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March 03,2013 Bulletin

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March 03,2013 Bulletin

Text of March 03,2013 Bulletin

  • WEEKEND MINISTRY SCHEDULE St. FrancisMarch 94:30PM: LectorBette Brown; Serversvolunteer needed; RosaryMargaret Flaherty St. FrancisMarch 108:00AM: LectorBetty Ellen Hardy; ServersCurtis & Madeline Spila; RosaryDave Curley St. AugustineMarch 1010:30AM: LectorBarbara Pichette; ServersFrank and Jack Fruehan; RosaryAnn Zalepa SANCTUARY LIGHTS, ADORATION VIGIL CANDLES & DEVOTIONAL CANDLE DONATIONS

    A Devotional Candle at St. Francis burns for a Special Intention requested by Joe Purr. A Devotional Candle at St. Francis burns for a Special Intention.

    A Devotional Candle at St. Francis burns in Memory of Walt Guiton requested by Leo & Loretta Guiton.

    CHURCH CLEANING St. Francis cleaners for the month of MarchMary Beth Manns.

    St. Augustine cleaners March 3 to 9 - Barb & Bill Pichette; March 10 to 16 - volunteers needed. Volunteers are needed to clean St. Augustine Church. If you can help, call the rectory (553-2288).


    Lord, hear our prayers for the sick of our Parish and Community listed below and for those who are not listed and in need of our prayers. Katelyn Andre, Michael Haefner, Bill Jones, Jr., David Zevan, Rita Powers, Debbie Jones, John Spila, Julia Zangara, Kyle Stoddard, Mary Lou Gregg, Sophie Padula, Madigan Gow, John Flynn, Christine Rothwell, Donald & Theresa Baum, Donnie Butler, Nancy Jellick, Tommy Williams, Stephen & Mary Ann Ambrose, Mary Coyle, Toni Colardino, Linda Hollenback, Mary Bakay, Mary Riley, Jennifer Lynn, Tom Wenman, Tyler Fletcher, Evelyn Palulis, Anna Mae Coleman, Jerry Lynch, Joshua Welch, Richard Hutchinson, John Carr, Roma Laboda, Jean Ryan, Joshua Kaminski, Kathy Holt, Chuck Sidener, Aleisya Abrams, Steve & Catherine Hundiak, Christopher Polk, Mary K. Long, Mary Lou Fahs, Butch Rosencranz, Agnes Neville, Frank Hutchinson, Ruth King, Adaline Williams, George Kotch, Ida Ellis, Molly Penderf, Brooke Arnold, Franny Coleman, Hallie Brooks, Rosemary Boyle, Sarah Murnigahan, Robert Peifer, Evelyn Rounds, Janice Russell, Bill Wilcox, M. M., Carl Miller, Walter ORourke, Candy Coney, William Chaney, Bill Cadden, Mary Anna Marbaker, Mary Cadden, Sue Rathbone, Dick Layton, Frank & Sandy Szabo, Nancy Lynch, D. K., Peg Reed, Sue Anderson, Peg Taylor, Theresa Noldy, Ken Roon, June Riley, Debbie Kurpiela, John Bauer, John Osolnick, Judy, Francis Zernone, Ned Offner, Sue Camp, Cody Seymour, Bev Curley, Judy Castner-Bloom, Daniel Gavin, Shawn Burns, Quinn Seymour, Jim Curley, Patricia Flynn, Pauline VerValen, and Joe Curley. May they regain full health. Please pray for the needs in our Parish Intention Books. Our Lady of Good Health, pray for us. Amen.

    ARMED FORCES LIST Please pray for those in our Armed Forces, especially those from our Parish and Community, Cortney Allen, Christopher Reichlen, Patrick Allen, Jeffrey Evans, Shane Kalpokas, Joshua Arey, Ryan Gormley, Mike Griffith, Daniel Hogan, Roger Raub, Matthew Kramer, Dustin Ryder, Ricky Trowbridge, Bobby Brostoski, Ryan Neville, Anthony Flynn, Adam Nelson, A. Jay Tewksbury, Jennifer Buttacavoli, Jason Raymond, Andrew Muscarelle, Adam Barziloski, Reed Shave, John Matousek, David Teetsel, Lisa Phillips, Carrie Krouse, Ryan

    Newberry, Wayne M. Bennett, Lukas Crisman, Duane Thomas, Joseph Elliott, Michael & Sean Plitt, Mark W. Gregg, Bradley J. Bryant, Taylor Cain, and all who serve with them. May they all be protected and safe from harm and return home soon to their families and friends. Amen.


    If you would like to help respond to prayer requests (for anyone in need-not just parish members), please contact Rosalynd Perlick-Spenser (663-2212), Susie Reichlen (553-2618), or Mary Keenan (553-2431). If you have actual prayer requests, please call anyone on the list and many prayers will be offered for your particular intention.

    The Roman Catholic Community of ST. BRIGID PARISH,

    (St. Francis Xavier Church, Friendsville, Pa.

    and St. Augustine Church,

    Silver Lake, Pa.)

    (St. Brigids Cross)

    P.O. Box 75 17 Cottage Street Friendsville, Pa. 18818 Phone (570) 553-2288

    E-mail: [email protected] Father Casimir (Cas) Stanis, Pastor

    Kenneth S. Brennan, Deacon

    PARISH MISSION STATEMENT We the faithful of the Roman Catholic Community of St. Brigid Parish, (St. Francis Xavier and St. Augustine Churches), in union with our Holy Father, the Pope, and the Diocese of Scranton, are called through baptism to share in the mission which Jesus Christ has entrusted to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. We in this Faith Community, under the leadership of our Bishop and our Pastor, cooperate to proclaim the Gospel in accordance with the teaching of the Church, to celebrate the sacraments, especially the Eucharist, for the salvation of all, and to witness by grace to the Kingdom of God so as to promote a culture of life, justice and peace. We especially endeavor to foster spiritual growth and evangelization in our present and future generations by drawing parish members back to active participation.


    Saturday - 4:30PM Mass - St. Francis Church - Confessions - 4:00 to 4:20PM Sunday - 8:00AM Mass - St. Francis Church - Confessions before & immediately following Mass Sunday - 10:30AM Mass - St. Augustine Church - Confessions - immediately following Mass

    Or any convenient time upon request.

    WEEKLY STEWARDSHIP REPORT Thank you for your kindness & generosity in our Parish collections: St. Francis (4:30PM) $ 1,149.25; St. Francis (8:00AM) $ 854.00; St. Augustine (10:30AM) $ 773.00.


    Christians are people who have been conquered by Christs love and, accordingly, under the influence of that love they are profoundly open to loving their neighbor in concrete ways. This attitude arises primarily from the consciousness of being loved, forgiven, and even served by the Lord, who bends down to wash the feet of the Apostles and offers himself on the Cross to draw humanity into Gods love. ~ Pope Benedict XVI, Message for Lent 2013, October 15, 2012


    As the winter cold & flu season is in full swing, we are suspending shaking hands at the sign of peace. Please acknowledge those around you with a wave or nod of the head. We will also have Holy Communion under one species; the Precious Blood will not be offered until further notice.

    MASS SCHEDULE Sat. March 2 4:30PM St. Francis Church - VIGIL: 3RD SUNDAY OF LENT


    LOU PATREI by Jerry & Karen Purtell 10:30AM St. Augustine Church - AARON REICHLEN & PAUL SHAFFER by the

    Reichlen Family Mon. March 4 12:00NN St. Francis Church - MARY BAHAN by the Estate

    Tue. March 5 8:30AM St. Augustine Church - (Mass & Stations of the Cross) RHONDA & FRED BROWN by Fred & Bette Brown

    Wed. March 6 8:30AM St. Francis Church - SR. MARY LAURENTIA by Tom & Margaret Flaherty Thur. March 7 8:30AM St. Francis Church - BILL PHALEN by Kay Caspersen Fri. March 8 12:00NN St. Francis Church - (Mass & Stations of the Cross)

    CARL SPENCER by Kay & Betty 6:00PM St. Augustine Church - (Stations of the Cross)

    Sat. March 9 4:30PM St. Francis Church - VIGIL: 4TH SUNDAY IN LENT DECEASED MEMBERS OF THE GRIFFIN FAMILY by Margaret Hardy

    Sun. March 10 8:00AM St. Francis Church - 4TH SUNDAY OF LENT WALTER J. BALCHIKONIS by the Family

    10:30AM St. Augustine Church - INTENTIONS OF OUR PARISHIONERS

    5:30-7PM St. Francis Church- (The Light is on for you ~ Confessions)

    SECOND COLLECTION TODAY The second collection today is for the Care & Education of Priests.


    There will be a Lenten Fish Fry to benefit St. Brigid Parish THIS Friday, March 8th, from 4:30 to 7:00PM, at Neumann Hall. Fish will be baked or fried, macaroni & cheese, coleslaw, beverage and dessert. Cost is $ 8.00. You may either dine in or take-out. Pre-sale tickets will be available after Masses this weekend. Tickets will also be available at the door.


    Parish Lottery Calendars are available in the back of the Churches. Calendars are $ 20.00 each. They run from April 1st thru December 31st, 2013. Each Parish Family is asked to take at least (5) calendars to sell. There are packages of (5) calendars & loose (single) calendars available. (Please do not break up the packages.) Please sign the calendars out on the sign out sheet provided. Please help to make this very important fund raiser a success again this year. There are about 250 calendars left, with 125 left in each Church.


    A St. Patricks Day Ham & Cabbage Dinner will be held on Saturday, March 16th, from 5 to 7:30PM at Neumann Hall, Choconut. Menu: Ham & Cabbage, boiled potatoes & carrots, and applesauce. Cost for adults - $ 8.00; Children - $4.00; children under 5 - free. Monetary donations are needed to cover the cost of the ham, and may be put in the collection basket in a marked envelope. Donations of pies, cakes or other desserts are needed.

    DIOCESAN APPEAL UPDATE We are happy to announce that we have met our Diocesan Appeal goal of $ 23,750.00. Thank you to everyone who made pledges and helped us to reach this goal. God Bless you one and all!


    Confessions for CCD Students have begun. Children may make their Confession at whichever Mass they attend. Confessions at St. Francis on Saturday begin at 4:00PM. Confessions at St. Francis on Sunday begin at 7:30AM. You c