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CHƯƠNG TRÌNH TIÊN TIẾN GIÁO DỤC ĐẠI HỌC chuong trinh trinh...tiếng Anh và kết quả thi Đại học. Dự kiến, mỗi khoá sẽ tuyển 30- 50 sinh viên cho

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Text of CHƯƠNG TRÌNH TIÊN TIẾN GIÁO DỤC ĐẠI HỌC chuong trinh trinh...tiếng...

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    HANOI, 2011



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    Loi chng trnh: Type of Educational Program:

    Chng trnh Gio dc i hc Undergraduate Program

    Trnh o to: Level of Education:

    C nhn Bachelor Degree

    Ngnh o to: Educational Field:

    iu dng Nursing

    Loi hnh o to: Type of Education:

    Chnh quy tp trung Fulltime

    Thi gian o to: Duration of the program:

    4,5 nm 4.5 years

    1. MC TIU O TO EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES 1.1. Mc tiu chung General Objectives

    Chng trnh tin tin ngnh iu dng nhm chun b cho cc sinh vin tt nghip c c cc kin thc, k nng, v thi c yu cu. h c th:

    1- Cung cp cc chm sc an ton v thnh tho da trn nhng nhu cu ca bnh nhn, ph hp vi iu kin vn ha x hi v tm thn ca h.

    2- Th hin c kh nng lnh o trong h thng chm sc sc khe v cng ng nhm ti u ha tnh trng th cht, tinh thn v phc li cho mi ngi, khuyn khch tng c nhn v cng ng hnh ng c trch nhim vi sc khe ca chnh h.

    3- Thc hnh tun theo cc tiu chun o c cao nht, t duy thu o v k nng gii quyt vn

    The Bachelor of Nursing course aims to prepare graduates with the required knowledge, skills and attitudes to ensure they:

    1- provide safe and competent care that is focussed on the needs of patients and grounded in the social sciences to ensure that care is appropriate to the patients social, cultural and psychological context;

    2- provide leadership within health systems and communities in order to achieve optimum physical, mental and social well being for all and encourage individuals and populations to take responsibility for their health;

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    3- practice with the highest ethical standards, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

    1.2. Mc tiu c th - Specific Objectives: Chng trnh tin tin ngnh iu dng nhm chun b cho cc sinh vin tt nghip c c cc kin thc, k nng, v thi c yu cu. h c th

    1- C hiu bit ton din phc v cho thc hnh iu dng ca C nhn iu dng a khoa

    2- Hon thin cc kin thc - thc hnh, nng lc lm sng, tnh chuyn nghip, gi tr v v th ngh nghip ca Chng trnh o to C nhn iu dng a khoa

    3- C k nng lnh o nhm v ngnh nhm nng cao Cht lng chm sc v S an ton ca bnh nhn

    4- C trnh cao trong s dng bng chng trong thc hnh. 5- ng dng Cng ngh thng tin vo trong K thut chm sc bnh nhn 6- Am hiu chnh sch chm sc sc kho, ti chnh v Cc quy chun mi

    trng 7- Thc hnh c cc k nng giao tip v phi hp chuyn nghip nhm

    nng cao hiu qu chm sc bnh nhn 8- C kin thc v k nng phng bnh trn lm sng v ti cng ng

    The Bachelor of Nursing course aims to prepare graduates with the required knowledge, skills and attitudes to ensure they:

    1- Liberal Education for BSN Generalist Nursing Practice 2- Baccalaureate Generalist Nursing PracticeKnowledge, clinical

    competencies, Professionalism and Professional Values and Conduct 3- Basic Organizational and Systems Leadership for Quality Care and Patient

    Safety 4- Scholarship for Evidence-Based Practice 5- Information Management and Application of Patient Care Technology 6- Healthcare Policy, Finance, and Regulatory Environments 7- Inter-professional Communication and ColLaboratory oration for

    Improving Patient Health Outcomes

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    8- Clinical Prevention and Population Health


    4,5 nm 4.5 years


    135 tn ch (khng k cc hc phn Ngoi ng, Gio dc th cht v Gio dc quc phng)

    135 credits (not included English language Units, Physical Education and Military Education) 4. I TNG TUYN SINH ENROLLMENT

    i tng tuyn sinh vo Chng trnh tin tin ngnh iu dng cn t cc iu kin sau:

    (i) Trng tuyn vo h o to C nhn iu dng ca Trng i hc Y H Ni (im trng tuyn c th rt khc nhau ty theo nm)

    (ii) t kt qu cao trong k thi tuyn chn ca nh trng: ch yu l iu kin ting Anh v kt qu thi i hc.

    D kin, mi kho s tuyn 30- 50 sinh vin cho chng trnh tin tin ngnh iu dng.

    Applicants for admission as candidates for the Bachelor of Nursing shall:

    (i) achieve the determined score on the National Univerity Entrance Examination for entry to the Nursing Program at HMU (the score required annually may vary).

    (ii) achieve high grade in the selection examinations: English proficiency is an important criterion, besides the result of the Entrance Examination.

    Proposed to enroll 30 50 students each cohort of enrollement.


    IMPLEMENTATION OF THE CURRICULUM 5.1. Quy trnh o to Educational process

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    CTTT c o to theo hc ch tn ch (tun th ng Quyt nh 43/2007/Q-BGD&T, ngy 15 thng 8 nm 2007)

    The advanced program is designe on the basic of credit system (based upon the Decision 43/2007/Q-BGD&T, dated 15 August, 2007)

    5.2. T chc ging dy v hc tp Teaching and Learning oganizing D kin, cc ging vin ca CSULB s dy trong hu ht cc hc phn ca

    kha 1 ca Chng trnh ny. Bn cnh ging dy cc cn b ca CSULB c trch nhim gip v t vn cc cn b ca HMU trong vic pht trin v trin khai cc hc phn ca Chng trnh.

    Quy trnh dy v hc c trin khai ti i hc Y H Ni v p ng c cc tiu chun dy hc ca Trng iu dng CSULB (CSULB). Cc hc phn c dy bi cc ging vin ca CSULB hoc cc ging vin c CSULB o to v chp nhn l tiu chun ging dy.

    It is aniticpated that CSULB academics will teach extensively in the first cohorts of this course. CSULB academics will also consult with and advise HMU academic staff in the development of learning and teaching strategies as part of subject development.

    The learning and teaching will be implemented at HMU and meets requirements of CSULB. The subjects will be taught by CSULB academics or by HMU academics who meet the requiremtents of CSULB.

    5.3. iu kin tt nghip - Completion Requirements

    c th c cp bng sinh vin cn phi hon thnh:

    (i) s tn ch yu cu ca kha hc l ti thiu 135 tn ch c lit k chi tit phn sau ca vn bn ny.

    (ii) Thi gian o to: 9 hc k (4,5 nm)

    To qualify for the award of the degree a candidate shall complete satisfactorily:

    (i) the prescribed subjects having a total minimum value of 135 credit points as listed in Table 1 including the prescribed clinical experiences;

    (ii) the training duration: 9 semesters (4.5 years)

    5.4. Phng php ging dy v hc tp - Learning and Teaching Strategies

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    Cc phng php ging dy v hc tp p dng trong kha hc ny i hi sinh vin hng thc hnh theo nh hng v h tr ca cc ging vin v chu trch nhim vi vic hc tp ca chnh h. H c i hi phi l nhng ngi hc t lp trong vic tm kim kin thc v c t duy nghin cu trong qu trnh thc hnh v nng cao cht lng chm sc.

    Cc chin lc ging dy v hc tp trong Kha hc ny l rt a dng. Chng bao gm (nhng khng gii hn) cc phng php trong danh sch di y:

    Thuyt trnh Trnh by v tranh lun Tho lun nhm c hng dn Bn trn nghin cu T hc theo hng dn/phng

    php hn hp gia hc tp trn mng v trn lp

    Thc hnh ti phng thc tp k nng v gi lp

    Hc tp da theo vn Thc hnh lm sng

    The learning and teaching strategies employed in this course require the student, as a practising nurse with the guidance and support of the academic staff to take more responsibility for their own learning as a professional person. They will be expected to become more independent in seeking information and to develop a stronger research mindedness in how they approach their working life and their capacity to improve patient care.

    The teaching and learning strategies applied in this course will vary. These will include (but not be limited to):

    Lectures Student presentations / debates

    Tutorials Research roundtables Self-directed learning / blended

    learning (online + face-to-face) Clinical Laboratory oratory

    practice + simulation Problem-based learning

    scenarios Clinical placement


    Phn b L thuyt v Thc hnh - Theory / Practice Coordination

    Chng trnh o to ny nhm o to cc sinh vin iu dng kh nng p dng l thuyt vo thc hnh. Do cc phn c bn ca n s bao gm cc phn l thuyt v thc hnh ti phng thc hnh k nng v thc tp lm sng. Cc phn l thuyt bao gm cc kin thc bt buc theo quy nh ca B Gio dc v o to v cc kin thc c bn ca ngnh iu dng. Hu ht cc kin thc chuyn ngnh c xy dng da theo chng trnh ca CSULB. Hon cnh thc t ca iu dng Vit Nam v cc c tnh ca sinh vin Vit Nam s c tnh toan n trong iu

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    chnh ni dung v phng php ging dy. Mt Chng trnh thun ty iu dng c thit k da trn s lng ghp ca tt c cc hc phn.

    Phn thc hnh trong phng thc hnh c vai tr quan trng trong o to iu dng; y l mt bin php k thut nhm bo v c cng ng (bnh nhn) v sinh vin. Mi sinh vin u phi t cc tiu chun khi thc hnh trong phng thc hnh trc khi thc hin bt c th thut no trn bnh nhn tht. S phng thc hnh ty thuc vo s lng sinh vin. Cc trang thit b v quy trnh thc hnh ti cc phng thc hnh c xem xt li hng nm m bo s ph hp vi thc t thc hnh iu dng.

    Thc hnh lm sng cng l phn quan trng trong vic xy dng nng lc cho sinh vin, lm cho h c nng lc thc hin cc th thut chm sc iu dng. bo v bnh nhn v sinh vin, quy trnh hc thc hnh cn c ph duyt. iu kin thc hnh cho sinh vin cn c th hin trong hp ng gia trng vi c s thc hnh lm sng. Cc gio vin/ngi hng dn lm sng cng cn c ch nh r rng c o to bi bn.

    The nursing curriculum aims to educate graduates who could hightly apply theory into practices. Therefore its components are always included a certain amount of theory and practice in Lab