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<ul><li><p>Thinking About Becoming a Park </p><p>Ranger? </p><p>If you: </p><p> Are physically fit </p><p> Like meeting new people </p><p> Like exploring the outdoors </p><p> Want to help park visitors </p><p>enjoy a safe and rewarding </p><p>experience </p><p> Want to protect Albertas </p><p>landscape </p></li><li><p>Valuable Skills to Have </p><p> General knowledge of the Alberta Parks </p><p>system </p><p> Background or experience in the </p><p>outdoors </p><p> Ability to swim </p><p> Having a working knowledge of: </p><p> Firearms </p><p> Boats </p><p> Horses </p><p> Off-highway vehicles/snowmobiles </p><p> Chainsaws </p><p> Possession and Acquisition Licence </p><p> Pleasure Craft Operators Card </p></li><li><p>What are the </p><p>Details? </p></li><li><p>Attendance in or completion of post-secondary education in: </p><p> Natural resource management </p><p> Conservation enforcement </p><p> Criminal justice/police science </p><p> Social science </p><p> Outdoor recreation program, or </p><p> Other related field </p><p>Educational Requirements </p></li><li><p>Additional Requirements Class 5 Drivers Licence </p><p>Defensive Driving Certificate </p><p> Standard First Aid and CPR </p><p>Level C </p><p> PARE test, 4:45 min. or less </p><p> Criminal Records Check </p><p> Psychological Screening </p><p> Completion of in-house </p><p>Seasonal Training </p></li><li><p>Boating Regulations </p><p>Wildlife Act </p><p>Guided Imagery </p><p>Enforcement Database </p><p>Mental Conditioning </p><p>Patrol Procedures </p><p>Use of Force </p><p>Officer Safety </p><p>Vehicle Stops </p><p>Subject Control </p><p>Baton </p><p>Strikes/Counterstrikes </p><p>OC Spray </p><p>Edged Weapon Defense </p><p>Pressure Points </p><p>Ground Fighting </p><p>Contextual based training </p><p>Parks 101 </p><p>Service Excellence </p><p>Peace Officer Act / Policy </p><p>Enforcement 101/201 </p><p>Provincial Parks Act </p><p>Tactical Communication </p><p>Emergency Response </p><p>Gaming and Liquor Act </p><p>Youth Criminal Justice Act </p><p>Radio Procedures </p><p>Traffic Safety Act </p><p>Legal Documents </p><p>Notebooks </p><p>Court </p><p>Criminal Code </p><p>Fisheries Act </p><p>Public Lands Act </p><p>Mtis Harvesting Agreement </p></li><li><p> Shotgun </p><p> Rifle </p><p> Off Highway Vehicle </p><p> Water Safety/Boat </p><p>Operations </p><p> Equestrian </p><p> Human Wildlife </p><p>Conflict Prevention </p><p> Specialized Public </p><p>Safety Skills </p></li><li><p> Communication skills Teamwork Leadership Dealing with difficult people in stressful situations Verbal Judo Enforcement authorities and options Radio procedures Administrative requirements Court procedures Enforcement tools include warnings (verbal, written), violation </p><p>tickets and evictions </p><p> Public safety skills Use of Force model </p><p>What will you Learn? </p></li><li><p>Authorities Appointed as a Peace </p><p>Officer and a </p><p>Conservation Officer </p><p> Provincial Parks Act Fisheries Act </p><p>(Provincial and </p><p>Federal) </p><p> Wildlife Act Traffic Safety Act Gaming and Liquor </p><p>Act </p><p> And many others </p></li><li><p>Skills You Will Expand Upon: </p><p> Motivation and discipline </p><p> Independence and </p><p>teamwork </p><p> Physically fit </p><p> Be a leader not a follower </p><p> Enjoy the outdoors </p><p> Outstanding </p><p>communication and </p><p>negotiation and people </p><p>skills </p><p> Ethical decision-making, </p><p>sound judgment </p><p> Excellent time </p><p>management </p><p> Adaptable, problem solving </p><p>skills </p><p> Cultivate working </p><p>relationships </p><p> Ability to work in isolation, </p><p>irregular and long hours </p><p> Confidence in yourself </p></li></ul>


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