Making The Most Of Networking

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some useful ideas for anyone attending networking meetings


<ul><li> 1. 51911252032000Making the most of Networking<br /><ul><li>Be Prepared.-always have yournetworking tools with you at all times. This includes: an ample supply of business cards, your name badge, any collateral material (flyers, brochures, etc), and your marketing message (often referred toas your elevator speech) and intro line ... </li></ul> 2. Arrive early. -andhaveyour business cards readily availableand relax and focus on learning about the other people in the room. Preparation goes a long way in making you appear to be someone that other people will want to get to know. People do business with people they like. And you will be judged by others, like it or not, based on their first impression of you 3. Position yourself if you are new to the group or do not know anyone, position yourself by the coffee and refreshments and help people by pouring them coffee, tea etc. They will think that you are part of the team and it will be easier to engage with them. 4. Dont fill up if you get into conversation with someone and you need to move on it is much easier to do this gracefully if your cup or glass is nearly empty. So dont fill it up to the top then you can use the excuse that you need to refill 5. Have a plan - always have an idea of what the goal is for each eventyou attend. -Do you want to meet 3 people and focus on getting to know them really well? - Are you looking for an introduction to a certain type of client? - Are you looking for information or connections that will get you that information? When you have a plan, it is easier to stay focused and achieve your expected outcome. It also helps you to keep on track to help others in achieving their goals when you remind yourself to be generous with your own knowledge and connections. 6. Be a Giver and/or a Connector. When you focus on "giving" and being helpful to others, the "getting" will come later ... and it will come in unexpected ways.When you are generous, people will notice and respect you for your kind nature. And, people generally do business with people that they respect, trust, and like. Act like a host at every event you attend by connecting people. This can be a simple act of introducing 2 people to each other or as elaborate as giving a testimonial about 1 person and their services to the entire group. All of these acts allow you to focus on the "other" and grows your social capital in the room. 7. Listen with focus. When someone is speaking with you, give that person your entire focus. LISTEN. Really hear what the person is saying. Keep your eyes and ears focused and keep your self talk and thoughts focused too. The greatest gift that you can give to another person is to truly hear what that person is saying. 8. Be Genuine - be genuine in your interactions with others at an event.It comes back to building trust, to building "brand YOU".When you are interested in learning about someone and their business entirely for the sake of learning about the other person, you will leave a lasting impression as someone who genuinelycares. 9. Do Teach/Don't Sell. Networking is about building relationships with people who will be happy to tell others about who you are and what you do. Word of mouth advertising is the most cost effective and powerful advertising. At every opportunity, teach others about who you are, as a person, and what it is that you do. Always presenta clear emphasis on the type of client that you are looking for. In doing this, you will be building a salesforce that can reach far wider than you can on your own. 10. Follow up. After the event, send a thank you to each person that you had direct contact with. Mention something from your discussion (it helps if you jot notes on the back of each person's business card that you collect). If there is a referral that you can supply to someone you've just met, include that in the follow up note. Showing up and following up are the two most important parts of networking. Showing up, in most cases, is the easy part. The follow up is, sadly, the most neglected part of networking. Since so many people fail to follow up, you can really stand out by just doing this simple act of reaching out to remind someone of who you are and what you do ... and that you are interested in exploring a relationship. And dont forget to place a some comments on the 4N forum</li></ul>