatal familiar insomnia ). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Prion—1997 Nobel Prize

  • Prion1997 Nobel Prize

    CGU MIRS99

  • Stanley B. Prusiner prion 1997


  • 1.Kuru2.CJD3.GSS(Gerstmann-Strussler-Scheinker disease)4.FFI(fatal familiar insomnia)

  • Prion Proteinaceous infectious particlesGPIPrP PRNP gene

  • PRNPName of PRNPPrion protein (p27-30)Normal function making Prp , transport ionsWhere is the gene locatedRelated conditionsMutation PRNP ,polymorphism

  • PrPcPrion protein cellular Glycoprotein reside at nerve cellProtease K (protein-digesting enzyme)Prp-sen

  • PrPscPrion protein scrapiePrPc,Different in secondary structure (same primary structure)Protease kunstable

  • PrPcPrPsc2Refolding:PrPscPrPc refoldingPrPsc,heterodimerhomodimer,PrPcSeeding:PrPscoligomer,PrPsc,PrPc

  • prion(PrPsc)PrPcPrPc,(GroEl)

  • Heat shock protein:1.2.3. 4.

  • Prion

    :kuru,BSE(Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy), CJD

  • -

  • PrPsc,(amyloid),

  • (1)prionprion

  • (2)chlorpromazinev()prion

  • Prion,,,PrionPrion,!

  • NCBI PubMed Genetic home referencePrp structure