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LCD TV Assembling & Repair servicesKaunas, LITHUANIA April 2009

MAS Elektronik Profile

MAS Elektronik established in 2006 as MAS Elektronik AG (Germany) branch for assembling, repair and sales Lithuania . MAS Elektronik main activities: Brand & OEM LCD TV Assembling Repair (LCD TV, DVD players, Sound systems)

Assembling service

Import services Assembly line service Quality Control Logistic services

Import servicesArranging transport from Port to Factory Review or/and prepare all documents for Customs Customs clearance procedure

Assembly line services2 full equipped assembling lines Assembling capacity is 35000 units per month Capability to assemble from 15 to 47 size LCD TV

Quality controlFull Testing of unit functionality Separate testing for ideal aesthetically view Involving all requirements of producer or customer

Logistic servicesPacking by requirements of producer and/or customer Transporting from Factory to the all EU countries Arranging additional insurance.

Transport costs from us:

Austria Belgium Czechia Denmark Estonia France Germany Hungary Italy Latvia Netherlands Norway Poland Slovakia Spain Sweden Switzerland

695,00 EUR 560,00 EUR 400,00 EUR 900,00 EUR 400,00 EUR 900,00 EUR 600,00 EUR 550,00 EUR 930,00 EUR 275,00 EUR 650,00 EUR 1.600,00 EUR 500,00 EUR 410,00 EUR 1.680,00 EUR 1.000,00 EUR 870,00 EUR

Repair serviceRepair service for Audio Video equipment after sales in central & Eastern Europe RMA statistics Spare parts handling

Experience in assembling process3 years as managing outsourced assembling Over two years as own factory Assembling for Brand names:

and OEM

Contacts:MAS Elektronik Taikos pr. 106U Kaunas LT51169 Lithuania Tel./Fax.: +370 37 353727