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Analytical reference materials, standards and high purity solvents 2011/2012www.lgcstandards.comFor further information, or if you require substances or materialsnot currently listed please contact one of our local sales offices.BrazilTel: +55 12 3302 5880Email: bz@lgcstandards.comBulgariaTel: +359 (0)2 971 4955Email: bg@lgcstandards.comTerritories served:Bulgaria, Macedonia (FYRM)ChinaTel: +86 10 8532 4820Email: infochina@lgcstandards.comTerritories served:China, Hong Kong, Macau, TaiwanCzech RepublicTel: +420 543 529 205Email: cz@lgcstandards.comTerritories served:Czech Republic, SlovakiaFinlandTel: +358 (0)2 233 9355Email: fi@lgcstandards.comFranceTel: +33 (0)3 88 04 82 82Email: fr@lgcstandards.comTerritories served:Algeria, Belgium, France, Ivory Coast, Jordan, Lebanon,Libya, Madagascar, Morocco, Senegal, Syria, Tanzania, TunisiaGermanyTel: +49 (0)281 9887 0Email:de@lgcstandards.comTerritories served:Austria, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Israel, Japan, Korea, Singapore,Switzerland, Thailand, VietnamHungaryTel: +36 (06) 26 314 891Email: hu@lgcstandards.comTerritories served:Croatia, Hungary, SloveniaRussiaTel: +7 (812)935 1180Email: ru@lgcstandards.comIndiaTel: +91 (0)80 6701 2000Email: in@lgcpromochem.comTerritories served:Bangladesh, India, Nepal, PakistanIrelandTel: +44 (0)28 7930 0078Email: ire@lgcstandards.comItalyTel: +39 02 2412 6830Email: it@lgcstandards.comNetherlandsTel: +31 (0)643 775 422Email: nl@lgcstandards.comPolandTel: +48 (0)22 751 31 40Email: pl@lgcstandards.comTerritories served:Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgizstan,Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine,UzbekistanRomaniaTel: +40 364 116 890Email: ro@lgcstandards.comTerritories served:Moldova, Romania, SerbiaSpainTel: +34 (0)93 308 4181Email: es@lgcstandards.comTerritories served:Andorra, Latin America, Portugal,SpainSwedenTel: +46 (0)33 20 90 60Email: se@lgcstandards.comTerritories served:Denmark, Estonia, Iceland, Latvia,Norway, SwedenTurkeyTel: +90 216 360 0870Email: tur@lgcstandards.comMiddle EastTel: +971 555 570 664Email: uae@lgcstandards.comTerritories served:Egypt, Sudan, UAE, YemenUnited KingdomTel: +44 (0)20 8943 8480Email: uksales@lgcstandards.comTerritories served:Australia, Brunei, Channel Islands,Ireland, Kenya, Kuwait, Malta, New Zealand, Philippines, SaudiArabia, South Africa, United KingdomUSA + CanadaTel: +44 (0)20 8943 8480Email: lgcusa@lgcstandards.comIntroductionGlobal quality management solutions for the laboratorywww.lgcstandards.comBrazil Bulgaria China Czech Republic Finland France Germany Hungary reland ndia taly Netherlands Poland Romania Russia Spain Sweden Turkey UAE United Kingdom USALGC Standards provides products and services to improve measurement and quality control within your laboratory: Reference materials for a wide range of sectors including food, environmental, pharmaceutical, clinical and industrial Biological standards and reagents Production of pharmaceutical impurities High purity solvents Profciency testing schemes Analytical quality training courses.Why choose LGC Standards? Widest range of reference materials from a single sourcegiving laboratories access to over 100,000 products, from over 90 suppliers worldwide Access to 30 prociency testing schemesoffering rapid turnaround of results and expert advice Expert technical supporton product usage and selecting the appropriate material for your needs Network of internationaI ofces offering customer service in your local language and time zone Access to knowledgeon import requirements, licensing, shipping regulations and controlled substances management. o l Gr o f y t i l a u q l a b oa r o b a l e h t m e g a n a m yy r o t a o i t u l o s t n e m s n o LGC Smeas Referefood, e Biolog Produ High p Standards provides urement and qualityence materials for a wide ranenvironmental, pharmaceuticgents ical standards and rea gal impu ction of pharmaceuticpurity solvents products and servicy control within your nge of sectors including cal, clinical and industrialsurities ces to improve laboratory: Profci AnalytWhy c ide Wgiving Acce iency testing schemesurses. lity training co tical quachoose LGC Standarest range of referenclaboratories access to over 1ss to 30 prociency e .rds?om a s ce materials fr00,000 products, from over 90y testing schemes single source0 suppliers worldwide ferin of ff Expeon pro Netwferin of ff Acceon imp p yg rapid turnaround of results aport ert technical supoduct usage and selecting the work of internationaI g customer service in your loce ss to knowledg eport req irements licensing s y gand expert advicetappropriate material for your ofcescal language and time zoneshipping reg lations and needs on impcontro port requirements, licensing, slled substances management shipping regulations andt. Brazil Bulgaria wwwa China Czech Republic FinPoland Romania Russia S wnland France Germany Hunurkey UAE T Spain Sweden omngary reland ndia taly N United Kingdom USA etherlands Content Edition 2011/2012 Many other products are available on request - please contact us to enquire! 3 Content Introduction Introduction 11About LGC Standards and LGC 11This catalogue 11Producers of reference materials 12The use of reference materials 14About proficiency testing (PT) 15Relevant literature 16Relevant training courses 16General ordering information 16 ERM Application Notes 17ERM Application Note 1 17Comparison of a measurement result with the certified value 17ERM Application Note 3 19Using reference materials to establish metrological traceability 19ERM Application Note 6 22Use of ERM certificates and materials 22Matrix reference materials Environmental matrix reference materials Waters 27Drinking water 27Rainwater 27Fresh water 28Sea water 32Spiked/fortified water 32Miscellaneous 35 Sediments 40Freshwater sediments 40Marine sediments 55WEPAL sediment reference matrials 60 Soils 61 Sewage sludges 111 Plants 115Trees and bushes 115Grasses and crops 117Aquatic plants 117Miscellaneous 118WEPAL plant reference materials 120 Ash, particulate and dust 124Ash and particulate 124Dust and Fumes 128Occupational hygiene reference materials Filter media 132 Respirable materials (solid form) 134Food matrix reference materials Milk and milk products 135MUVA reference materials 139 Meat and meat products 143 Fish and fish products 148Shellfish 148Fish 152Content 4 Many other products are available on request - please contact us to enquire! Edition 2011/2012 Cereals and genetically modified crops 161Wheat 161Corn 162Rye 163Rice 163Rapeseed 164Genetically modified crops 164 Vegetable matter 171Fruit and vegetables 171Vegetable oils 177 Food Authenticity 179 Food and drink products 180Processed food 180Drinks 184Alcoholic beverage 184Food supplements 186Food allergens 188 Animal food products 189 Purified genomic DNA (gDNA) 191 Certified materials for microbiological properties 192 DR CALUX TEQ reference materials 194Industrial reference materials Fertilizers 201 Rocks, ceramic materials and minerals 202 Clays 216 Petrochemical standards 218Conostan Oil Analysis Standards 218Single element standards in oil 218Multi-element standards in oil 220Sulfur in mineral oil 222Sulfur in residual oil 222Sulfur in Isooctane 223Chlorine in oil 223Blank and base oils 223Stabilizer 224Sulfur in diesel fuel 224PremiSolvTM ICP solvent 224PartiStanTM particle standards- Compliant with ISO 11171:1999 225CONOSTAN D-Series Element (metallo-organic) Standards: D-3, D-12, D-19 (JOAP) 225Oils and liquid fuels 227Multi-test verification materials (MTVMs) 233 Biodiesel standards 234CONOSTAN Biodiesel standards 236Metals in Biodiesel 236Sulfur in Biodiesel 236Biodiesel fuel calibration standards (ASTM D6584, EN 14105:2003) 237ASTM D 6584 standard solutions 237Individual standards for biodiesel testing 237Internal standards 238Derivatizing agent 238EN 14105:2003 standard solutions 238 ASTM Methods for petrochemical analysis 238ASTM Method D2887 238ASTM Method D3710 239ASTM Method E1387 239ASTM Method D4815 239ASTM Method D-5453 239ASTM D3120, D3246 & D3961 sulfur by oxidative microcoulometry 241ASTM Method D4629 242ASTM D5808 organic chlorine in hydrocarbons 243 Viscosity oil standards 243Content Edition 2011/2012 Many other products are available on request - please contact us to enquire! 5 Solid fuels 246 Cement 251 Glass and ceramics 253 Plastics 258 Paint and industrial sludges 262 Standards for the semiconductor industry 264 High tech ceramics 264 Miscellaneous 265Miscellaneous matrix reference materials 266Customized standards and CERTAN CERTAN - The ampoule in the bottle 271Food specific standards Natural products and food constituents 283Phytochemical from ChromaDex 283Sugars 283Carotenoids 287Amino acids 287Vitamins 291Tea related polyphenols 293Stevia related compounds 293Caffeine related compounds 294Lipid standards 294 Amino acids 300 Food additives 300Colour standards 300Preservatives 301Antioxidants 302Sweeteners 303 Mycotoxins 303 Ergot alkaloids 309 Shellfish toxins 310Diarrhetic shellfish poisons (DSP) and other lipophilic toxins