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  • 7/28/2019 LGC Annotated


    BASIC PRINCIPLES . . 17(e) In the resolution ?f. o n t r o v e r _ s i ~ arising under this ..

    code where no legal prov1s10n_or jurisprudence_applies, re- _. sort .may be had to ..the c u s t o ~ s and traditions in the placewhere the _controversies t a k ~ place. . - ANNOTATIONS

    How Local G o v e r n m e ~ f Code of 1991 should be_ nterpreted .- . . . ._ ..-_ The liberal interpretation in favor of g r a ~ t of. powers . ~ LGU's . : .

    pars. (a). n d ( c_) a b o v ~ gOes against . h ~ prh1dple e n ~ n c i a t e d by . O&Jion (Mun1c1pal Corporataons, Vol. 1, p. 145) that if there is-doubt

    . that a power _s granted 'to a IJ1Unic.ipal corporation1 the .rule is to . : . .. . consider_ h_t t ~ e power has not. been granted. T ~ i s Dillon o p i ~ i o n : . .. .has been superseded by the principle of decentralization whic:h looks . .- :-towards reasonable s e l f - r u l ~ . . . - , ,I . . P a r ~ (b)'_ .above .merely r e i t ~ r a .two- basic p ~ ; n c i p l e s in taxation, thaf a tax b e ~ n g a b u r d E m ~ i m p ~ s i t is not p r ~ s u m e d incase of doubt and . hat . the law does not .favor a tax .exemption,

    , . ' ' . , . . , , taxes being t_he lifeblood .of the nation or. any territorial part ther'e7of. . - .. . . _, -- .. . . : P a r ~ { r ~ ~ p e vested rig.hts ~ n d r e s p e c t s c o ~ s t i t ~ t i o ~ a l . . , . _. __ .:.

    rule 'that the obligations o{ contracts cannot be impaired. : ... ' .. . .- .. . '.

  • 7/28/2019 LGC Annotated


    ~ ~ . , . . - ~ - -

    ., . I ' , . '16 -. . ~ O C A L GOVERNMENT .CODE, o'F. 199l ; .

    ., j

    titularly .in. c a ~ ~ s where ~ e r t a i n powers p ~ r t a i r i i n g to national. Government are devolved unto the LGU's); . . ,: .: . :In S e c t i ~ n S26 .of- this o it . r o v i ~ e d : . ~ T h i s . ~ o d e shall

    . a p p l y to -all provinces, Cities, municipalities and, barangays in thea ~ t o n o m o u s regions until .such time_ s th e ~ e g i o n ~ l g o v e r ~ ~ e n t con._ .cerned shall have enacted its own . ccal government; code. In Sec.tion 529 hereof. UAIJ .existlng.t_x ordinances ' ~ r r e v e ~ u e measures_of local government units . shall ' continue b e in force and effect .after the effeetivity of this Code (on January 1, 1992) .unless amended by the sanggunian concerned, .or . inconsistent 'with, _or in . i o l a t i o nof , the . provisions of this C o d e . ' ~ _ ; -.. . . . : .. .. : ' .-. As to existing cities, it e e r i , ~ c l ~ a r that th-ey _are still governed : . .by their respe

  • 7/28/2019 LGC Annotated


    . ' .18 . LOCAL . GOVERN?.IENT CODE__OF . 1991 .


    . . . , .. ;, . . I

    C r e a t i ~ n , '.div.fslo.ri,merger, a b o l i t i o ~ .'or :,.:. . ..< :. _: ) : _": . : .alteration .of boundaries of LGU's -7-- . . ..

  • 7/28/2019 LGC Annotated


    '20 LOCAL GOVERNMENT CODE OF 1991th e original local government unit or units shall no t fall beloitA currtnt ineome classification prjor to such division. "

    The income dassifiution of . ocal government units shanbe updated within Bix (6) months from the effectivity of thiCode to reflect the c b a n ~ e s in their financial position resultsin g from tb e inerea!!ed reve11ueg as prGvided herein.

    ANNOTATIONSMinimal r e q u i r ~ n t s for divisionand merger-

    Whne the factors in Section 7 are 1ibwi$e considered In divlsi611 or merger of LGU's, the above saction: enjoins compliance withmil\imal t ~ u l r e m e n t s on income, population and land area as a t a t ~by this Cod., (Refer to Stions 38$, lU , -442, 450 and 4&1 ofth cocs.).logically, two local units are m e r ~ (they being contiguo\ls}be

  • 7/28/2019 LGC Annotated



    v.elopment and economic progress, and other relevant totJOns sha)J be taken Into Account. 118ide'l.(b) \Vhen conditions and developments in the loclJ ment unit concerned have eignllleantt;y cha.nted e q ~ o v e ~ ,th e establi$hment of th e seat ot government,. lUI B&hg l!flt fo .

    may. after public hearing an d by a vote of t w o - t h i r d s < ~ ~aJl it s members, transer th e .Same to 8 Bite b e t ~ r IIUik Of .its needs: Provided, however, That no eucb transfer aba!1 ]made outside territorial boundaries ot the local fO\>e"' :ment unit concerned. rn. i

    The old 8ite, together with the improvements thereon I'll ibe disposed of by sale or lease or converted to .BUch oth;r Ias th e sanggunian concerned may deem beneficia] to the IOQI ;government.unit concerned an d it s inhabitants. 1 (e ) Local government offices and facilities .elu.U not be ;transferred, relocated, or converted to other uses unleaa Jlublir /hearings ar e fi.rst conducted fo r th e purpose and the c o n c u ~ . :renee of the majority of aU the members of eanggunbu :concerned is obtained.

    ANNOTATIONSGovernment seat in case of creationor merger of local government tJnits -

    Note that in ( ) above, there ar e futs to ~ considered In lhtselection of th e Hat of Government of the created (new) or aur.viving unit while in (b) above, th e tunsfer of lhe seat selected;,.( shalf be md ~ f t e r certain supervening circumstances hcf t 1 k e ~ ~place, requiring public heuing an d 2 / l vote of sangguni.art mombmThe s u ~ r a g r a p h of (b ) above concerns djsposal of the old siltan d it s i m p r o v e ~ n t s ft Js th . unggunian that decides the mM -ne r of disposal.

    The third paragraph concerns disposal of offices and fcllities,regardless of whether ttHtre is creation or m r ~ r of units, mort particululy of course h ~ r e there wa s e r ~ r or conversion of un lti.

    What will happen to officials of n abolished local unit or onemerged with another with the latter as surviving vnit? Theor ordiniilnce concerned may provide lo r such vntvality. T ~ ;no vested right to public office n d the .term oF local ofFic19,1three years as provided for in Section 8. Articl X of the 1

    JJ.A.SIC PRINCIPLES 23. vll0'1 lt avb].ct to f ~ a i conMqvnees of 5.

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    (S ) other public place or building owned b .mc1a1 government. . . . . , . Y the Pro \>. (b ) Th e sanggunians of highly ~ r b a n i z e d ~ i t i e s . Ponent cities whose charters prohibit their voters f d_of col!!. :for 1 1 rotn v t' prov1nc1a e ectlVe offici als, hereinafter referred t . 0 'd d . . o tn th I.? e as 1n ependent compOnent . cities, nay, in c . 4

  • 7/28/2019 LGC Annotated


  • 7/28/2019 LGC Annotated



    28 LOCAL' GOVERNMENT CODE OI' 1991( 3} lncidentill powers; and(4) Powers essential to promote th 1 .. gener;a w e l f ~ r e .. No. 3 above is supported by th e legal principle thlaw grants a power, 'i t includes grant of h dd ' . illt when 1'd f sue a 1t1onat poprOYI or measures to make th e originally g ted wer toor meanirtgful. Thus, as an example th poriln power e f f e e t i ~ e .... we r to sell p

    includes power to sign documents to effectuilte th e sa. ropertytransfer t 1tl e to property. But in the above h nd to....._ d " f ' t ff ' . . case, t e law u ...tmr wor s or 1 s e rcrent an d effective governa , b ....,,f d . . nee, o vrovlre errmg to a mlntstratron of p ~ b l i c affairs. . " 't

    Ordinances designed to protect hf!alth peace mo l hld h ' , ra s, etc avebeen uphe as au t orbed by the generl welfare clause 1 b . n one casethe ordrnanc:e emg questroned as unconstitutionlllf provides ..1shlllll be prohibited fo r any operator of an y barber shop to dh b f n uctt e usrness o massagrn g customers or other persons in any d'f ' d be . 1"cent room Ot' rooms o sat ba r r shop, or in any room or roowithin the same building where th e barber shop is located as l o ~ ;as the operator of th e barber shop an d the rooms where musaginis condudi!d is the um e person." Upholding th e nlidity of afor!said ordinance, the Supreme ~ o u r t said: ''The grant of police powerto a municipality (o r city) is given liber1l ~ o n s t r u c : t i o n by the courts.Thrs Court has been most liberal in sustaining ordinance-s based onth e genenf welfare clause. As fa r back u U.S. vs . Safaveria (39 Phil .102), a 19J8 decision, this Court through Justice Malcolm madeclear th e significance-an d scope of such a clause, which 'delegates Inltatutory form th e police power to a municipal ity. As above stated,this clause ha s been given wide application by municipa.1 authoritiesan d has in it s relation to th e particular circumstances of th e case beenlibeulfy construed by the courts. Such, it is well to recall, is th11progressive view of Philippine jurisprudence.' - As it was then, soit has continued to be. There is no showing, therefore, of the unconstitutionality of such ordinance." (Tomas Velasco, et af. vs. Hon .Antonio J. Villegas, et al ., t -24153, Feb . 14, 1983)

    I t was held in Vicente de Ia Cru1, et at . vs. Hon. Edgardo L.P ~ r a s , et al . ( L-42571 -72 , July 25 , 1983), that a municipal corporation cannot, by ordinance, prohibit th e operation of night c l u ~ s ; itcan, however, regulate th e seme. Said th e Supreme Court: It lsclur that in th e guise of police regulation, there was in this instance a clear invasion of personal or property .rights, personal inth e cue of individuals desirous of patronizing those night clubsproperty in terms of th e investments made an d salaries to be earne


    BASIC PRINCIPLES 29h rein employed. x x x Reference is made by respondents .

    by 1, : .rate Hotel an d Motel Operators Association , Inc. vsto E ~ a t a of Manila {20 SCRA 849) (where the Supreme CourtCitY d ay:r validity of a local o r d i n ~ n c e