Making the most of social media | North West Networking Group | 17 January 2018

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  1. 1. Making the most of social media
  2. 2. What we will cover in this session how to measure your impact to best inform your strategy what content works and what to think about for 2018 how to control tone of voice and consistent messaging when multiple people are accessing the accounts how to manage internal expectations and demands how to get your staff using social media useful tools for managing your social channels
  3. 3. I know what youre thinking... I barely have time to plan and post my content, let alone think about setting goals and then measuring it afterwards. Why do I need to do this?
  4. 4. Because if you dont measure anything... How will you know if your social media is successful? By knowing what is resonating with your audience - and what isnt - you can ensure that you create the kind of content that they are interested in.
  5. 5. Define what success means to YOU Does success equal more followers, more event sign ups or increasing the number of comments on blog posts? Does it mean higher engagement rates? *whispers* Does it mean successfully fundraising on social media? Maybe its all of these things?
  6. 6. How to measure success
  7. 7. Heres an example SPECIFIC - we will help reduce calls to the helpline through sharing information that people need via social media. MEASURABLE - we will measure, using Google Analytics, how many people are coming to the resource or information sections of our website from social media as well as measuring if calls to the helpline have reduced. ATTAINABLE - we will look at what the most popular helpline topics are and ensure we share where people can find the answers/info regularly on social media. RELEVANT - reducing the number of calls will save the charity time and money. TIME-BASED - goal to be achieved in one year.
  8. 8. Time to create your own SMART goals
  9. 9. How to measure success on social media Use Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics and Google Analytics to Measure: numbers of retweets, clicks on links and new followers which content gets the most engagement and why referral traffic and conversions
  10. 10. What content works on social media?
  11. 11. Social media the numbers Facebook: 2.07 billion monthly active users (32 million in the UK) Twitter: 328 million monthly active users (20 million in the UK) Instagram: 800 million monthly active users (17 million in the UK) LinkedIn: 500 million users (22 million in the UK) YouTube: 1.5 billion users (36 million in the UK) Snapchat: 300 million monthly active users (11 million in the UK) Pinterest: 175 million monthly active users *source: Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Omnicore
  12. 12. Five ways to improve your content Put your audience first
  13. 13. Five ways to improve your content Be relevant
  14. 14. Five ways to improve your content Do one thing well
  15. 15. Blendtec
  16. 16. Five ways to improve your content Create, measure, iterate
  17. 17. Five ways to improve your content Less is more
  18. 18. What to think about for 2018 Takeovers or #rocur Emoji Video Storytelling Chatbots
  19. 19. Takeovers or #rocur
  20. 20. Emoji
  21. 21. Video
  22. 22. Storytelling
  23. 23. Chatbots
  24. 24. What about consistency? How can you ensure consistency in: Message Tone of voice Frequency of posts
  25. 25. How to manage internal expectations & demands Create processes Weekly standups Internal training Break comms down into campaigns
  26. 26. How to get staff to use social media
  27. 27. Whats their barrier?
  28. 28. Top tips Show them the value of social media and how it can help them in their role Give them some training in the basics Show them good examples Praise them!
  29. 29. Useful tools to plan your content Jab, jab, jab, right hook methodology Use the Rule of Thirds Create a content calendar Your smartphone is your content toolbox
  30. 30. Create a content calendar
  31. 31. Free design tools Design: Canva for Nonprofits PicMonkey Images: Unsplash Morguefile Gratisography Canva Pexels
  32. 32. Questions? @LondonKirsty
  33. 33. Visit the CharityComms website to view slides from past events, see what events we have coming up and to check out what else we do:
  34. 34. Making the most of social media 17 January 2018 Manchester #ccnorthwest