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  • WELCOME TOFMU HONORSYoure a motivated, creative and dedicated student looking for an enriched college experience that challenges and engages you. You want innovative courses and a community of like-minded friends who will share your journey. You want to prepare yourself not only for a fulfilling career, but a meaningful life.


    FMU Honors is for you.FMU Honors rewards students like you with enhanced educational opportunities that foster inquiry, stimulate learning and promote community involvement. Its for the person you are and the person you hope to become.

  • Unique Opportunities The Model United Nations Experience: Study the

    history of the UN and participate in the National Model UN Conference in New York City.

    The Washington Semester Program: Live in the heart of Washington, DC, earn Honors credit and intern at a government agency or non-profit corporation.

    Priority RegistrationAll FMU Honors students register for courses on the first day of academic advising week, virtually ensuring you get the classes you want.

    A Learning CommunityMembers of FMU Honors may choose to live in designated Honors wings of the Residence Halls or the Forest Villas apartments. And coming soon: a brand new Honors Center and Village.

    Students who complete the requirements to graduate with University Honors -18 Honors hours, plus an Independent Study - will receive an FMU Honors medallion at graduation and a diploma signifying their accomplishment.

    Innovative, Exciting Curriculum Weekly symposia in the Sciences, Humanities & Social

    Sciences, and Business Leadership Multi-disciplinary Colloquia on a variety of topics like

    Utopias & Dystopias, The Vietnam War & American Culture, Climate Change & Society, and Power, Justice and Gender.

    An Independent Study project under the guidance of a faculty mentor.

    Special Topics courses designed just for Honors students. Many are unique, interdisciplinary courses in which students collaborate with instructors from diverse disciplines. Theres different line-up of courses every semester, all of which count toward FMUs General Education requirements.

    Honors sections of General Education courses with fewer students in a seminar-style environment

    Social & Cultural Events Plays, movies, game nights, haunted hayrides, and of

    course pizza Christmas parties and spring cookouts A reception at Wallace House with FMUs first family Opportunities for volunteerism and community service Fall trip to New York, Washington or Philadelphia

    Recent FMU Honors Special Topics Courses Neurobiology of Crime US History Through Fiction The American Outlaw

    Our Place in Space Humor in Society Sustainable Food

  • Study AbroadAs a member of FMU Honors, youll be eligible to study at one of our exchange partners in England, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain or Canada. In addition, four students are chosen each year as FMU Honors Ambassadors to spend spring break in Europe - all expenses paid!

    FMU Students Have Traveled To: England - London and SheffieldFrance - Paris, Poitier and CaenGermany - Berlin, Trier and Schmalkalden Ireland - Maynooth and GalwaySpain - Madrid and Oviedo

    Admission RequirementsAdmission to FMU Honors is made by application. Incoming first-year students are eligible with a score of 1100 on the Math/Critical Reading portions of the SAT or a composite score of 24 on the ACT. Students who have distinguished themselves in other ways are encouraged to submit an application and/or schedule an appointment with the Director of FMU Honors.

    Second-semester freshmen must have earned a grade point average of 3.0 to become or remain eligible for Honors. All other students must achieve or maintain a gpa of 3.25.

    Transfer students whose applications are approved may petition for up to 12 hours of transfer Honors credit from NCHC-affiliated institutions. Exchange students from FMUs international exchange partners are eligible for Honors and may register for Honors courses.

    How To ApplyApply online at Applications are accepted throughout the year. Applications are also available in the FMU Admissions Office or by contacting:Dr. Jon TuttleDirector of FMU [email protected] | 843.661.1521

    To learn more about Francis Marion University, visit

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