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Our Mission

Today our mission is to be the leading manufacturer of hardwood floor fastening tools, private label specialty tools and specialty woodworking tools for the United States and international markets, including:

Wood Flooring Home Construction Home Refurbish Woodworking

Our purpose is to service our customer, employees,

stockholder and community.

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Exceeding customer requirements Continuous improvement

Being an Industry leader in service, responsiveness and value to the customer

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ISO 9000-2000 Registered

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Wood Flooring Installation Solutions

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The Porta-Nailer manual tongue and groove flrooing nailer is the only tool in the industry which can handle all of your flooring installation needs simply by interchange shoe accessories:

Angle nails 3/8” – 33/32” tongue and groove flooring

Face nail starter and finishing courses as well as underlayment.

Incorporates the unique ratcheting mechanism for one or multiple blows to properly seta the fastener.

Includes an 11 minute instructional video

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Porta-Nailer Package Offerings:

Porta-Nailer 402 Includes: Porta-Nailer Extension Handle Mallet Video Rugged carry Case

Porta-Nailer 403 Includes: 402 Package + Accessory shoe for nailing 3/8”-9/16” flooring Accessory Shoe for Face Nailing Nail Set

Porta-Nailer 404 includes: Porta-Nailer w/ face nail shoe attached Mallet Video Carry case

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Porta-Nailer Pro

For ½” – 33/32” solid wood flooring

Delivers 16ga Tor L flooring cleat nails

Integrated magazines hold 175 nails

Ratcheting ram for maximum impact and holding power and flooring tightness

Various package combinations available

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Portamatic Hammerhead 2

Designed for the BIG jobs. This pneumatic offspring employs the same original “preferred-seating” system as the famous Porta-Nailer- But in a pneumatic version. Features Include:

Nails 9/16”, ¾” and 33/32” thick flooring. Accessory shoes sold separately

Easily converted to a face nailer by simply changing shoes

Mallet activated for the tightest floor possible

Oil-less design for longer life of O rings and prevents oil stains on floor.

Quick release nose to easily clear jams

Ruggedly built to provide durability throughout years of use

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Portamatic Package Offerings

Portamatic Model 421 Inludes: Portamatic Mallet Face nail shoe (not shown) Video Rugged carry case (not shown)

Portamatic Model 422 Includes: Portamatic Mallet

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Portamatic TL and S

Nails and Staples ½” – ¾” strip flooring

TL delivers 16ga. T or L flooring cleat nails 2”, 1 3/16” and 1 ½” lengths

Operates at 70 - 90 psi S delivers 15ga ½” crown floor

staples in 1-1/2” – 2” lengths Integrated safety Includes rugged carry case

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Portamatic Evolution

For nailing 3/8” – 5/8” engineered and solid wod flooring including bamboo and exotic wood floors

Delivers 18ga (1-1/2” – 1-3/4”) Porta-Nail L flooring cleat nails

Adjusable shoe for precise nail placement

Integrated contact safety Ergonomic design get you

closer to the wall

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Portamatic Elevator 461A

18ga Flooring stapler for 3/8” – 5/8” engineered and solid wood flooring including bamboo, stranded bamboo and exotics.

Delivers an 18ga ¼” crown staple (1” – 1-9/16” lengths)

Tool free adjustable shoe for precise staple placement

Sequential trip safety

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Portamatic “Twin Trigger 20”

For ¼” – ½” engineered wood flooring

Delivers a 20ga 3/16” crown staple

Features a dual trigger Tool free adjustable

shoe for precise staple placement

Sequential trip safety

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Portamatic V-Tech 462A

Delivers a 15ga “DA” angle finish nail

For installing all thicknesses of wood flooring close to wall or in tight spaces.

Includes a convention non-mar tip nose for convention carpentry applications

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Hammerhead Construction Tools18ga. Brad Nailer #620 18ga Stapler #610

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Construction Finish Nailers16ga Finish Nailer # 630 15ga DA 34° Angle

Finish Nailer #640

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Construction Coil Nailers

Coil Roofing Nailer #670 Coil Siding Nailer #680

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Construction Framing NailersClipped Head Framing Nailer #650 Full Round Head Framing Nailer #660

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PNI offers a complete line of flooring nails and staples for all of your flooring application needs:

16ga Flooring Cleat Nails “T” and “L

16ga Flooring Cleat Nails “T” and “L” (Stainless Steel)

15Ga ½” Crown Flooring Staples

15ga ½” Crown Staples (Stainless Steel)

18ga Flooring Cleat Nails “L”

18ga ¼” Crown Staples

20ga 3/16” Crown (97 series) Staples

16ga. Finish Nails

Wood to Concrete/Steel “T” Nails

18Ga. Brad Nails

(much more)

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Contact Infomation

Porta-Nails, IncPO Box 1257

Wilmington NC 28402-1257