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  • 1. OUR CATWALK.By: Mara Vzquez, Arancha Gutirrez,Paula Mrida and Andrea Bueno, from3A.

2. AndreaAndrea is wearing a hippie style.She is wearing comfortable, hippietrausers old and yellow top. A shortblack vest. Big orange and yellowtrousers. She is wearing two brownnecklace, golden sunglasses and acolorful scarf too. 3. PaulaPaula is wearing two yellowribbons. A beautiful, pattern,denim skirt. Camel cowboyboots, and a brown cowboyhat. 4. MariaMaria is wearing a comfortable,original and blue hat. Arefreshing, fine and white t-shirt. Shorts, ripped andbeautiful jeans, and big, fashionand amazing sunglasses. 5. AranchaArancha is wearing modernstyle. She is wearing blackglasses. A Cookie Monster t-shirt. Long, purple and blackjeans, and black and whitetrainers. 6. AndreaAndrea is wearing a posh style.She is wearing an original,beautiful, white dress. A thin,small, brown belt, and a whitewedge heeled. 7. PaulaPaula is wearing flamenca style.She is wearing an amazing,short, red and green flamencadress. A red wedge heeled. Atypical, nice, green flower, andtwo red and white combs. 8. MariaMaria is wearing a heavy look. She iswearing a amazing, comfortable andblack t-shirt from a group. Nice, cooland black shorts. Fine and blackstockings, and painted, original andred shoes. She is wearing a amazing,black bracelet, and a ring, that is across. 9. AranchaAra its showing a choni look.She is wearing an horrible,waterproof, snakeskin jacket. Anugly, gaudy leopard top. Militarypants. Long, thinck, black socksand yellows high-heel-shoes. 10. The endHope you liked it.