Who’s nailing social media in the third sector? | Making the most of social media | Scottish Networking Group | 18 October 2016

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  • Questions to consider...

    How can social media help me get my job done?

    What channel is best for reaching my primary audience?

    How do I help my beneficiaries tell their stories?

    What content will be interesting & useful to my primary audience?

    Do I require specialist training to make the most of video, audio, writing for the web, SEO, social media measurement and email marketing?

    Am I free to take risks and try new ideas?

    How will I know what success looks like?

    What will this look like practically in my day to day work?

  • The average Facebook user has 1500 potentialnewsfeed stories per day. Only 20% make the cut.

    Twitter and Instagram have rolled out Facebook Edgerank-style algorithms.

    People on social media channels engage with content that is either interesting or useful to them.

  • Content ideas for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, your blog and beyond...

  • Ask questions. Understand your users. Spark debate.

  • Use audio to tell powerful stories.


  • Interview volunteers, fundraisers, staff, beneficiaries...

  • Cats, children and comedy. Three Cs that never fail.

  • User-generated content is gold dust.

    Use it as an opportunity to convert.

  • User-generated content is gold dust when done well.

  • Get truly creative with video.


  • Piggyback on breaking news.

  • Combine channels effectively.

  • Dont be afraid to ask for recommendations.

  • Dont just use Twitter to broadcast.

  • Engage in thought leadership.

  • Go to where your audiences are.

  • Give behind the scenes insights. Go beyond the usual channels.


  • http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2012/dec/11/huge-amount-of-cannabis-twitter

    Dont take yourself too seriously.


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    18 October 2016



    Making the most of social media


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