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  • 8/8/2019 POW Newspaper Www2


  • 8/8/2019 POW Newspaper Www2


  • 8/8/2019 POW Newspaper Www2


  • 8/8/2019 POW Newspaper Www2


  • 8/8/2019 POW Newspaper Www2


    Another Wall

    6 colour screen print

    Size: 47.5 x 64cm

    Edition: 100 85

    Red Carpe

    5 colour screen prin

    Size: 25.5 x 69cm

    Edition: 100 8

    ESCIFEscif is tearing up the rule book

    in a world that isnt supposed to

    have any. He makes art on the

    streets of Europe in a highly

    distinctive style and isnt afraid

    to tackle the big issues namely

    politics, terrorism and ghosts

    Spanish Passion

    6 colour screen print

    Size: 48 x 47cm

    Edition: 100 85

    Al Murphy is Yorkshires answer to Woody Allen, but without the successful lm career and faint whiff of paedophilia

    Everything he draws is laced with the same wry wit and strong line. Paradise is his latest masterpiece


    Rolling Stones3 colour screen print

    Size: 50 x 70cm

    Edition: 100 75

    Watership Down4 colour screen print

    Size: 35 x 50cm

    Edition: 100 45

    Paradis7 colour screen prin

    Size: 35 x 50cm

    Edition: 100 7

    Released October 201

  • 8/8/2019 POW Newspaper Www2


    Back in the 1980s Robert Del Naja was one of the rst youths in

    the UK to pick up a spray can and do something beautiful with it.

    He continues to make great art when he isnt too busy with his

    day job of mumbling over records and being a bit dark.


    Splitting The Atom

    Giclee print with screenprinted black glitter

    Size: 59 x 84cm

    Edition: 50 325

    Released December 2010

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  • 8/8/2019 POW Newspaper Www2


    Meet your new favourite artist - hes intelligent, hes poetic, and he can

    actuallydraw. Dran hails from Toulouse and is the latest in a long line

    of French graphic art greats. His work has a child-like innocence that

    he sprinkles with quiet fury and spray paint.

    Drawing at lightning speed over any surface, practically 24 hours

    a day, Drans rst solo show in London takes place over two locations

    simultaneously. In Soho hell be installing new paintings and sculptures

    and also drawing live in store throughout the month, painting new pieces

    and customising stuff. See the blackboard in store for more details.


    MY EVERYDAY LIFENovember 26th December 23rd

    1 Berwick Street, London, W1F 0DR11am 7pm Mon-Sat 12 5pm Sun

  • 8/8/2019 POW Newspaper Www2


    8 colour screen prin

    Individually hand nishe

    Size: 60.5 x 81.5cm

    Edition: 10

    Released December 201

  • 8/8/2019 POW Newspaper Www2


    We printed 100 copies of a boy writing on

    a wall and then Dran hand customised each

    and every print with paint, pens and chalks.

    The results are all different, all amazing

    and all on show at the POW print rooms

    for a month.


    2nd December December 23rdOpen 11am 6pm Mon-Fri

    POW Showroom46 - 48 Commercial StreetLondon, E1 6LT

  • 8/8/2019 POW Newspaper Www2


    I Have Chalk

    7 colour screen print - hand nishe

    Size: 60.5 x 81.5cm

    Edition: 100 500+vat (framed

    ReleasedDecember20 1

  • 8/8/2019 POW Newspaper Www2


    He goes by the name Banksy, he uses stencils and

    he recently made it onto The Simpsons (sort of).

    This appears to be either some kind of social comment

    on dangerous dogs or a homage to the late great

    Keith Haring. Or both. Or neither.

    Choose Your Weapon

    5 colour screen print

    Size: 60 x 60cm 450

    Released December 2010


  • 8/8/2019 POW Newspaper Www2



    Unclear Residents/Beat the Devils

    Screen printed/Multimedia folio

    Published by POW. Edition: 80 450

    Released November 2010

    Bear Face. 6 colour screen print,

    Size: 50 x 70cm Edition: 150 250

    Released January 2011

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    ARYZAryz is the 22 year old Catalan sensation famed forpainting characters over disused factory buildings ona truly epic scale (look in the bottom left of the photo).

    And as this debut shows, hes just as capable ofcutting it on paper.

    3 colour screen print

    Size: 56 x 76cm

    Edition: 100

    Released February 2011

  • 8/8/2019 POW Newspaper Www2




    The Committee 7 colour screen print.

    Size: 56 x 76cm Edition: 100 115 Released December 2010

    5 colour letter press and set metal type

    Size: 12x18 Edition: 175 45 Released January 2011

    CHINA MIKE Dual process, screen printand digital offset. Size: 70 x 50cmEdition: 150 95 Released 2011Beagle Knievel

  • 8/8/2019 POW Newspaper Www2


    Doodle EarthWith over 3000 images of random street poetry, Pictures Of Walls isprobably the worlds most comprehensive library of drunks and idiots.

    Visit us online and post your own pictures at www.picturesofwalls.com

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  • 8/8/2019 POW Newspaper Www2


    Top Row: Date Farmers - Dont Fight Back 145. Mudwig - Vogue Face 95. Cyclops - Lenny Red 85. Sickboy - Loveland 120.Middle Row: Nomad - Skull Bunny 75. Date Farmers - Free Sleep 175. Bottom Row: Blu - CMYK 200. Sweet Toof - Cheech Toof 95.

    Petro - Watchamacllit 90. Parra - Cherries 150. DED Associates - Ron 90

    Available now...

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    Antony Micallef has a distinctive style that blursthe line between well it just blurs the lines really.Hes won prizes and held sold out shows. But this print

    was made in solidarity with the hard bitten kids of theWest Bank and all proceeds go to that charity(see below).

    Bastardilla lives in Bogota,Columbia, where she tags

    walls with a hummingbird.Her art deals with issues

    like the plight of indigenouspeople and the homeless.

    And she manages to do thiswhile collaborating with

    someone called Stinksh.



    A couple of Christmases

    ago we hosted the Santas

    Ghetto exhibition behind

    the wall in Bethlehem.

    There was a marked lack

    of hipsters and yes, some

    of the casual blasphemy

    perturbed the locals, but

    we did make enough

    money to send 40 kids

    through university and

    support painting projects

    in Beit Sahour, Nablus

    and Ramallah. Furtherinformation online...

    Ya basta!

    1 colour screen print with glitter

    Size: 56 x 76cm Edition: 50

    Released February 2011

    A Small Print of What I Think Love Looks Like 1 colour etching

    Size: 27 x 38cm Edition: 100 450 Released November 2010

  • 8/8/2019 POW Newspaper Www2