Verbal Judo Instructor Judo Instructor Training Trainer: Doug Haig, Senior National Instructor for the Verbal Judo Institute Portland, Oregon March 31th – April 4th, 2014 8 AM to 5 PM PST

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<ul><li><p> Verbal Judo Instructor Training </p><p>Trainer: Doug Haig, Senior National Instructor for the Verbal Judo Institute </p><p>Portland, Oregon March 31th April 4th, 2014 8 AM to 5 PM PST Class Tuition: $995.00 Class Length: 5 days </p><p>Course Description The course is designed to equip attendees with the knowledge to teach others within their agency how to control verbal encounters in order to generate voluntary compliance. The program was created by the late George Thompson, Ph.D. sadly; this class was his last in 2011, making this the first since his passing for the Verbal Judo Institute. This class is dedicated to his legacy. </p><p>Tactical Communication provides officers with the verbal tactical tools necessary to successfully manage not only their routine assignments, but also the extraordinary confrontations in which they find themselves. In most cases confrontational situations will be diffused. When words alone fail, officers are given the decision-making tactics required to justify action that includes the ability to disengage and/or escalate in order to take appropriate action. </p><p>Course Topics </p><p> Effective Force Report Writing Active Listening Techniques Dealing with Difficult Persons Dealing with Verbal Abuse Knowing When Words Fail Developing Professionalism Articulating Your Force Responses Knowing When to Physically Intervene How to Develop Effective Verbal </p><p>Simulations Developing Guards for Your Verbal </p><p>Triggers Making a Positive Initial Contact Tactical Communication Theory Managing Verbal Resistance Ethical Intervention (Override) Tactics </p><p> Availability is limited. Please call Pam ASAP to register for one of the remaining seats. </p><p>Registrat ion: Pam Thompson, Verbal Judo Institute, Inc. </p><p>Verbal Judo Institute, Inc. P.O. BOX 1351 </p><p> Auburn, NY 13021 Phone: 800-448-1042 </p><p>Fax: 800-805-9572 E-mail: Pam Thompson - </p><p> Class Locat ion: </p><p>Hyatt Place, Portland Airport, Cascade Station 9750 NE Cascades Parkway </p><p>Portland, Oregon 97220 Phone: (503) 288-2808 </p><p>Host: Operations Manager Curtis Smith From: Oregon Parks and Rec Department </p><p>Phone: 541-480-3325 E-mail: </p></li><li><p>Questions </p><p>! REGISTRATION questions please call Pam Thompson (800) 448-1042 </p><p>! CLASS or PROGRAM questions including location, Verbal Judo program or instructor certification process, please call Curtis Smith (541) 480-3325 </p><p>Hotel Information </p><p>Hyatt Place </p><p>The Verbal Judo Instructors Course will be held in the conference room at the Hyatt Place Airport/Cascade Station in Portland Oregon. The Hyatt Place hotel is holding a block of rooms until Mar 1 at the special rate of $126 per night + tax. The class starts at 8 AM Monday morning, so come in Sunday if possible. You can extend your stay on Friday night if you need it for travel purposes. To reserve your room, call the hotel at (503) 288- 2808 or click this link to reserve your room: When you type in the arrival and departure dates, click the Government Rate then check availability. A new screen will appear and be sure to select the state government rate of $126 per night. Be sure to let them know youre associated with the Verbal Judo Instructors Course. </p><p>Area Information </p><p>Food </p><p>The Hyatt has a menu for food orders 24 hrs per day, and also provides complimentary continental breakfast. Cascade Station has several food outlets within easy walking distance from the Hyatt, including: </p><p>IHOP, Subway, Red Robin, Pizannos Pizza, Buffalo Wings bar and Grill, Starbucks, Hot Pot n Sushi, Quiznos and Panda Express. </p><p>Transportation </p><p>There is a shuttle to and from the Portland Airport provided by the Hyatt. Rental cars are available from usual companies at the airport. </p><p>The Portland light rail called The Max is available at Cascade Station about 2 blocks from the Hyatt. The Max has a number of stations leading to downtown Portland numerous restaurants, shopping and cultural attractions. An all-day/evening ticket costs less than $5. </p></li></ul>


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