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Welcome! While you wait. The Junior Journey (for parents) December 11, 2008 Department of Student Services. 1. Please sign in/update current email address 2. Can you pass the test? College Quiz in packet. Top 10 Signs the College Rat Race is Out of Control. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Welcome! While you wait1. Please sign in/update current email address2. Can you pass the test? College Quiz in packetThe Junior Journey (for parents)

    December 11, 2008Department of Student Services

  • Top 10 Signs the College Rat Race is Out of Control10. Son ignores the State Department travel warning to seek eye-catching community-service experience among the Kurdish separatists near the Iraq-Turkey border.9. Daughter complains that a classmate who uses wheelchair has better college essay topic.8. Son is distressed to learn that the SAT does not offer extra-credit problems.7. Mom has a sudden falling out with best friend after friend's daughter is accepted early at Yale.6. Dad proclaims that the family will only be allowed to communicate using SAT vocabulary words.

  • Top 10 Signs the College Rat Race is Out of Control5. Private investigator verifies that student's great-great-grandfather was half Cherokee.4. Thanksgiving dinner conversation is devoted to critiquing essay drafts.3 .Daughter memorizes Tiers I and II of the U.S. News & World Report National University rankings.2. Mom searches the Web for car window decals with a space that says "also accepted at..."1. Message on phone answering machine notes that daughter is National Merit Semifinalist.

  • TJ MythsEveryone gets in to an Ivy.In 2008, only 19% of all TJ seniors got IN to an Ivy (80/429)-13% chose to matriculate into an Ivy (54/429)-29% of students who applied got in to an Ivy League school (80/272)-48% (204) went to a Virginia public school (101 UVA; 53 W&M; 37 VT)Everyone gets a 2400 on the SAT.- Average score for the Class of 2008 = 2183Everyone applies to 15 schools-70% of all seniors in 2008 applied to 8 schools or fewer-We recommend 5-7 applications (reach, range, safety)

  • Timeline Junior YearNowBegin thinking plan, read, plan, read some more...January AprilJunior Meetings (parent optional) email me for appt.Campus Visits!!!!!!April JuneSAT and AP ExamsLetters of RecommendationCollege PacketsSummer PlansDo somethingNext Fall

  • What needs to be done?Begin Thinking What do I want out of college?What am I interested in studying?Begin Researching College & Career CenterCollege FairsVisiting Schools (see additional handout)Testing(SATs, ACTs, APs)

    Develop a working list of schoolsCollege PacketsForm positive relationships with teachersView various applicationsSchedule a Junior Counselor meeting (Jan-Apr)Sign up for Family Connections

  • Begin Thinking...Begin with a list of 15-20 schoolsFactors to consider:Programs of StudyCompetitivenessStudent Life/CultureLocationSizePublic/PrivateFinances have this conversation!!!

  • Begin Researching...College and Career Center - http://academics.tjhsst.edu/careercenter/College Search Web Sites (See handout)College representatives in CCCCollege visits!!!!InternetBooksRuggs Guide Fiske Guide to Colleges Rock Hard AppsFamily Connections (link on Blackboard)

  • Family Connections Acceptance History

  • Comparing yourself to colleges on your list

  • Family Connections Scattergram for MIT 2008

  • Family ConnectionsScattergram for UVA 2008

  • Family Connections Overlaps

  • The TJHSST CCC Website

  • Terms to knowEarly DecisionThis year, 55/454 students applied Early DecisionEarly ActionEarly Action/Single ChoiceRolling Admissions

  • Numbers GameGrade Point Average (GPA)Scholastic Aptitude Tests (SATs)SATs Reasoning TestSAT IIs Subject TestsAt least 2; 1 in Math II; some schools want 3http://www.collegeboard.comACT Test reading, writing, math, scienceAdvanced Placement (AP) Classes

  • Schools Are Looking For...Academically challenging curriculumExcellent gradesUpward trendIntellectual curiosityCreativityCommitment

    Personal maturity and integrityAbility and willingness to contributePOTENTIALLeadership

  • College Ratings of the Importance of Various Factors in the Admission Decision: Fall 2007Source: NACAC Admission Trends Survey, 2008

  • Summer/Senior YearNarrow the list to 5-7 schoolsDownload applicationsRequest transcriptsApply online (familiarize yourself with the Common Application)EssaysSecure teacher recommendationsSenior Check-in with CounselorFill out FAFSA online in January, and PROFILE if your college requires it

  • Making the college match is a process...It takes timeIt may not be smoothYour vision may not match theirs, or vice versaYour student WILL be okay in the endYour input is very important BUT the final decision needs to be theirs their dreams, goals, future, loans!I am here to help!!! Parent Conferences by appointment Students get open door policy

  • PerspectiveSelection process vs. admission processThe X FactorBeyond the walls of TJNational applicant poolThe journey is far more important than the destination.


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    Pick up Packet, Business Card,

    NowGut-check and personal inventory of selfwhere do I want to be 10 years from now?What do I need in a college setting? What do I want in a college?What are my strengths? Weaknesses?Recognize the importance of their responsibilityParents can press the issue only so muchsupport, support, support!

    January-AprilJunior MeetingsJan 8th CCC Lunch (Video, Tour of Resources Available, Introductions)February AprilIndividual conferencesGoals and Plans / Negotiate schools / Discuss marketing oneself strategizeCourse RegistrationBusiness as usual important to end strongCampus VisitsSpring Break WarningGMU Suggestion

    April JuneTestingSAT and AP TestsLetters of RecommendationCOLLEGE PACKETS

    Summer PlansDo SOMETHINGGet involved Make a contribution Create opportunities dont wait for them to comeE-mail me to set up junior counselor meetingsActivitiesEnrichment ProgramsLeadership PositionsPassionsUniversity needs

    *Talk about my role: -advocate -support -give information -help make good decisions -letter of recommendationWere past the admissions process- theyre all going to get in promise!Which students do they want most?#1 high school in US but other fantastic kids out there life outside these wallsAmerican Idol Analogy all can sing; any one can be American Idol only one gets to win; the ones that dont win have great careers Daughtry!