Pleasures and Pitfalls of Profiling

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Pleasures and Pitfalls of Profiling. Primož Gabrijelčič. What? When? How?. What Is profiling?. A form of dynamic analysis that measures some aspect of the program execution, typically: Memory usage Resource usage Frequency and duration of function calls. When to profile?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Pleasures and Pitfalls of Profiling

  • Pleasures and Pitfalls of ProfilingPrimo Gabrijeli

  • What? When? How?

  • What Is profiling?A form of dynamic analysis that measures some aspect of the program execution, typically:Memory usageResource usageFrequency and duration of function calls

  • When to profile?We should forget about small efficiencies, say about 97% of the time: premature optimization is the root of all evil. Yet we should not pass up our opportunities in that critical 3%. -Donald Knuth

  • ToolsOptimization by guesswork bad!Hardcoded time measurement and loggingProfilers

  • ProfilersSampling (statistical)InstrumentingSource instrumentingCode instrumenting(Event based)(Hypervisor)

  • Tools

  •, C++ Builder, .NET (incl. Silverlight), Java Integration with RAD Studio and Visual Studio D2006 and newer32- and 64- bitComes with XE and XE2 (limited version)$ 599

  • AQTimePerformance profilerAllocation (memory) profilerCoverage profilerStatic analysis profilerLoad library tracer profilerMore

  • ProDelphiwww.prodelphi.deDelphi 5 XE232- and 64- bitVery precise profilingFree version (20 procedures)Separate Ansi and Unicode versionSeparate 32- and 64- bit version50 90

  • Sampling 5 XE (officially), works with XE2Measures time spent in OS DLLsWorks at line levelReal-time monitorFree

  • DIY

  • Fixing performance problems

  • Fixing performance problemsBetter algorithm Less memory allocationsLess string manipulationsUsing different Windows controlsFaster code Code optimizationHandcrafted assembler; using MMX/SSEAssembler tricks will not make up for bad design, however, they can make good design go faster.

  • Profiler FAILDistributed algorithms (GUI, messaging) are hard to profileOptimizing the inner code of an infinite loop doesnt helpIf time is spent in kernel, reason may be hard to find

  • Hands-on!

  • Questions?

    - The last one is of special interest to us.*Commonly attributed to C.A.R.Hoare (wrongly, according to Wikipedia)*ToolsDont profile by guesswork*Sampling profilers cant get the full picture (they dont measureeverything) but they dont change the execution speed and can measure OS DLLs (and other stuff outside of programmers control)*AQTimeIn XE, XE2 (except Starter) limited version standalone for any Delphi**Helmuth J.H. Adolph*Eric Grange*Custom code*How to fix?*Assembler problemsLots of workNew, hard to find bugsHigher probability of future incompatibilities*