Concerns about Safety of Smart Meters

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Concerns about Safety of Smart Meters. Presentation for Network Tasman 13 May 2014 by Sue Grey LLB( Hons ), BSc(Microbiology and Biochemistry), RSHDip PHI. RF EMR has many uses . * wifi *cellphones * smart meters. But it can be harmful. Heating effects are well accepted - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Concerns about the Safety of Smart Meters</p> <p>Concerns about Safety of Smart MetersPresentation for Network Tasman13 May 2014by Sue Grey LLB(Hons), BSc(Microbiology and Biochemistry), RSHDip PHI</p> <p>RF EMR has many uses *wifi*cellphones*smart meters</p> <p>But it can be harmfulHeating effects are well acceptedInclude death, burns and electric shocks</p> <p>Increasing evidence in published international research of a wide range of biological effects</p> <p>EMR- Class 2B carcinogenIn May 2011 WHO and IARC classified RF EMR as a Class 2B carcinogenbased on research summarised in Vol 102 IARC MonographsIt is the only Class 2B carcinogen that is deliberately transmitted into our community Other 2B carcinogens are typically industrial and agricultural chemicalsWHO 2014 Cancer ReportWorld cancer levels are increasing exponentially</p> <p>Inadequate resources to treat cancer</p> <p>Must focus on prevention</p> <p>Latent period- typically takes 10+ years after exposure for cancer to appear - takes many years to prove it causes cancer eg tobacco, asbestosEMR causes other biological effects Irregular heartbeatGenotoxicity/Damage to DNAChanges to cell membrane functionDifficulty sleepingMental health problems Stress responsesAllergic responses- electrohypersensitivity</p> <p>ESR bi-annual review of new international research on EMRMost recent report Aug 2013Background exposures approaching safe limits22/35 identify cancer or other biological harm from cellphones 11/11 found molecular and cellular effectsEffects on melatonin in humansEffect on pacemakersElectrosensitivityThese are all biological effects</p> <p>NZS2772:1 1999Protects only against heating effects (death, burns and electric shocks)</p> <p>Offers no protection against biological effects (now well established) can occur at much lower levels only 0.1 % or 0.01% of levels which cause heating effects</p> <p>Electrosensitivity Similar to an allergic reactionCan occurs at very low exposure in sensitised individualsEstimated to affect 3-10% of the populationOverseas courts have started recognising ES and awarding worker compensationPainful, isolating and debilitating for sufferersNowhere safe for them to go</p> <p>Smart metersEMR transmissions base to houseNeighbour to neighbourAppliance to meter24/7 exposure Many reported cases of serious illness and reactions internationally and in NZ - even from neighbours metersPolitical debate eg Victoria Not essential- we have managed very well without smart meters until nowInformed consentConsent is meaningless unless it is fully informed This means all risk must be fully disclosed and understoodCant hide behind flawed and dated NZ Standard 2772:1 1999Onus on the transmitter to understand and communicate all the risksNetwork TasmanNetwork Tasman is a community organisationMonopoly supplier - but a good guyPlease do your research about the many health problems RF EMR and smart meters have caused overseasPlease put people first - ahead of profitAny questions?We must learn from the lessons of tobacco, lead, asbestos, 2,4,5-T, methyl bromideThe Roman Empire destroyed itself with clever but dangerous technology- lead plumbingPlease dont let history repeat itself</p> <p>Thank you for your time and interest </p>