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SUMMER INTERNSHIP RESEARCH PROJECT On the topic Comparison of marketing strategy a cock&pepsi in Agra. SUBMITTED TO

GLA UNIVERSITY, MATHURATowards Partial Fulfillment of Requirement for Masters in Business Administration Degree

PROJECT GUIDE: Pravendra Singh Sale executive Of sales&marketing service Pvt.Ltd. Coca-Cola Agra

SUBMITTED BY: Vedprakash Yadav MBA 2ND Year Roll No.1006370109 GLA University Mathura


ACKNOWLEDGEMENTIt is my pleasure to be indebted to various people, most of which were experts in their respective fields, who influenced my thinking, behavior, and acts during the course of study. I am greatly thankful to Mr.A.K.Verma Training and Placemsent GLAIBM Mathura for giving me a platform to have this wonderful opportunity and being able to get glimpses of corporate world. As a fresher for the corporate, I was not having any idea about corporate culture. But I would like to give special thanks to my project guide Mr . Darshan Saxena (training manager) of sales&marketing services Pvt.Ltd. Coca-cola Agra and also great support by pravendra singh (sales executive) who on behalf of his opulent experience, told me about the basic of corporate and guided me which helped me to complete the project efficiently and showed me the right path to reach the final destination with minimum hiccups and was always there with a helping hand in times of need throughout my project. I am thankful to him for his support, cooperation, and motivation provided to me during the completion of project. Last but not the least; I would like to thank Top Management and all the respondents for giving their precious time, relevant information and experience. Lastly, I would like to be thankful my father for their moral and financial support and my friend with whom I shared my day-to-day experience and received lots of suggestions that improved my work quality.




a student of MBA II Year in GLA University

Mathura hereby declare that all the information; facts and figures furnished in this report are based on my own findings and experience. This information has been used for purely academic purpose. I hereby declare the work was done by me and suitable information has been downloaded from websites and other related resources of the company. The project report is the result of my own hard work and self belief.


ABSTRACTSoft drinks are playing the vital role in the market and the companies are also getting the good profits on these products. The soft drinks industry has originated in 1772. Now these drinks spread all over the world and the millions of bottles is consumed every day. Now this business is a global one and the companies are facing high competition in this business and they are changing their strategies according to the situations. Pearl Beverages Pvt. Ltd. Takes a great care to maintain quality control of products in their factory. The bottles are visually examined for impurities continuously, as the bottles move out. Samples are checked every ten minutes of production time by the chemist for its quality and hygienic condition. The chemical analysis is also flavours, gas contain and sugar percentage. The appearance, smell and taste of the production are suspended and the correcting measures are taken also as to sent right the bottling process. The main objective of the study is to find out the strength and weakness of the Pepsi in Agra zone when compared to the Coca-cola, that is mainly in the three places in Agra, Firozabad And Hathras . Consulting almost all the outlets in these three areas, which are selling the soft drinks with a structured questionnaire, has done the study. The data has been collected and analyzed and interpreted by the help of the graphical representation technique. The analysis revels the various strengths and weaknesses of Pepsi in these areas along with the position of competitors. The most of the consumers preferred soft drinks because of better taste and to quench out their thrust. But now days, due to the changing food habits consumers have started adding the soft drinks in their food habits. The total sales of the soft drinks the Pepsis share is more but when compared with the Cock the number of outlets are less than Cock. Finally it can be concluded that the industry needs lot of channel management activities to do along with various promotional strategies for the customers. I wish the company got its objectives achieved


CONTENTSChapter No1.

TitleINTRODUCTION & DESIGN OF THE STUDY 1.1 About the Marketing topic 1.2 Need of the Study 1.3 Hypothesis 1.4 Objective of the Study 1.5 Research Methodology 1.6 Limitations of the Study 1.7 Chapter Plan of the Study


ORGANIZATION PROFILE 2.1 Genesis and Growth 2.2 Organization Structure 2.3 Production Function 2.4 HR Function 2.5 Finance Function 2.6 Marketing Function 2.7 Future Plans


THEORITICAL FRAMEWORK 3.1 Introduction 3.2 Topic Coverage 3.3 How it relates to Marketing Management 3.4 Measuring Performance


4. 5.

DATA ANALYSIS & INTERPRETATION SUMMARY & SUGGESTIONS 5.1 Summary 5.2 Major findings 5.3 Suggestions 5.4 Implications for Owners / Managers 5.5 conclusions 5.6 Scope for the Future research


BIBLIOGRAPHY & QUESTIONNAIRE 6.1 Bibliography 6.2 Questionnaire


CHAPTER-1 Introduction & Design of the Study


1.1 INTRODUCTIONIn this chapter various accepts of study are going to be discussed. To which area of management that study belongs to and various concepts that are related the area of study. The present outcomes under marketing and deals in the specific with the distribution network and its management. PEPSI COLA was in India from 1956-61 and left the country, as its products were not acceptable by the Indian customers. But recently in 1990 it re-entered the Indian market, where by PEPSI FOODS LIMITED was entered into a joint venture with PEPSI INTERNATIONAL, TATA and VOLTAS. PEPSI Bottlers and Producers of soft drinks buy concentrate and sell at fixed price and add a margin rationally for its products.


1.2 NEED OF THE STUDYIn modern days, market plays a vital role in rapidly changing industrial scenario. The marketing decline is under going reappraisal in the light of vast goals, technological, economic and social changes being faced by the today companies. The order to known the changes in the field of marketing it are necessary to conduct market survey. Study is conducted considering the following accepts: Firstly, visage is a representative of soft drink market which is highly promoting with a lot of potential which is at to be tapped. Secondly the behavior of the retailer is very much influenced by the additional benefits he is getting for selling the products having. Thirdly to understand the market condition of the soft drinks in the present scenario and the competition level in the market. Considered the key role of the retailer in present day market as an attempt was made to study the impact of companys schemes of offering coolers to the retailers.


1.3 SCOPE OF THE STUDYThere is lot of scope for the further study in the project. Further study can be done in the following ways. We can make a study on Pepsi and Cock companies efficiency in their promotion activities. The same study can be conducted in other areas under bottling unit to generalize the finding for entire area under it. There is chance to know whether the Pepsi and Cock are doing the right thing regarding the sales promotion, product quality, discounts and advertising. A study on impact of visit coolers sales of Pepsi also be taken up.

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1.4 OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDYIn view of intensifying competition in soft drink market, it is imperative that a brand keeps a constant, which on them market and response properly and promptly to the dynamics of the market. It is in view of this fact has the present study has been taken up for PEPSI. To know and compare the merchandising of Pepsi and Cock in retail outlets. To know the promotional activities of sales promotion, advertising and public relations. To know the strategy of Pepsi and its competitors regarding the Marketing Mix. To know the problems of retailers regarding the trade schemes and consumer offers. To identify the retailers opinion towards Pepsi products. To know the problems of retailers and to offer the suggestion for improving in sales.

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1.5 METHODOLOGY Introduction:In this chapter, basically the methodology, by which the report has been prepared, is explained. The exact need for conducting the study and total design of framework of the report prepared is discussed. The limitations of the study are also discussed here. According to the survey beverages can be classified into two segments. The first segment can be done basing on the milk content, like milk based products like tea, coffee, flavoured milk, and health drinks (milk, malt and coco) and the second segment can be done on non-milk products such as soft drinks and mineral water. According to the survey conducted on the consumption of beverages, Tea comprises 90%, filtered coffee 4%, beverages 2%, instant coffee 2% and carbonated soft drinks just above 1% of total consumption. Soft drinks industry is a well known consumer product industry. It originated in the year 1772. In the USA first bottled soda was manufactured, by inventing a machine in 1809, the manufacturing of carbonated soft drink was recorded in the history of soft drink industry. Now a days soft drink industry is growing very extensively and millions of people are consuming soft drinks everyday. Age, income, and climate are not at all a barrier for the consumi