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Skanska and GE working together as Smart Grid Enterprise.


<ul><li><p>Contents2 Who we are and what we offer4 Our values: safety, security and sustainability 6 The consumer journey8 The offer: complete service solution 10 The offer: smart from the start12 The offer: in-the-field excellence14 The offer: consumer service culture16 The offer: powering positive relationships 18 Delivering tangible benefits20 Introducing the technology </p><p>21 Company profiles</p><p>Smart meters. Simply delivered.</p></li><li><p>We bring a different perspective to smart meters in the UK, a new approach to help you meet that challenge. </p><p>Simply put, we provide a complete service for smart meters, end to end manufacture, installation and maintenance, independently financed. </p><p>We do it without compromise, with safety the priority. </p><p>Harnessing our many years experience in the energy sector, our complete service works for both consumer and supplier, with smart technology making it a positive experience for everyone.</p><p>Here we set out our offer, why you should be talking to us and why you can trust in the combined strength of Skanska and GE when it comes to delivering the smart meter rollout programme. </p><p>Its revolution, not evolution and smart from the start. </p><p>Its a new approach for the UKs energy market.</p><p>Its simply smart.</p><p>Heres something new</p><p>Lets consider the challenge a smart meter in every UK home by 2020, and tangible benefits for UK plc, including its energy suppliers and consumers. </p><p>1</p></li><li><p>Who we are</p><p>Skanska and GE have developed a partnership based on trust, complementary skills and a shared working culture that encourages positive and innovative thinking.</p><p>With a global operating footprint, a combined workforce in excess of 350,000 people and an enviable track record of successful project delivery, Skanska and GE make things happen. </p><p>Working on major gas, electricity and water asset management contracts, Skanska has a deep </p><p>understanding of the energy and utilities sectors, while GE helps deliver power to 55 million people in the UK every day. </p><p>Welcome to Skanska and GE. </p><p>Welcome to Smart Grid Enterprise (SGE) . </p><p>Smart meters. Simply delivered.</p><p>2</p></li><li><p>What we offer</p><p>The breadth and complexity of the smart metering challenge in the UK is significant, with 51 million meters to be installed in 28 million homes by the end of 2020. We come to market with an insightful and credible solution. More than 18 months in development, its one that mitigates risk substantially for energy providers and offers cost and schedule certainty to the UK smart meter implementation programme. </p><p>We offer an end-to-end service: manufacture, installation and maintenance, all independently financed. Our meters are manufactured to the highest standards, come with a 15-year warranty and will be installed by people who place consumer engagement and satisfaction at the heart of what they do. </p><p>Its transparent, cost-efficient and seamless. By taking on the programme risk, we free you up to concentrate on your core business, benefiting you and your customers. </p><p>To us its not just about putting meters on walls. Its about educating consumers to be more energy savvy, and enlisting the help of retailers, schools, local authorities and others, through strategic associations and partnerships. </p><p>Its about getting maximum benefit for all from smart metering. </p><p>Poweringpositive </p><p>relationships</p><p>In-the-field excellence</p><p>Smart from the start</p><p>Consumer service culture</p><p>Complete service solution</p><p>3</p></li><li><p>Our values</p><p>Safety</p><p>Safety comes first. </p><p>Its not a programme, its a culture and its at the heart of everything we do.</p><p>That means being safe from the start designing out risk for everyone involved, throughout our operation. </p><p>Our smart meters, for example, come with the quality you would expect from a world-class brand like GE, so you can be assured on safety and performance. </p><p>By promoting our proven Injury-Free Environment (IFE) and Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) culture throuought our organisations, we apply the same high standards to the health, safety and well-being of consumers and our workforce. </p><p>We also believe safety adds value, at home and work.</p><p>The mass rollout of smart meters provides us with a unique opportunity to assess, educate and improve on many aspects of home safety. We intend to use it to deliver guidance and make essential checks on electrical circuits and gas installations, while providing carbon monoxide alarms to consumers on your behalf.</p><p>Smart meters. Simply delivered.</p><p>4</p></li><li><p>Security </p><p>The smart grid is an essential part of our national energy infrastructure. Its security is paramount.</p><p>As custodians of this new technology, we take our responsibilities seriously. With each consumer and stakeholder we work with, we will reiterate the inherent security of the system.</p><p>Each meter has a security certificate and offers a high level of integrity, meeting international standards for security, performance and best practice. As a managed asset, with a 15-year warranty, we can provide complete reassurance.</p><p>Skanska and GE both meet ISO 27001, the international standard for information security management. </p><p>Sustainabilty</p><p>Some believe that a green solution costs more money. Our experience proves otherwise. We create better products, work more effectively and save money by thinking sustainably. </p><p>A few examples for you. </p><p>Wherever possible, our smart meters use components made from recycled materials. </p><p>A localised distribution network cuts down on journey times for our installers and, as part of our fleet, we will use electric vehicles, even bicycles, to get to peoples homes. </p><p>With the meters we remove, we will reuse and recycle each element to reach our target of zero waste. </p><p>Lowering our carbon footprint is good for business and good for the environment. </p><p>5</p></li><li><p>Making the right connections </p><p>On the day before the appointment, Sarah receives a confirmation text and an email confirming that smart technician Tom will arrive the next day. The email has a step-by-step guide to exactly what will happen on the day.</p><p>Sarah goes shopping one Saturday and visits a stand in the town centre promoting smart meters. She views information on an iPad and takes home a promotional leaflet to discuss with her partner. </p><p>Using the SGE smart booking system, Sarah goes online and makes an installation appointment with her energy supplier. She is impressed to see there are appointments six days a week, including before and after work. </p><p>The couple decide they want a smart meter installed. Sarah is attracted by the fact that future bills will always be accurate and based on actual energy usage, not an estimate, that there is a cheaper tariff for smart meter customers and that she can see what energy her whole family is using helping to keep costs down and be greener.</p><p>Once the booking is made, Sarah receives a text her selected method of communication confirming the time and date. A web link is included where she can find out more about the installation process. It includes a fun and informative video, which she shares with her 12-year-old son. </p><p>The consumer journey</p><p>Through an online booking system </p><p>consumers can make an appointment, which is convenient for them</p><p>Sarah is 42. She lives in Warwick with her partner </p><p>and two children. She regularly uses a PC at work and home. </p><p>Sarah has a smart phone and uses Facebook.</p><p>Smart meters. Simply delivered.</p><p>6</p></li><li><p>A smooth process Trust and reassurance</p><p>Following the installation, Sarah finds she often uses the In-Home Device to check her familys energy consumption. The whole family is now more energy conscious. </p><p>Sarah liked the way the installation was done and notices, after looking at the meters, that they are made by GE, a name she recognises. </p><p>The next day, Sarah receives a courtesy call to make sure everything is OK and that there are no faults to report. Sarah says she is very impressed. </p><p>The customer care adviser explains that there is nothing more that Sarah needs to do. The meter will need a battery replacement in around seven years time, which can be fitted quickly and efficiently.</p><p>All meters have a 15-year assured </p><p>technology and service lifecycle delivering a robust asset at a predictable price</p><p>Before Tom leaves, Sarah completes a short satisfaction survey about the installation process. </p><p>Sarah receives a text from Tom 30 minutes before he is due to arrive at her home. She is impressed when he arrives promptly and in an energy-efficient electric vehicle. </p><p>After a short assessment, Tom explains that the process will take about an hour and a half. He says that, thanks to a clever device which has just been introduced, he can keep the energy on while he carries out the work. Sarah is grateful she wont lose power, even while the changes are being made. </p><p>Tom carefully protects the working area before removing the old meters and fitting the new ones. These are switched on and the power re-connected. Tom then asks Sarah for permission to check the boiler and other appliances to ensure they are working OK. </p><p>Tom shows Sarah his identity card, covers his shoes before entering the house and asks to see where the gas and electricity meters are. </p><p>Before starting the work, Tom asks Sarah if she would like to try an online energy challenge using his iPad, to help her assess how her family currently uses gas and electricity. She spends 10 minutes completing the survey. </p><p>Tom spends time with Sarah explaining how the smart meter works, what the In-Home Device shows and, using the results of the online energy challenge, how she could manage her energy consumption better in the future. He also gives her a free carbon monoxide detector and a guide to smart meters. </p><p>A nationwide distribution network ensures that travel </p><p>to and from homes is minimised, saving time, </p><p>energy and money </p><p>100% of materials and components removed from old meters are reused </p><p>or recycled</p><p>7</p></li><li><p>Weve been able to drive innovation across the entire process to deliver greater efficiency and better value for money, while delivering an all-round positive experience for everyone safely and sustainably. </p><p>It means a seamless service for you and your customers. </p><p>Heres some of the highlights:</p><p>One-stop shopThe term may be well used but the thinking is bang on the money. </p><p>It means we finance the entire package upfront and off balance sheet. That includes the cost of manufacturing and providing a warranty of 15 years for every smart meter we install.</p><p>We will take on the programme risk on your behalf, from 2015 when the national rollout starts through to the 2020 delivery deadline, and beyond. And, by employing a skilled and dedicated delivery team who will live by the highest standards of consumer care, we will deliver in a way which looks good for you too. </p><p>Its a totally transparent service, simply delivered. We believe its a unique offer. </p><p>The offer: complete service solution</p><p>We bring genuinely fresh thinking to smart metering in the UK, challenging assumptions and developing new ways of doing things in a smart environment.</p><p>Making the sums add up</p><p>We bring our knowledge, skills and experience from other sectors to help you meet your smart metering obligations. That includes an enviable track record in major financing. </p><p>Aside from helping you to meet the upfront costs, we provide benefits in the longer term, mitigating future legacy risks, such as in areas like resourcing, ICT and process re-design. It means we can drive down overall programme costs while enabling you to concentrate on your customers. </p><p>Examples of our work include: </p><p> design, construction, operation and maintenance of the UKs biggest hospital project, the 1 billion redevelopment of St Bartholomews and The Royal London</p><p> delivering the 1 billion widening of the M25, one of the worlds busiest motorways, ahead of schedule. A 320 million design and construction contract to upgrade further sections of the M25 awarded at the end of 2012</p><p> GE Jenbacher Combined Heat and Power units are installed at both Guys Hospital and St Thomas Hospital to produce electricity and heat. Overall the units will reduce carbon emissions produced by the trust by almost 11,300 tonnes per year. It will also save the trust more than 1.5 million in energy costs annuallyComplete service solution </p><p>means exactly that. Complete for you and complete for the </p><p>customers you serve. Steve Mitchell</p><p>Smart meters. Simply delivered.</p><p>8</p></li><li><p>9</p></li><li><p>We recognise that a programme delivering 51 million meters by 2020 comes with some risks. </p><p>Financing the programme, using the right technology, employing and training a skilled workforce, as well as managing the potential impact on your core business activities; its a heady mixture. </p><p>Weve analysed every component which goes into our smart meters, found the most efficient network and methodology for the installation process, and put in place a 15-year assured technology and service lifecycle, providing peace of mind for you and your customers.</p><p>Through offering a complete service solution, we can mitigate these risks. We use a lean approach, which means more-efficient and less-expensive processes and systems that provide cost benefits in the short and long term. </p><p>We can also help you avoid any regulatory penalties, while removing an expensive legacy to manage. </p><p>Our staged investment model minimises your total cost, while achieving economies of scale by optimising end-to-end costs. </p><p>Its smart from start, to finish. </p><p>The offer: smart from the start </p><p>Weve put ourselves in your shoes and your customers shoes. Then weve applied the power of 1 per cent. If we can deliver even a 1 per cent improvement on process, risk, sustainability or safety, what difference would that make to you?</p><p>Innovative logistics</p><p>The application of smart technology means we have a clear chain of custody; connecting customers, in-the field teams and back-at-base systems providing 24/7 real-time information on the rollout programme.</p><p>Benefits include:</p><p> accurate demand forecasting inventory reduction just-in-time delivery of assets effective stock rotation end-to-end asset tracking and return</p><p>Its clean, transparent and efficient. </p><p>We think like an asset manager, act like a constructor and expect like a customer. </p><p>Robert Murray</p><p>Smart meters. Simply delivered.</p><p>10</p></li><li><p>11</p></li><li><p>Going green </p><p>We will reduce carbon and save money by taking a green approach to how we get from A to B.</p><p>By using electric and low-carbon vehicles wherever we can we are able to cut costs and be more sustainable. </p><p>Where congestion impacts on journey times, we will even turn to pedal power to beat the traffic. </p><p>That truly is lean thinking. </p><p>Our focus is on making smart metering a consumer friendly experience. That means employing a workforce that reflects the communities we serve who have the right people skills combined with the technical know-how to do the job.</p><p>A national footprintUsing the backing of an established supply chain, we have a trusted localised distribution and delivery network. It means our technicians can get everything they need quickly and simply, maximising their working day a...</p></li></ul>


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