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  • 1. Recruitment Solutions Print & Online
  • 2. The LGC Audience Who are they? Source: Fusion Research September 2008
  • 3. The LGC Audience Where are they ? 88% of Chief Executive Subscribers always read LGC 80% of Directors always read LGC Source: Fusion Research September 2008
  • 4. Key Stats
    • Dedicated audience 50% of readers have been reading for over 8 years
    • Average reader has worked in Local Government for 19.5 years
    • Average salary of 62,100 pa
    • On average, subscribers have been in their role for 3.5 years and fairly consistent across roles
    • 47% of ALL subscribers have applies for a job theyd seen in LGC
    Source: Fusion Research September 2008
  • 5. The New LGC FOCUS: LGC will cut through the noise and distractions to identify the key issues on the horizon OVERVIEW: LGC will present a comprehensive at-a-glance briefing of everything Local Government leaders need to know. No need to look anywhere else INSIGHT: LGC will bring you the opinions and analyses of the most successful and innovative Local Government executives and experts. No waffle, no third-hand Hearsay just the people who know INFORMATION TO ACT: Not all information is useful and not all useful information is easy to find. LGC will seek out and mine the information to enable leading Local Government to make decisions that matter A COMMITMENT TO CONTRIBUTRE: LGC stands ready to play its part in the challenges the near future will bring. It will provide exclusive facts and data to aid decision-making and will champion its readers and their work
  • 6. The News
    • New Editor, Emma Maier
    • www.lgcjobs.com re-launch in April 09
    • Recruitment ad team re-organisation
    • LGC magazine Re-launch September 17th
  • 7. The New LGC Recruitment
    • Exclusive or 60k + roles
    • The section will be removed from the General Recruitment section and will feature on Page 11 of the editorial section of the magazine
    • The Executive Appointments section offers 1 Banner page a week and the set size is a half page (colour or mono)
    • New rates to follow shortly
    The New Executive Recruitment Section
  • 8. The New LGC Recruitment
    • 40- 6ok roles
    • Focusing upon tomorrows leaders
    • The section will remain in the traditional Recruitment location of the magazine
    • The Management Appointments section offers 1 Banner page a week and 1 text teaser
    The Management Appointment Section
  • 9. New Look LGC Jobs Board Targeted Job Emails CV Database Featured Jobs
  • 10. The New LGC Look
  • 11. The New LGC Team
    • Key Account Manager : Julia de la Harpe
            • Recruitment Consultancies
            • Ad Agencies
    • Field Sales Executive: Steve Grech
            • Key Councils
    • Telesales Executive: Oona Knapp
            • Key Councils
            • New Business
  • 12. -END-