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Welcome! While you wait. On a post-it note, please write down any questions you were hoping to answer today. (Collected at 4:00 pm). Middle School Counseling Professional Development. March 15, 2010 4:00 pm 6 pm. Agenda. 4:00 Overview: Goals and Objectives - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Welcome! While you wait.On a post-it note, please write down any questions you were hoping to answer today. (Collected at 4:00 pm)

  • Middle School Counseling Professional Development

    March 15, 20104:00 pm 6 pm

  • Agenda 4:00 Overview: Goals and Objectives4:10- 4:50 College Knowledge: College 101 By Shannon Noonan, College Counselor4:50- 5:20New H.S. Graduation Requirements By Theresa Jahangir and Maureen Carew 5:20- 5:40Lau Plan and English Language LearnerBy Jen Fong, Supervisor, EL Support Services, Secondary5:40- 5:50Question and Answer5:50- 6:00 EvaluationsExtended Hour Time Sheets

  • Goals and ObjectivesGOAL: To provide middle school counselors with information about high school requirements, post-secondary options and specific needs of English language learners, so that they can advocate for their students. OBJECTIVE 1: Become familiar with the latest post-secondary options for SFUSD students and be comfortable sharing this information with students and staff. OBJECTIVE 2: Learn the specifics of SFUSDs new high school graduation requirements. Come away with practical ways to share the HS graduation requirements with students and ways to help your middle school students plan for high school graduation. OBJECTIVE 3: Understand how the Lau Plan will affect your students and learn how to advocate for English Language learners needs.

  • High School 101For Middle School CounselorsPresented by Student Support Services Department Theresa Jahangir, MA, PPSC

  • OverviewNew Graduation RequirementsWhat do I really need to know? UC Doorways exercise4 year PlanSample TranscriptIdeas for Classroom Guidance


  • Current SFUSD Graduation Requirements

  • Class of 2014 New Graduation Requirements

  • New Graduation RequirementsSpecific Courses Needed:

  • What is UC Doorways? Why is it important? http://www.ucop.edu/doorways/

    Hand out High School Examples

  • UC Doorways Website

  • UC Doorways Website

  • UC Doorways Website

  • UC Doorways Website

  • 4 year Plan and UC DoorwaysHow is this useful to Middle School Counselors? Break Out- 5 min build a 4 year plan

  • Sample Transcript

  • Ideas for Guidance Lessons with StudentsSmall Group (6-10 students) 4 year planning for 8th gradersPreparing:Print the Doorways Item Deck for each school you are planning for Create an Academic Plan for each student to fill in (walk through) Transcripts/example Transcripts so students can see what it looks like A-G/New Graduation Requirements Go Over with Students: What to be aware of onyour HS Schedule How to identify a "red flag" on your HS Schedule Who to contact when you get to HS Role Play: When Do I ask for help? Who can you talk to if you are concerned? How do you ask those questions?

    Any other ideas? Anything youve tried?

  • Resourceswww.CalfeeSchoolGuide.org A-G Course Requirements. San Francisco Unified School District, http://portal.sfusd.edu/template/default.cfm?page=home.a-g_requirements Healthiersf.org, resources, School Counselor (here you can find College 101 and A-G FAQs)

  • FAQs Is the new plan set in stone? Yes. The board policy on graduation requirements is in stone for the Class of 2014.

    How will ELs who have low English skills fulfill a-g English? It is not yet clear how English Learners will be expected to meet the requirement. This question will be directed to the New HS Graduation Requirements Taskforce.

    Is a D passing for graduation? Yes. The board resolution reads that SFUSD will adopt the establishment of the A-G Course sequence as part of the high school graduation requirement. Students must take the courses which meet the UC A-G course requirements, but they are not necessarily attempting to become UC/CSU eligible. The latter would require grades of C or higher.

    What will happen to students who transition into a school in upper grade levels who are not a-g track at previous school? SFUSD schools will provide students with the opportunity to take a-g courses. Students not on track to graduate should enroll in credit recovery courses. English Learners are encouraged to stay for an additional year. For some 16+ year olds with few credits, an alternative high school may be advised. Along with SFUSD alternative/continuation schools, the CCSF Transitional Studies Department is an option.

  • FAQsWill a-g courses be part of continuation school curriculum? Continuation schools will offer courses which meet the graduation requirements. Changes may be required so that students can meet the requirements. Students who are low performing, will they be moved to continuation schools? No. Every student has a unique situation, so there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Comprehensive high schools find ways to support low-performing students. How will parents be informed about the new a-g requirements? Each school will discuss the graduation requirements with the incoming class of 2014 and beyond, and additional outreach to eighth grade parents is being done and will continue. Will courses that do not fulfill a-g be cut? No. The board resolution reads that SFUSD will adopt the establishment of the A-G Course sequence as part of the high school graduation requirement.

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    Miya: Explain & Walk through how to find A-G classes at your site

    Target areas/CST

    Target areas/CST

    Target areas/CST