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  • Alliance  to  End  Slavery  and   Trafficking     1700  Pennsylvania  Avenue,  NW     Suite  520   Washington,  DC  20006    


    Legal   nowhere   but   present   across   the   globe,   slavery   damages   our   communities,   taints   the   products   and   services  we   consume   and   the   profits  we   earn,   and   is   one   of   the  most   pressing   human  rights  challenges  of  our  time.  The  fact  that  the  enslavement  and  trade  of  human  beings   exists   in   our   modern   world   as   a   disturbingly   large,   highly   profitable   illicit   industry   is   unacceptable.    

    Humanity   United,   a   foundation   dedicated   to   building   peace   and   advancing   human   freedom,   founded  the  Alliance  to  End  Slavery  and  Trafficking  (ATEST)  in  2007,  initially  as  a  pilot  project  to   strengthen  U.S.   laws  and  increase  federal  resources  dedicated  to  anti-­‐trafficking  efforts.  ATEST   formalized   its   alliance   in   2009   with   a   broadened   mission,   and   has   expanded   to   include   13   organizations.   ATEST  works   as   a   collective   and   in   partnership  with   civil   society,   governments,   and   businesses   to   create   fundamental   change   of   the   accepted   norms   that   enable   the   phenomenon  to  persist  around  the  world  —  from  strengthening  laws  and  business  standards  to   building  public  will.  

    WHAT  IS  ATEST?     ATEST   is  an  alliance  of  U.S.-­‐based  human   rights  organizations,  acting  with  a   shared  agenda   to   end   modern-­‐day   slavery   and   human   trafficking   around   the   world.   Member   organizations   individually  reflect  a  range  of  perspective  within  the  human  trafficking  community  both  in  labor   and   sexual   exploitation,   addressing   the   needs   of   adults   and   children,   here   in   the   U.S.   and   abroad.  It  is  this  diversity  in  perspective  and  expertise  that  makes  the  alliance  unique  and  allows   members   to   put   forth   and   advocate   for   comprehensive   solutions   that   address   the   gaps   and   needs  of  the  individuals  affected  by  this  crime.       WHO  IS  ATEST?     ATEST  is  comprised  of  the  following  organizations:  the  Coalition  to  Abolish  Slavery  and   Trafficking  (CAST),  Coalition  of  Immokalee  Workers  (CIW),  ECPAT-­‐USA,  Free  the  Slaves,  Futures   Without  Violence  (FUTURES),  International  Justice  Mission,  National  Domestic  Workers  Alliance   (NDWA),  National  Network  for  Youth  (NN4Y),  Polaris,  Safe  Horizon,  Solidarity  Center,  Verité,  and   Vital  Voices  Global  Partnership.      


    Coalition  to  Abolish  Slavery  and   Trafficking   Stephanie  Richard   Policy  &  Legal  Services  Director   [email protected]  

    Coalition  of  Immokalee  Workers   Steve  Hitov   General  Counsel   [email protected]­‐     www.ciw-­‐  

    ECPAT-­‐USA   Faiza  Mathon-­‐Mathieu   Director  of  Public     Policy  and  Government  Relations   [email protected]  

    Free  the  Slaves   Karen  Stauss   Director  of  Programs   [email protected]  

    Futures  Without  Violence   Kiersten  Stewart   Director  of  Public  Policy  and  Advocacy   [email protected]  

    International  Justice  Mission   Holly  Burkhalter   Vice  President,  Government  Relations   [email protected]  

    National  Domestic  Workers  Alliance   Sameera  Hafiz   Advocacy  Director   [email protected]  

    National  Network  for  Youth   Darla  Bardine     Executive  Director   [email protected]  

    Polaris     Keeli  Sorensen   Director  of  Government     Relations  and  Public  Policy   [email protected]  

    Safe  Horizon     Griselda  Vega   Senior  Director   Anti-­‐Trafficking  Program   [email protected]  

    Solidarity  Center     Neha  Misra   Senior  Specialist   Migration  &  Human  Trafficking   [email protected]  

    Verité     Shawn  MacDonald   Senior  Advisor   [email protected]  

    Vital  Voices  Global  Partnership   Jessica  Leslie   Senior  Program  Manager,  Human   Rights   [email protected]  


    Humanity  United   Melysa  Sperber   ATEST  Director   [email protected]  

    Humanity  United   Gonzalo Martinez de Vedia ATEST  Senior Policy  Associate   [email protected]