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  • 1. @stylesavageuk @iamdelaforce #4PsFashion

2. Google knows your audience, do you? 3. INTRODUCTI ON Lauren Luxenberg Head of Digital Communications Matt Delaforce Head of Digital Planning 4. Introduction Why are we here today? - Economy of LFW - Modern Search Examples Key takeaways Q&A AGENDA 5. WHY ARE WE HERE TODAY? 6. BRANDS ARE BECOMING PUBLISHERS "Your customers don't care about you, your products, your services they care about themselves, their wants and their needs. Joe Pulizzi, Founder of Content Marketing Institute 7. MISSED OPPORTUNITY? 8. ECONOMY OF LFW 9. ECONOMY OF LONDON FASHION WEEK 10. THEORY 11. WHAT IS SEARCH? 12. To find something by looking or otherwise seeking carefully and thoroughly 13. SO HOW DOES IT WORK ONLINE? 14. W hat? H ow ? Where? 15. latest fashion trends street style street style jacket denim jackets levis denim jackets What & How? 16. Where? 17. FASHION EXAMPLE 18. WHAT: Wants & Needs What & How? HOW: How are they searching? babies jeans 19. WHERE: Where is the audience? Where? 20. RESULTS Where? 2800% ROI in SEO 900% in non-brand SEO revenue 53% relative in search market share 21. SO WHAT ABOUT LFW? 22. What & How? designer handbags fiorelli handbags 23. In partnership with the Fiorelli, HoF involved influential bloggers to engage with their followers over a live Google+ Hangout to Find Your Perfect SS14 Bag. Google+ HANGOUT Where? 24. Google+ HANGOUT Where? 25. Google+ HANGOUT Where? 26. SHARED CONTENT 27. Results 28. ADDITIONAL FINDINGS 29. Results 30. 71% of brands monitored saw either a decrease in rankings or no change during fashion week 31. Google knows your audience, do you? 32. @stylesavageuk @iamdelaforce #4PsFashion 33. Chatham house rules Appetiser 34. What is the best campaign you have seen recently? Appetiser 35. Barriers to creativity? Main 36. Will the future have no links? Dessert