Odd Airplanes

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Odd airplane designs; some worked and some didn't. A nine-wing flying boat, flying jeep, disposable fighter plane. Engineering oddities you have never seen. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008WV8L2I

Text of Odd Airplanes

  • Some worked, some failed.

  • Blriot III

    The Blriot III was

    an early French airplane built by Louis Blriot and

    Gabriel Voisin. Gabriel Voisin.

    It had two large elliptical wings.

    It did not fly successfully.


  • Givaudan

    If elliptical wings didnt work, why

    not circular wings?

    The front wing was movable for control. movable for control. The rear wing was

    fixed in place.

    Probably never flew successfully.


  • Bleriot V

    Maybe if we make

    it look like a bird.

    Nope. Nope.

    Crashed on the

    second attempt to



  • Caproni Ca.60 Noviplano

    An Italian nine-wing flying boat prototype of a Trans-Atlantic


    Big Dreams.

    On the first test flight it crashed.

    The wrecked airplane was salvaged.but

    burned later in a fire.

    Talk about bad luck.


  • Jerome-de

    Bothezat Flying Octopus

    A U.S. Army quadrotor helicopter.

    Six-bladed rotors allowed the craft to fly

    but it was very but it was very complex and difficult

    to control.

    Imagine that.

    The Army canceled the program in 1924.


  • Miles Libellula

    Named after the dragonfly, the Miles M.35 and M.39 Libellula were

    designed for aircraft carriers without the need

    for folding wings.

    The M.35 was a fighter and the M.39 a bomber.

    They used a canard wing for additional lift.

    Prototypes were built but neither plane went into



  • HafnerRotabuggy

    Never seen a flying jeep?

    The Hafner Rotabuggywas a British design; combine a Willys Jeep combine a Willys Jeep

    and a rotor kite.

    The Rotabuggyachieved a flight

    speed of 70 mph but was cancelled in favor of gliders that could

    carry a vehicle.


  • Bachem Ba 349 Natter (Viper)

    A Pilots Dream.

    Rocket powered

    disposable fighter.

    Bolt on solid fuel rockets

    for a vertical takeoff.for a vertical takeoff.

    Wooden wings - no flaps.

    1. Fire unguided rockets

    at enemy bombers.

    2. Set the autopilot to

    crash into an enemy


    3. Bail out; get a new

    plane for next mission.

  • Curtiss-Wright XP-55


    The U.S. Army Air Corps asked for

    unconventional and got the XP-55.

    Advanced features included a canard

    wing, rear mounted

    Curtiss-Wright XP-55 Ascender 1943The U.S. Army Air Corps asked for unconventional designs and got the XP-55 prototype.

    included a canard wing, rear mounted

    engine and swept back wings.

    The performance was inferior to conventional

    fighter aircraft.

    Looked great on the drawing board.


  • Lockheed XFV

    An experimental vertical takeoff

    fighter for protecting naval

    convoys. convoys.

    32 test flights proved it to be slow

    and hard to fly.

    Cancelled in 1955.


  • The Wright

    Brothers to the


    139 pages.

    200 pictures.

    More odd planes.

    Aviation history in