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March 2016 Bulletin

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  • MoMSME Top Dignitaries @ nimsmeVisits by dignitaries and distinguished personages bring colour and bloom to the profile of an organisation

    just as the spring season brings radiance and dazzle to the landscape. They lift up the spirit of the

    organisational persons with added pep and vigour, and drive them forward towards work with new lease of

    enthusiasm. This month in ni-msme calendar is a shining example of it.

    (An Organisation of the Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India)

    An in-house monthly magazine published from National Institute for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (ni-msme) An in-house monthly magazine published from National Institute for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (ni-msme)

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  • March 2016

    8 7 2

    ni-msme Bulletin

    Honble Minister Distributed Offer Letters at Job Melar. Kalraj Mishra, Honourable Minister of MSME, Govt. of India had graced the 2-day job mela at Deoria (U.P.), organised Mby ni-msme during 26-27 March 2016. This was the first event of this kind held in Deoria.

    Speaking on the occasion, the Minister had

    appreciated it as a laudable event and

    praised ni-msme for the history-making

    initiative. Further, he suggested that ni-

    msme should organise at least one more

    such event in the state, either in Deoria or in

    Gorakhpur. Mrs. Anitha Srivasthava,

    District Collector and Magistrate; and Mr.

    Janmejay Singh, MLA, Deoria; Mr. Mahender

    Yadav, President, BJP, Deoria; Mr. Vijay

    Kumar Dubey and Mr. M. Chandrasekhar

    Reddy, Director General, ni-msme were the

    other dignitaries who had participated in

    the event.

    A total of 3,779 ESDP trainees had been interviewed for placements by 27 employer firms. Out of the 1,092 candidates

    selected, 802 were issued with the letters of offer.

    Earlier, the Director General had welcomed the assemblage. All the speakers had urged the job-seekers to move on to starting

    up their own enterprise after gaining adequate experience. Mr. Rajeev Kumar Banda and Mr. Janapareddy Ravinder, project

    coordinators of ni-msme, in their separate addresses, elucidated the necessity and importance of communication skills and

    interview techniques. Mrs. Srividya, Mr. Abhishek and team of Job dialogue did a splendid job as knowledge partner. Shri.

    Govind Jaiswal OSD, O/o MSME Minister, Shri. Sanjeev Chawla, Director, MSME-DI Kanpur and his team extended best

    support for the success of the event.

    The function concluded with vote of thanks proposed by Mr. Vijay Kumar Dubey.

  • The financial year having just closed and Annual Budget announced, the moment is rife for taking stock of what the Institute has achieved and what course adopted in the year by-gone, and evaluate it in the holistic perspective of the Institutes entire evolutionary spectrum.

    The focus of activities has been dominated by training and locus of action has expanded to out of campus sites in order to suit client requirements as well as with consideration to trainee convenience. While participation in the implementation of government schemes for youth empowerment on the increase, simultaneously the Institute has been organising its regular calendar of scheduled programmes and customised interventions with equal vigour.

    The just closed FY 2015-16 has turned out to be a heartening interval in the Institutes history, both in terms of physical performance and financial outcome. In fact, the set targets have been over-run. On the whole, during the entire 12-month period, an unusually large number of over 61,000 participants have been trained through 2,000 plus programmes, as against the set target of 59,795 participants through 1,755 programmes. The programmes and, by implication, participants too include the scheduled national and international programmes on the annual calendar, as also the ESDPs conducted under the ATI scheme, sponsored/customised programmes, seminars/workshops, consultancy projects and so on. However, the actual rise has been in the national scheduled programmes segment, which recorded a noticeable growth of above 120 in programmes. Also, the consultancy segment has coursed impressively during the year with more than twice the target achieved. In financial terms, the national sponsored stream, and consultancy segment have captured the colours.

    The new feature added to the activities portfolio is the conducting of job melas to help the ESDP trainees with placement on completion of skill training under the ATI scheme. A total of 83 job melas were held during the year in eight states across the country. More than 700 employer firms have participated in these melas in which over 15,000 trainees were selected to fill the skill requirements of MSMEs.

    Another novel feature the Institute has added is the launching of the exclusive portal for e-learning. The portal offers 16 e-modules for those interested in getting trained online. The enthusiasts can choose the course of their interest following their online registration. The main aim of launching the portal is to facilitate woman enthusiasts to upgrade/acquire skills of their choice so that they may start their own units. The candidates will be issued with a password after their online registration is accepted and confirmed. The password will give them access to the module for which they have opted. More than 5,000 candidates have registered in the e-portal so far. Of them, over 4,000 have completed their courses, while the rest are going through the learning process.

    The Institute has been extra-dynamic in the publication stream during FY 2015-16. Tthe Institute has brought out two publications both on traditional paintings supported by DC Handicrafts, concerning the Madhubani paintings, has been published in Hindi, while the other on miniature paintings is in English. Five volumes have been published on MSMEs for the Ministry four of them bi-lingual, in Hindi and English. The English version of the volume on MSME Schemes has been made accessible through mobile app by placing in the Google Play Store.

    While there is a great deal more to be achieved vis--vis entrepreneurship development and enterprise promotion, the performance spectrum of FY 2015-16 gives a feeling of satisfaction flowing from doing a good job with commitment, the credit for which goes to the dedication of ni-msme family and the gracious support of the Ministry.

    We hope to surpass this record in the current FY and polish up the activities in all streams of the portfolio.

    M. Chandrasekhar Reddy

    The Legacy ContinuesFrom the Director Generals Desk

    March 2016

    8 7 3

    ni-msme Bulletin

  • March 2016 ni-msme Bulletin

    Workshop on 5S, LEAN, KAIZEN and TPM

    School of Enterprise Development (SED)

    i-msme had organised a 3-day workshop on 5S, lean, kaizen and TPM, during 17-19 March 2016, in collaboration nwith FOCUS-5 - a Hyderabad-based training organisation. In all, 25 participants representing different organisations like the ITC Ltd.; ABD-I Ltd, Anaparthi; Green Industries (India) Pvt. Ltd, Naidupeta, Andhra Pradesh; KAR Bakery Equipments India Pvt. Ltd., Dolphin Foods India Ltd., Nandi Tyres Pvt. Ltd. - all from Telangana; Pioneer Gas Power Ltd., Maharashtra; and the US Department of Defence had attended the workshop.

    Mr. T.M. Venkatesan was the principal faculty who

    conducted the workshop, assisted by Mr. T.N.

    Ramakrishnan, co-faculty; and Mrs. Geetha

    Venkatesan, supporting faculty - all of them having

    rich experience in the field. The workshop

    commenced with a brief introduction about ni-msme

    and an outline of workshop design and inputs by Mr. K.

    Surya Prakash Goud, Programme Coordinator. On the

    first day, Mr. Venkatesan expatiated on 5S, lean and

    kaizen. The concepts, methodology and the steps

    involved in their successful implementation in an

    organisation were explained with the help of case

    studies and live examples. Practical games were also

    given space to emphasise the benefits of the new tools.

    On the second day, Mr. Ramakrishnan explained TPM (Total Productive Maintenance), a powerful lean tool aiming at Zero

    rejection, Zero breakdown, Zero accident and reduction in cost through 8 pillars of management, eliminating 16 losses in a

    manufacturing set-up. TPM was correlated with kaizen and the importance of autonomous maintenance and its benefits were

    shared with the participants. The third day was devoted to study visits: to a TPM practising small scale industry in Kushaiguda:

    Precision Electronic Components manufacturing company. Mr. Rajiv Venkatraman, Managing Director gave detailed

    presentation and facilitated plant visit for the entire batch of 25, in two teams.

    The participants were impressed with the efficient

    implementation of visuals and display of one-point

    lesson as a mistake proof tool. The team then visited M/s

    Berco Undercarriages (India) Pvt. Ltd., Cherlapally, a

    multinational company (Italian collaboration venture)

    which manufactures heavy duty links, sprockets, shoes,

    idlers and rollers, and other moving components in

    earth moving equipment plant. The visit was supported

    by video presentation about the process of manufacture

    led by shop floor experience.

    Mr. Vijay Venkatesh, President, Capsule, an association

    of service providers urged the participants to

    implement the tools in their work situation and also to