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Photosynthesis & Cellular Respiration

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Photosynthesis & Cellular Respiration. What molecule is needed to start glycolysis?. Glucose. How many ATP’s are produced from the Kreb’s cycle?. 2 ATP’s. Name the three processes of cellular respiration. Glycolysis Kreb’s cycle ETC. _______ is an energy storing molecule. ATP. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Photosynthesis & Cellular Respiration

Photosynthesis & Cellular respiration

Photosynthesis&Cellular Respiration

What molecule is needed to start glycolysis?GlucoseHow many ATPs are produced from the Krebs cycle?2 ATPsName the three processes of cellular respiration.GlycolysisKrebs cycleETC_______ is an energy storing moleculeATPWhere does the ETC occur in a cell?INNER mitochondrial foldsHow is energy stored in our cells?ADP + Phospate creates ATP the energy storing moleculeWhat plant cell organelle is involved in photosynthesis?cholorplastWhat are the starting molecules of the light reactions?SunlightwaterHow is energy released when using ATP?ATP is broken down into ADP + P; every time a bond is broken, energy is released!When does our body use lactic acid fermentationWhen exercisingWhy does our body use lactic acid fermentation?When our cells are not getting enough oxygen for aerobic respiration to occurWhy is cellular respiration important?Provides usable energy for our cells!What is pyruvic acid (pyruvate) changed into during alcoholic fermentation?Carbon dioxideEthyl alcoholWhen yeast ferments the sugar in a bread mixture, what is produced that causesthe bread dough to rise?carbon dioxideLight energy is converted to chemical energy during this stage of photosynthesis.Light ReactionsHow would you abbreviate Adenosine diphosphate?ADPWhat are the two stages of photosynthesis?Light reactionDark reaction (calvin cycle)Cellular respiration that does not require oxygen is called ____Anaerobic RespirationCell respiration that requires oxygen is called ____Aerobic Respiration________ are organisms that make their own food (like plants).AutotrophsThe Powerhouse of the cell is the ________mitochondrionWhat is the green pigment in plant cells called?chlorophyll_____ is the ability to do work.EnergyWhat are the products of photosynthesis?GlucoseOxygen

What is the molecule that is directly used by a cell for energy?ATPWrite the equation that represents aerobic cellular respiration?C6H12O6 + 6O2 6CO2 + 6H2O +energy

What is the function of chlorophyll in the light reaction?capture light energyWhat is the name of the following compound, C6H12O6?GlucoseWhat type of organism does lactic acid fermentation take place in?animalsDuring fermentation, _________ are used to create the products of lactic acid fermentation and alcoholic fermentation.pyruvatesWhat do cells use energy for?Homeostasiscellular movement (muscle cells)eliminating wastes

Where does glycolysis occur in a cell?cytoplasmWhat are the product of the light reactions?OxygenNADPHATPWhere does the Krebs Cycle occur in a cell?mitochondrion__________________ is the process by which autotrophs trap energy form sunlight to build carbohydratesphotosynthesisDuring anaerobic respiration _______ ATPs are produced.2 ATP (from glycolysis)In what organism does alcoholic fermentation take place in?plantsWhat is the equation that represents photosynthesis?6CO2+6H2O +light energy C6H12O6 + 6O2

Most of the ATP produced during aerobic respiration comes from the ___________.ETCThe Krebs cycle produces ATP, NADH +FADH2, and _____________Carbon dioxideGlycolysis produces, ATP, NADH, and ______________2 pyruvatesHow many ATPs are produced from glycolysis?2 ATPsThe products of the ETC are ATP and ___________water____________ must be present in order for the Krebs Cycle and the ETC to occur.oxygenWhat are the starting molecules of the dark reactions?Carbon dioxideNADPHATPHow many ATPs are produced from the etc?32 ATPsGlycolysis does not require_______________ in order to happen.oxygenwhat is pyruvic acid (pyruvate) changed into during lactic acid fermentation?Lactic acidHow many atps are produced from one molecule of glucose at the end of aerobic respiration?36 ATPsWhat is the product of the dark reactions?GlucoseWhat is the importance of photosynthesis?Provides food for plants and without plants the entire ecosystem would dieProvides animals w/ oxygenStudy your notes and worksheets!!(65 point test)

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