JULY 2017 IKEA FAMILY ENJOY YUMMY TREATS Free drinks and member prices for kids¢â‚¬â„¢ meals at the IKEA

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    Sustainable ways to spruce up your home

    JULY 2017

    IKEA® FAMILY NEWS PP19177/04/2017(034711)

    Member homes | New in stores | IKEA ideas | Recipe: Jar salad | Timeless kids’ rooms

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    Editor’s Note Hej readers,

    We’re dedicating this issue of IKEA FAMILY News to something dear to all of us: our planet. It’s easy to spruce up your home in a sustainable way, whether it’s through living healthier, reducing waste, or saving water and energy.

    Take a leaf from this Garden City and bring some greenery into your homes. Having plants around the house (page 6-11) not only brightens the mood; you’ll have a personal supply of herbs and vegetables to use in your dishes, too. And here’s a quick tip for apartment dwellers: just stack your pots vertically to save space or grow edible herbs in hanging planters. Cutting back on your daily wastage at home is as simple as recycling, reducing and reusing (page 12- 13). All you need to prevent unnecessary waste going into a landfill is to separate your recyclables from your trash with neatly marked storage boxes. Or, you could pack your own lunch to work in reusable food containers. We’ve got a foolproof jar salad recipe (page 20-21) that can be tweaked to your preference. It doesn’t matter where you start – just remember that small steps over a period of time can result in big changes. We’ll see you at IKEA if you need to pick up a handy tool or two to help you along in your journey to sustainable living!

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    Printed by: Percetakan Zanders Sdn Bhd No 16, Jalan BK 1/11, Bandar Kinrara, 47810 Puchong, Selangor

    NEW AND NOW What’s in stores.

    PILLOW TALK If the cushions in your home are starting to look a little worse for wear, pop these versatile cushion covers over them. Each comes with double-sided prints, and there are ten designs to choose from. Complete the set with a quilt cover and pillowcase – artist Malcolm Stuart’s playful cucumber prints make for a quirky and cheery bedroom.

    Look out the STUNSIG collection at the IKEA stores now.

    • STUNSIG cushion cover RM29.90/each W50×L50cm. STUNSIG quilt cover and pillowcase, single size RM149 W150×L200cm. Pillowcase: W80×L50cm. Cucumber.

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    BOWL OVER Make every home-cooked meal one to remember with STUNSIG limited edition tableware. The collection is chock-full of fun and whimsical prints – think intricate collages and cute cartoons – from six artists and design collectives.

    The STUNSIG side plates, mugs and trays are made from feldspar porcelain, which makes them more durable – and great for house parties or family get-togethers.

    • STUNSIG side plate RM19.90/each Ø21. STUNSIG mug RM19.90/each 35cl. H10cm. STUNSIG tray RM19.90/each L33×W33cm.


    A spiky purple monster, a part-dog, part-unicorn, and an egg-shaped owl – these are just three of the out- of-this-world creatures that kids entered into the third IKEA drawing competition.

    After sifting through more than 70,000 entries, the jury picked these ten drawings as the winners. And they’ll all soon be brought to life as limited edition soft toys, part of the IKEA ‘Let’s Play for Change’ global campaign.

    “The event creates opportunities for children to be creative and draw their dream toy,” says Bodil Fritjofsson, product developer at Children’s IKEA. “That opens up their fantasy, which really shows in the art. They really draw from their own head and don’t copy from something.”

    Congratulations to all the winners from the United Arab Emirates, Poland, the US, Germany, Bulgaria, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Austria and Australia!

    Ten winners of the third IKEA drawing competition.

    South Korea A purple monster, dragon and hedgehog rolled into one

    Poland A spider with a great smile

    Austria A ninja-like bird

    Japan An egg-shaped owl

    Australia A Picasso-inspired fox

    Germany A very huggable crocodile

    US A ‘rainbow cloud’

    Bulgaria A part-dog, part-unicorn with wings

    Russia A toucan with a colourful beak

    United Arab Emirates A fluffy lion

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    Grow your own greens from home and save yourself a trip to the supermarket. Not only is it more sustainable and better for the environment, you’re guaranteed fresher produce each time.

    MOVING ON UP You don’t need a big plot of land to grow a garden – just stack potted plants vertically. With a RISATORP trolley (pictured below), you’ll be able to hold three rows of pots in a small area. The trolley can also easily be wheeled from one room to the next, for when you want a change of scenery.

    Keep your indoor garden neat and stylish with the SKURAR hanging planter. Use them to display flowers like orchids or petunias, and instantly add colour to any room.

    • RISATORP trolley RM229 L57xW39, H86cm. SKURAR hanging planter RM24.90/each Ø14, H20cm. White.


    Put your green thumbs to work on these indoor gardens that are hassle-free and won’t take up a lot of space.


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    GARDENING MADE EASY Fret not if you don’t have time to take care of your plants – let self-watering plant pots do all the work.

    Put smaller ferns in the SÖTCITRON self-watering pot, which will keep the soil moist through the week. Just leave water in the self-watering insert and the pot will handle the rest.

    • SÖTCITRON self-watering plant pot RM39.90 L13xW11, H14cm. SÖTCITRON self-watering plant pot RM49 L29xW11, H14cm.


    FOR THIRSTIER PLANTS For bigger plants, the IKEA PS FEJÖ self-watering plant pot set ensures that your plants always have enough to drink. These portable pieces are ideal for the living room or bedroom, adding a touch of green to the space while improving the air quality in your home.

    • IKEA PS FEJÖ self-watering plant pot RM89 Ø39, H35cm. White.

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    A SPLASH OF COLOUR Turn your desk from drab to fab with a colourful row of PAPAJA plant pots. Available in shades of turquoise, pink and green, these vibrant vases will add life to your study.

    • PAPAJA plant pot RM7.90/each Ø14, H13cm.

    SPRUCE UP YOUR DESK Indoor gardens don’t have to be very big. In fact, they can fit right in the corner of your desk – both at home and in the office. Keep all your potted plants together in the IKEA PS 2014 greenhouse (pictured below), which can also be hung on the wall if you can’t sacrifice space on your tabletop.

    • IKEA PS 2014 greenhouse RM119 W46xD18, H45cm. SOCKER greenhouse RM49.90 W45×D22, H35cm.

    småles kids club DO YOU HAVE CHILDREN?

    Children aged between 4-12 years old can sign up for IKEA småles kids club for free.

    REDEEM GOODIES Earn $0.50 Smålish dållars for each visit. Use that to redeem småles merchandise!

    ENJOY YUMMY TREATS Free drinks and member prices for kids’ meals at the IKEA Restaurants.

    DISCOVER SMÅLAND Receive quarterly Bug News with games and take part in special activities and workshops.

    Sign up your child for småles kids club at the Bug House at any IKEA store today! Visit IKEA.my/smales for more details.

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    REUSE Every household needs a sturdy set of reusable containers as a sustainable substitute for takeaway boxes. These microwave-safe JÄMKA food containers are ideal for storing cheese, ham, fresh fruits and leftovers. They can even be stacked inside one another if you’re low on space.

    RECYCLE Recycling is simple with the stackable SORTERA waste sorting bins. Dedicate one bin to a material – glass, paper and plastic are good starts – then chuck your waste into the respective bins. So the next time you make the trip to the recycling bins, your waste would have already been sorted.

    REDUCE Squeeze in some legwork and reduce your carbon footprint by switching up your transport routine with the lightweight SLADDA BICYCLE. Its rustproof aluminium body comes fitted with an automatic two- gear system, plus a 25-year guarantee on the frame and a ten-year guarantee on the belt drive – it’s a worthy investment for a cheaper alternative to getting ’round.

    Pressed for time? Packing a home-cooked meal for work isn’t a pain when you use the VÄRDESÄTTA pressure cooker, which cuts your cooking time by up to 50% – and therefore uses less energy – while preserving the nutrients (and flavours) in your food.

    • JÄMKA food container with lid, set of 4 RM11.90 0.3l and 0.5l. L20xW14, H4cm and L20xW14, H6cm.

    • SORTERA waste sorting bin with lid RM49.90/each 37l. W39×D55, H28cm.

    • SLADDA BICYCLE IKEA FAMILY member price RM1,699 (NP: RM1,999) L184×H115cm. VÄRDESÄTTA pressure cooker RM179 Ø22, H17cm.




    Cut back on daily wastage – and your carbon footprint – w