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A weekly entertainment and event paper serving the Wood River Valley


  • Founded in Hailey, id, Sept 2010(Not a chain, as previously reported)

    proprietors: Jaime & david todd (founder Smoky Mountain Pizza & Pasta, Ketchum, 1992)

    ~ Featuring ~thin Crust Flatbreads w/a GreatSelection of premium toppings

    Creative Sandwiches,Fresh Salads,

    pastas and entres

    $10 Lunch Specialyour Choice of House

    or Caesar Salad,9 2-Topping Flatbread

    and a Soda.

    organic Flour

    Gluten FreeCrust & pasta

    Healthy Kidoptions

    Bigwood Bread

    Featuringidaho products

    Come see our Hand-built, Clay OvenFired with Idaho Apple Wood!

    Mon tHurS 11:30 a.M. to 9 p.M. Fri & Sat 11:30 a.M. to 10 p.M.

    200 S. Main Street, Hailey (208) 928-6280

    inside: eXPLORe PAPA, PG 7 | dR. JUdd TALKs HiPs, PG 16 | CAR CARe seCTiOn TOO!

    Hailey KetcHum Sun Valley BelleVue carey FairField SHoSHone PicaBo


    (208) 928-7186 | 16 West Croy St., Hailey 9.29.10 | Vol. 3 No. 39





    t | buSiNeSS NeWS | diN


    | a

    rtS | pro

    fileS | loCal ad SpeCia

    lS |





    This chair, made of adult-sized pick-up sticks created by Susan Desko, Kevin Werbinski and John Brathwaite, captured everyones imagination at last years Chair-ity. phoTo: KAREN BoSSICK/TWp

    Please take your seatsThink chairs are just a matter of function?

    Think again. Chairs are

    about to become works of art at the Second Annual Chair-ity fundrais-er for the nexStage Theatre.

    Twenty local artists, architects and others have taken chairs beyond the realm of sitting.

    They will be unveiled during a free Opening Reception from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 30, at the nexStage Theatre, 120 S. Main St., in Ketchum. Not only

    will there be a chance to own one of the chairs

    that night, there will also be a draw-ing for a Queen of Love eco-friendly, Italian-designed indoor/outdoor chair and ottoman,

    donated by GLD Interiors and interior

    designer Gail Dwyer. The Chairs for Chair-ity

    will be up for bid in a silent auc-tion. If you are unable to attend the reception, you can still take part by viewing and bidding on remaining art pieces not sold at the reception by going to to view and

    bid on items through October 16. Proceeds will benefit the nexStage Theatre, live theatri-cal productions performed there, Sun Valley Shakespeare Festi-val, performing arts education and performing arts scholar-ships.

    Last years Chair-ity event featured an array of chairs, from Dave Almquists Stool Pigeon to Tom Teitges Right Direc-tion, which featured a compass for those who like to know which way theyre sitting.

    Charlotte Hemmings Sitting ducts featured two chairs fes-tooned with a variety of colored

    a closer

    lookby: Karen


    continued, page 11

    Language in the Garden

    phoTo: KAREN BoSSICK/TWp

    harry Weekes says writing the new words he learns in a notebook helps cement them in his mind.

    Read about it on page 13

    Haileys Economic Development Team

    Over the next few months, this column will summarize the mission, plans and goals of each of the several econom-ic development groups in the Wood River Valley. The occasional series begins this week with the most recently formed group: Haileys Mayors Eco-nomic Development Team. The information below was gleaned from Heather Dawson (Hailey City Administrator) and Beth Robrahn (Hailey Planning Director), members of the six-person team. Other members are Mayor Rick Davis, Councilman Don Keirn, Chamber Director Heather LaMonica Deck-ard, and Jim Spinelli.

    Hailey has taken a grassroots approach to the citys economic development over the past few years, relying on staff savvy, research into best practices of successful downtowns, and the help of a few dedicated citizens on small working committees. Extensive public input occasioned by the proposed airport redevelopment, a 2009 Citizen Satisfaction survey, and last years process to update the Comprehensive Plan was also integrated to define Haileys strategic direction for the next five years: develop the citys downtown as a viable and vital business center that will magnetize businesses, people, and community life.

    All is explained in the City of Hailey Downtown Strategy, prepared and written by

    aheadof the curve

    by: JiMa rice, Ph.D.

    continued, page 11

    Car Care



  • 2 theweeklypaper Even if you are on the right track, youll get run over if you just sit there. Wednesday 9.29.10

    Giacobbi Square, Ketchum 726-1989 Good thru Tuesday, October 5 HOURS: 9-6 MON-FRI; 10-6 SAT&SUN n SERIOUS KITCHENWARE

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    Knife of the Year!

  • theweeklypaper 3Wednesday 9.29.10 Every man dies. Not every man really lives.

    TrailingSheep Festival

    of the


    Sheep Festival

    # !

    !#" !! #! #


    o by







    TRAILING OF THE SHEEPDOG CHAMPIONSHIP TRIALSSaturday, Oct. 9 and Sunday, Oct. 107:00 am until dusk - Quigley Canyon

    Trailing of the Sheep

    ParadeMain Street, Ketchum 12:00 noon (No Dogs) Barbecue

    Sheepherder Hike

    Cooking with Lamb

    Western Folklife Center Presentation & Open House

    Art and Lamb Foodie Fest

    Sheep Tales Gathering - Opening Performance, Festivities and Storytelling

    Sheep Folklife Fair

    Fiber Fest & competitions

    Lamb Feast with WRV Chefs and restaurants

    Childrens programs

    History of Sheepherding in the Wood River Valley

    Friday, Oct. 8

    Saturday, Oct. 9

    Sunday, Oct. 10

    Thank You To OurMajor SponsorsPREMIER SPONSORSAmerican Lamb BoardFrank & Harriet ShrontzHarper Livestock CompanyIdaho Commission on the ArtsIdaho Humanities CouncilIdaho Rangeland Resource CommissionIdaho Wool Growers AssociationMarcia & Don LiebichPage FoundationSeagraves FoundationU.S. Bancorp Foundation


    o cou


    y of t

    he A




    b Bo


    FESTIVAL BENEFACTORSAtkinsons Markets Blaine County Title Assoc Boise State Public RadioCox Communications Double J. Lamb Feeders D.W. McCallumEdina and Philip Jennison Evelyn and Petra Holden Flat Top Sheep Co. Hailey Chamber of Commerce Hailey Rotary Judy & Robert Bachman Martha and Ross Jennings Producers Livestock Marketing Association Rocky Mountain Sheep Marketing Association Peter & Jennifer Roberts Superior Farms Utah Wool Marketing Association

    FESTIVAL PATRONSDamaris & Frank Ford Deer Creek FoundationDonald W. and Gretchen K. Fraser Fund Idaho Community FoundationJ.B. Swift Lamb Jennifer P. Speers - Palladium Foundation Jim CiminoJudith Jellinek Judy and Richard Smooke Lasii Uranga & AssociatesLisa and Wilson McElhinny Mountain States RosenSummit Creek Lamb Susan Kay Lang


    And, thank you to so many more Festival friends and sponsors we dont have room for here.


    120 North main, Hailey 208/788-1123

    Check ListAnnual Progressive Sale

    o Red Carpet

    o Security

    o Extra Staff

    o 11 Years

    o Positive Attitude

    o CustomersOne Week Away





    3Kylee Richmond, Wood River high School senior.

    Kylee Richmond, Wood River High School senior is a real achiever. I feel that anything I put my mind to, I can attain, she said. And in her short life she has proven this to be the case over and over again.

    Born in Boise, Richmond has lived her whole life in the same house in Hailey. Along the way, she has attended Bellevue Elementary, Hailey Elementary, Wood River Middle School and now the high school. I know a lot of kids want to get out of here, but I really love the Valley and the atmosphere of a small town. I also love to ski and this will be my first year on the cross-country team, so Ive had the opportunity to run and see places that Ive never seen before. Also, Ive always been a small-town girl and love the fact that wherever you go, you see people you know. Cities just arent for me. Ive been to Peru, Mexico, Hawaii and a lot of the states, but the biggest city Ive been to is Lima. But Id love to study abroad and go to Spain because I would love to learn the language.

    Her experience at Wood River High School has been great so far and she is proud to boast a 4.0 average. I love the fact that there are 200 kids in a grade and that it keeps it close and personal. The teachers there want to teach and its a passion for them. They are just so dedi-cated to their jobs. I love science, but I really love math; Im kind of a math nerd. Math always has an answer and I like the sense of accomplishment and completion to solve a problem and have the correct answer. My hope for the future is to be an orthopaedic surgeon. I broke my arm when I was twelve and it really opened up my eyes to the field. For my senior project, I will be shadow-ing a surgeon this fall and Im really excited to view surgeries and have a birds eye view. In the fall, Kylee hopes to attend the College of Idaho in Caldwell where both her grandparents attended. It is a small liberal arts college with an attendance of 1100. Her plan is to major in pre-med and then attend gradu-ate school.

    To say she is a busy young lady is a tremendous understate-

    ment. Most of her time is spent in community

    service. Its just a part of me. Help-ing others gives you a feeling of self-worth that you cant get anywhere else. This year she

    is serving as senior class vice president,

    but she has held elective office since seventh grade.

    She was class president her freshman and junior years. She is also a founding member of the Wood River Key Club that serves as an adjunct to The Kwanis Club. In that role, she assisted with The Toy Run and co-chaired the Camp Rainbow Gold Bikers Bar-B-Que. Six hundred people attended and we had bands playing, and raffles. When the buses came around, all the bikers fired up their bikes. The kids didnt get off the bus, but they were so excited. Their faces were priceless.

    She also had the honor to serve as Miss Teen of Idaho from 2007-2008, which is part of the Miss Teen of America Scholar-ship and Recognition Program. The following year she was for-tunate to place third in the Miss Teen of America competition. Having the title opened up a tremendous amount of commu-nity service opportunities, like visiting the Shriners Hospital in Salt Lake City. When I won, it was the best day of my life. I cant describe it. It just changed everything. I showed myself what I can accomplish and it opened up doors that never would have happened. At the Special Olympics, I still had the title and I was able to speak at the Boise Leadership Conference in front of a lot of celebrities. It was really cool to represent all the teens of Idaho. She has also been the recipient of the bronze and silver Congressional Awards and this year will be working for the gold.

    It all gives me a great feeling of accomplishment. Ive never been athletic, so I put all my drive toward achievements and awards. Its a lot better than some other things. It requires a lot of self-motivation. I feel that if I put my mind to something, I can go out and get it. Nothing can stop me if there is something to accomplish Ill accomplish it.

    Richmond, self motivated towards accomplishment


    by: Jonathan Kane

    If you know someone youd like to see featured, e-mail


  • 4 theweeklypaper Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint. Wednesday 9.29.10


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    FOUR SEASONSSpa & Pool, l.l.c.

    Your locally-owned Ford dealer with the best deals on new & used vehicles parts and service.

    788-2216 920 South Main, hailey www.Sawtoothauto.coM

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    The Under TakersNext to Despos & The Toy Store


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    725-0708as seen in

    Germination design on a clay pot by Acoma master potter D.J. Aragon.phoTo: BALI SZABo/TWp

    Im on my knees again, clearing out some dry cheatgrass and gone-by gumweed, breaking up the clay hardpan, then banging the chunks against a fossilized rock. How can anything grow in this stuff? Nothing could be further from the truth.

    What I see is not what Ive got. Individually, clay from different parts of the world has a distinct crystalline signature. Under an electron microscope, theyre nanotubes, hexago...


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