Nisimazine Kaunas #7

Nisimazine Kaunas #7

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Editor: Fernando Vasquez (Portugal); Location manager: Aistė Račaitytė (Lithuania); Designer: Tiago Dias (Portugal); Writers: Zowi Vermeire (Holland),Ugne Cesnaviciute (Lithuania), Vaidė Legotaitė (Lithuania),Sami Pöyry (Finland), Donata Juskelyte (Lithuania); Ugne Gudzinskaite (Lithuania),Saulius Kovalskas (Lithuania)

Text of Nisimazine Kaunas #7

  • newsletter #7

    All good things must come to an end! So they say.Our presence here at Kaunas International Film Festival 2012 was an eye opener. Among many other things, weve discovered a vibrant film com-munity in Lithuania full of potential and energy. But before our troops put down their weapons here is our final newsletter, where weve reviewed the Austrian thriller Spain; a dysfunctional French family on the run in Beast Paradise, and we met one of Polands most exciting new filmmakers, To-masz Wasilewski.


    /Spain/joins a long line of films where the seem-ingly separate destinies of its characters are tied together in the hope that some profound state-ments might wait at the end of the process. Luck-ily the number of characters is kept to a minimum this time since even now the structure almost suf-focates the drama. READ MORE

    Review by Sami Pyry (Finland)

    In The Bedroom

    Interview by Ugne Gudzinskaite (Lithuania)Yevgeny Pashkevich new film, Latvias 2012 Os-car entry, talks about his first feature after a 23 years break, telling us three stories from diffe-rent periods, connected by character of Lilith, the mythical first wife of Adam. READ MOREBeast Paradise

    Review by Ugne. Gudz(inskaite. (Lithuania)Estelle Larrivazs first feature /Beast Paradise/ (/Le Paradis des btes/) combines family drama with thriller elements. Dominique (Stefano Cassetti), an emotionally unstable man, beats his own wife, Cathy (Graldine Pailhas), and decides to leaves his own pet shop in France to flee to Switzerland with his children Clarisse (Valentine Klingberg) and Ferdinand (Lon Brachet). While Cathy, after recov-ering in hospital, tries to find a trace of her family, Dominique multiplies his attempts to settle a new life in skiing resort, telling the children his own inter-pretation of the story. READ MORE

    Kaunas international Film Festival 2012