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Image Building PNI

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Image Building PNI & WNI

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52.Configuring the Smallworld

73.PNI Image building Process:

134.WNI Image Building


134.2Image Building Process

1. Introduction

This Document is designed and developed as the Basic Image building process for the PNI and WNI for Bharti-UGIS. The purpose of the document is to introduce the user to build the PNI (Physical Network Inventory) and WNI (Wireless Network Inventory) image.

References: For additional information, the following documents may be referred during the usage of this Manual.

Wireless Network Inventory Product documentation.

Physical Network Inventory Product documentation

Prerequisites: The following Software should be loaded in the system from PNI4.1 CD by using the basic software installation guidelines.

Smallworld4.1 Core

Physical Network Inventory 4.1

Design Manger 4.12. onfiguring the SmallworldThe following process is to be followed to build the PNI image.

1. Install Small world PNI Product

2. Configure emacs from Smallworld Product

3. Make sure that build_gui alias is available in product\config\gis-aliases

Ex: If the product is installed in D:\ drive then check D:\Smallworld\product\config\gis_aliases file

4. When gis_aliases file is opened build_gui alias should be there. If build_gui alias is not present, Copy that from Product\pni410\scripts\gis_aliases.base file as shown below.

5. Open gis_aliases.base file and copy the build_gui alias

6. Copy the build_gui alias file and paste in Product\config\gis_alias file as shown below

3. PNI Image building:

1. Open emacs and Click F2 Z .Window will appear as shown in below fig. The default path at gis command area should be deleted.

2. Give [] gis build_gui command as shown below and Press Enter

3. Build Script Creator window appears as shown below

4. Set all the required paths and click Create Scripts Button

SW_MODEL_IT_DB_DIR - Data Store on which the image should be build

Scripts will be generated in Product\pni410\scripts folder

5. Before generating of Scripts the directory of the scripts is shown below.

6. After generating Scripts the directory of the scripts is shown below.

7. Open product\pni410\scripts\gis_aliases file and copy all scripts(except build_gui) and paste in product\config\gis_aliases file

8. Open the extras_for_environment file

9. Copy the entire text

10. Paste in product\config\environment.bat file as shown below.

11. Change the SW_MESSAGE_DB_DIR path in product\config\environment.bat file. This is the license path to run the session.

12. Quit the session.

13. Again F2-Z and enter [] gis build_open_pni as shown below and Press Enter.

14. PNI Open image is created in the following path product\pni410\images folder.

15. To use the open image enter [] gis pni_open in the E- Macs command prompt.

16. Quit the Session.

17. Build the PNI custom Closed image by using the build_custom_closed_pni aliases.4. WNI Image Building

4.1 Pre-requisites:

Rwuk_products is copied in the products smallworld folder

Upgraded DS

4.2 Image Building Process

1. Copy the content of sample gis_aliases file from Smallworld\RWUK_products\wni411\product\scripts folder .

2. Paste in Product\config\gis_aliases file

3. Make sure that the following paths are correct in WNI_411_CLOSED and WNI_411_OPEN alias












4. Start E- Macs and give following command in the command prompt

[ ] gis wni_411_closed

Due to pcls consumption problem, we have to increase the pcls on the closed image.

Magiksf > ds_environment.npcls

Magiksf > ds_environment.npcls * ds_environment.npcls *