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  • Yummy Yummy Fruits

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  • Product DescriptionYummy Yummy Fruits is an incredible place to enjoy delicious fruits, candies, and chocolates. Arrange flowers to go with your selection of fruits and candy as a gift. We want to appeal to all people, Yummy Yummy Fruits is for everybody to enjoy.

  • Users

    Name: ShanaynayGender: FemaleAge:25Ethnicity: MexicanFamily Lifestyle: SingleGeographic Area: Small TownLoves cooking, and tasting new foods and treats.Jill finds Yummy Yummy fruits useful because she thinks it is a good snack. Name: CraigGender: MaleAge:20Ethnicity: BlackFamily Lifestyle: In a relationshipGeographic Area: UrbanLikes music, and playing instrumentsFind Yummy Yummy fruits useful for purchasing sweet treats for his girlfriend.

  • LogoOOriginal Yummy Yummy Fruits logo. Original Colors.Our logo is very simple and sweet. We wanted to bring a soft and delicate look to our logo.

  • Logo Guidelines

    We dont want our logo to have an awful background color.We want you to clearly see our logo. Here you cant see the seeds on our strawberry.Original logo simple and sweet.

  • Our Colors

  • Our Typefaces

    Beast of AvalonBeast of Avalon is our main font. We used Beast of Avalon on our logo because the cursive writing fits the sweet mood we are trying to give off. Adobe Fangsong stdAdobe Fangsong std is the font we use when we are explaining details.