INTERNAL QUALITY ASSURANCE CELL (IQAC) Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) of the IQAC (Session 2017-18)

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    Session 2017-18

    AQAR 2017-18 S.G.G.S. Khalsa College Mahilpur, Hoshiarpur Page 1

  • The Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) of the IQAC

    (Session 2017-18)

    Part – A

    1. Details of the Institution

    1.1 Name of the Institution

    1.2 Address Line 1

    Address Line 2



    Pin Code

    Institution e-mail address

    Contact Nos.

    Name of the Head of the Institution:

    Tel. No. with STD Code:


    Name of the IQAC Co-ordinator:

    AQAR 2017-18 S.G.G.S. Khalsa College Mahilpur, Hoshiarpur Page 2










    01884-245235, 246235


  • Mobile:

    IQAC e-mail address:

    1.3 NAAC Track ID

    1.4 NAAC Executive Committee No. & Date:

    1.5 Website address:

    Web-link of the AQAR:

    1.6 Accreditation Details

    Sl. No. Cycle Grade CGPA Year of

    Accreditation Validity Period

    1 1st Cycle B 2.70 2011 5 years

    2. 2nd Cycle A 3.21 2017 5 Years

    (30/10/2017 to 29/10/2022)

    1.7 Date of Establishment of IQAC: DD/MM/YYYY

    1.8 AQAR for the year

    1.9 Details of the previous year’s AQAR submitted to NAAC after the latest Assessment and Accreditation by NAAC

    i. AQAR 2011-12 submitted on 22/08/2016 ii. AQAR 2012-13 submitted on 22/08/2016

    iii. AQAR 2013-14 submitted on 22/08/2016 iv. AQAR 2014-15 submitted on 22/08/2016 v. AQAR 2015-16 submitted on 22/08/2016

    vi. AQAR 2016-17 submitted on 22/08/2017

    AQAR 2017-18 S.G.G.S. Khalsa College Mahilpur, Hoshiarpur Page 3




    EC(SC)/28/A&A/27.2 dated October 30, 2017


  • 1.10 Institutional Status

    University State Central Deemed Private

    Affiliated College Yes No

    Constituent College Yes No

    Autonomous college of UGC Yes No

    Regulatory Agency approved Institution Yes No

    (eg. AICTE, BCI, MCI, PCI, NCI)

    Type of Institution Co-education Men Women

    Urban Rural Tribal

    Financial Status Grant-in-aid UGC 2(f) UGC 12B

    Grant-in-aid + Self Financing Totally Self-financing 1.11 Type of Faculty/Programme

    Arts Science Commerce Law PEI (Phys Edu)

    TEI (Edu) Engineering Health Science Management

    Others (Specify)

    1.12 Name of the Affiliating University (for the Colleges)

    1.13 Special status conferred by Central/ State Government - UGC/CSIR/DST/DBT/ICMR


    Autonomy by State/Central Govt. / University

    AQAR 2017-18 S.G.G.S. Khalsa College Mahilpur, Hoshiarpur Page 4

    Computer Science/ Applications,Agriculture,Fashion Desigining, One Innovative Programme

      


      

    Panjab University, Chandigarh

  • University with Potential for Excellence UGC-CPE

    DST Star Scheme UGC-CE

    UGC-Special Assistance Programme DST-FIST

    UGC-Innovative PG programmes Any other (Specify)

    UGC-COP Programmes

    2. IQAC Composition and Activities

    2.1 No. of Teachers

    2.2 No. of Administrative/Technical staff

    2.3 No. of students

    2.4 No. of Management representatives

    2.5 No. of Alumni      

    2. 6 No. of any other stakeholder and

    community representatives

    2.7 No. of Employers/ Industrialists      

    2.8 No. of other External Experts

    2.9 Total No. of members

    2.10 No. of IQAC meetings held 04

    2.11 No. of meetings with various stakeholders: No. Faculty

    Non-Teaching Staff Students Alumni Others

    2.12 Has IQAC received any funding from UGC during the year? Yes No

    AQAR 2017-18 S.G.G.S. Khalsa College Mahilpur, Hoshiarpur Page 5----- -


    M.Sc. Instrumentation




















    01 --

  • If yes, mention the amount

    2.13 Seminars and Conferences (only quality related)

    (i) No. of Seminars/Conferences/ Workshops/Symposia organized by the IQAC

    Total Nos. International National State Institution Level (ii) Themes

    2.14 Significant Activities and contributions made by IQAC

    2.15 Plan of Action by IQAC/Outcome

    The plan of action chalked out by the IQAC in the beginning of the year towards quality

    AQAR 2017-18 S.G.G.S. Khalsa College Mahilpur, Hoshiarpur Page 6

    For the smooth functioning of the college, different committees consisting of the

    staff members are formed. They look after the college affairs according to their responsibilities.

    The IQAC planned certain best practices in the college in co-ordination with various

    committees. The Departments were also equipped with projectors, computer and internet

    facility. New class room were constructed

     One Day Seminar was organised by the P.G Department of Punjabi on Titled, “350th

    Birth Anniversary of Shri Guru Govind Singh Ji” in November 2017.  NSS Unit of the College Organised a Special Seven Day Camp on Swach Bharat

    Abhiyan and Water Conservation in College Campus on 26th December 2017 to 1st January 2018

     One Day State Level Seminar was organised by Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle on Personality of Shri Guru Govind Singh ji in April, 2017.

     Two Day International Conference was Organised by P.G Departments of Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Computer Science on “Advances in Mathematical, Physics and Computer Sciences” in February, 2018.

     One Day National Workshop Organised by the Department of Music on Titled “Different Styles of Classical Vocal Music” in April, 2018.

     One Day State Level Workshop on PLC SCADA organised by P.G Department of Instrumentation in April, 2018.

    06 01 01 02 02

  • enhancement and the outcome achieved by the end of the year

    Plan of Action Outcome Achieved

    To carry on with the process of

    reaccreditation of the college by the NAAC

    for second cycle.

    The College was accredited with “A” Grade

    by NAAC inspection held on September 14

    & 15, 2017 with CGPA 3.21.

    To prepare academic plan for the session


    The IQAC cell was frame the academic plan

    for all departments and checks the progress

    from time to time.

    To Conduct extension lectures in various departments

    Extension lectures were organized by the

    P.G. Department of Mathematics and

    English. Quality enhancement programmes to

    students, teachers and administrative


    The IQAC Organised extension lecture for

    the teaching staff on performance indicators

    for professional development by Dr. S.K

    Yadav former Head, Department of Teacher

    Education, NCERT, New Delhi & Academic

    Consultant, N.C.T.E, New Delhi in 24th April,

    2018. Two day International Conference on

    ‘Advances in Mathematical, Physical And

    Computer Sciences (ICAMPCS-2018)

    Organized by Physics, Chemistry,

    Mathematics and Computer Sciences

    Departments in 12th -13th February, 2018.

    Quality Publication (By Faculty


    83 papers were published in

    reputed International and National Journals.

    Nearly 10 papers of faculty members were

    published in conference proceedings.

    Updation of College Library New titles were added to the college library.

    To organize Annual Prize Distribution

    function in February, 2018.

    Annual Prize Distribution function was

    organised in the college in 6th February, 2018

    to award prizes to the students who have

    attained distinction in education, sports and

    cultural activities.

    AQAR 2017-18 S.G.G.S. Khalsa College Mahilpur

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