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Fashion Week

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Text of Fashion Week

  • Fashion Week

  • I The Evolution- A) Definition- B) History II The Fashion Week in the worldA) Organizer TownsB) Famous People

  • DefinitionFashion industry eventJanuary April : autumn and winter collectionSeptember November : spring and summer collection

  • History1943 : first French Fashion WeekEleanor Lambert : Press WeekUntil 1994 : hotels or lofts1903 : shop Ehrich Brothers : the first fashion show

  • Organizer Towns5 fashion capitals : NYC, London, Paris, Milan, MadridFashion capital (fashion city)

  • Famous PeoplePeople need an invitation to enterVIP : designers, photographers, actors, models, fashion journalistsFamous people can create their own collection

  • Beyonce Knowles Avril Lavigne House of DereonAbbey Dawn

  • ConclusionLatest fashion week in Paris

    Elie Saab

    Frank Sabier

  • Valentino

    Jean Paul Gaultier

  • Fashion Week in 2012