VERBAL JUDO FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT JUDO FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS INSTRUCTOR TRAINER COURSE Sponsored by the Sandy City Police Department 10000 South Centennial Parkway - Sandy, Utah 84070

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    Sponsored by the Sandy City Police Department 10000 South Centennial Parkway - Sandy, Utah 84070

    POINT OF CONTACT: B.L. Smith | Email: Phone: 801 568-7240

    Register at

    Date: January 19-22, 2016 Class Times: 8 A.M - 5 P.M

    Cost: $995.00 or $795.00 per person

    The top rated course in north america for dealing with verbal abuse and redirecting the behavior of citizens

    Every year local governments spend millions of dollars on defensive tactics and weapons training. Millions more spent defending itself in lawsuits brought against offi cers for unnecessary use of force. In spite of this eff ort offi cers are injured or killed in confrontations that escalated beyond the power of control holds, sticks, or guns to control the situation. Of the options available to offi cers only Presence and Words can promise a non-violent resolution to street encounters and have the power to reduce liability, improve citizen relations, and increase offi cer safety. Daily, offi cers must attempt to Generate Voluntary Compliance from diffi cult people, and we should train our offi cers in this most diffi cult and important art. Our offi cers must be as competent with words as they are with fi rearms.

    Th e cost of neglecting such training will be measured in blood, money and public opinion.

    VERBAL JUDO creates a philosophy of how to look creatively at confl ict, and how to remain professional and at your best, even when the people around you are at their worst. Program presented by Lee Fjelstad, President

    A proven Meet & Greet for citizen interaction and an eff ective Eight-Step Traffic Stop that meshes with a Five-Step Approach to Generate Voluntary Compliance and cooperation for the ultimate tactical action sequnce.

    How to use L.E.A.P.S., the most eff ective communication strategy ever created for getting information quickly.A valuable resource for interviewing and report writing.

    Understand S.A.F.E.R., the five times when words fail where you must take an appropriately defensible action.Where there are times that physical force options are indeed necessary to protect both citizens and offi cers, such force must always be part of the professional process so offi cers are protected within the four arenas: with our peers, on the streets, in the courtroom, and with the media.

    People under stress say what they are thinking, usually without regard for thefeelings of others so offi cers must learn to distinguish reasonable resistance from severe resistance. Th e high visibility of law enforcement demands we be more in control of our words and actions than those around us during the conflict.

    Th e Th ree Truths of communicating eff ectively under pressure.Explaining why Active Listening, and Delivery has more credibility than the actual facts.

    Lee has been interviewed internationally on CNN, nationally on NBC, ABC, and Fox, in Canada on the CBC, and on local television and radio across North America and in Europe talking on Verbal Judo and Managing Stress.

    -- Review more about Verbal Judo and Lee Fjelstad at --

    Benefi ts of Training because Success Favors the Prepared Mind.

  • Requirements for Attending Open-Enrollment Instructor Training:

    After certification you may only train for the department, agency, or organization specifically outlined in your instructor agreement.

    If you are employed by a for profit organization your company will be required to pay the copyrighted materials fees for each student trained by you using Verbal Judo. Each student must be presented with a manual and all manuals will be shipped to you at a location of your choice at your organization's expenses. Cost per manual will be determined prior to training and outlined in your training agreement.

    Re-certification courses typically require less time and monies than the initial four or five-day course. Your certification will last three years at which time you will be required to attend re-certification or if you wish others to train they must attend the full certification course. Currently re-certification fees are at $795 per student.

    You will be required to bring a check or authorization for the amount of $995 for an initial certification or $795 for recertification enrollment on the first day of the training. Call us if this is an issue at your department or agency. You will receive a receipt of payment to include a Federal EIN. You are welcome to pay by credit card.

    If more than yourself will be trained and certified as instructors from the same department, agency, or organizations there will be a discount offered. Call or email for details. Please remember we are certifying individuals working within departments and not the department, so you cannot train your replacements.

    If you would like information not specifically tailored to any Non-Law Enforcement Profession please call me at 941-350-9559, or go to I wish to offer my personal thanks for you considering Verbal Judo for your training schedule.

    Lee Fjelstad, President Creator of Verbal Judo George J. Thompson The Verbal Judo Institute, Inc.



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